So ladies, today is…


It’s OPEN BAR day! Do I hear CHEERS?

Are you ready to forget about the bad times and remember all the good times?  

YES, you are! So let’s breakaway with our French croissant of the week, Stanley Weber!!!

But WAIT! Don’t forget today is Friday the 13th so don’t go drinking potions or strange liquids, after all Master Raymond has taught Comte Saint Germain (and us) a lesson or two, right?

Or was that Sam and Cait…I should never drink and write. Once my cousin who is weak for alcohol drank while having s…


Let’s recap of all Stanley Weber’s characteristics (that we have pointed out in all our Happy Hour posts about him this week) so far:

French, actor, versatile, eccentric, elegant, handsome, competent, talented, reserved…

If we had to define all of that in one drink, what would it be?

We asked our Open Bar Guru for some help:

And after hours of deep research, he gave us the answer. READY?

Stanley Weber is…THE LUMIÈRE!!!

If you have tried of one these you will know that it’s an eccentric, elegant, refreshing and versatile drink, just like our French B-day boy of the week.

It’s flavor can remind you of spring and summer time and take you back to Comte St. Germain’s Paris of the 1700s.

One of its main ingredients is, of course, the St. Germain liqueur.

St. Germain is a French elderflower liqueur!!! To gather the elderflowers needed to distill St. Germain Liqueur, 40 to 50 workers have to go to the French countryside and pick the blossoms of the flower. The window for picking the flowers is short, lasting only a few weeks in the spring.

Then they mix the elderflower blossoms with a small amount of citrus fruits and cane sugar to heighten the subtle flavor and the result is spectacular.

It is a delicate, balanced liqueur with hints of pear, apricot, lychee and grapefruit zest. Despite the fruit presence, it has a bit of tartness to balance it out (sweet and tart just like a certain Comte, right?). It is used to make many cocktails and The Lumière is one of them.

This Cocktail was inspired by the film “Hugo” – 2011 (which tells a little about the history of the Lumière brothers), set in 1930s Paris and was developed by Nitehawk Cinema‘s Beverage Director, Jen Marshall.

It’s less sweet than it sounds, and that citrus kick feels like vacation. The green chartreuse is a bit of an investment, but anything with chartreuse just tastes better.

Let’s skip to the good part and talk about how to make your very own Stanley… Lumière:


  • 1 1/2 oz gin
  • 1 oz St. Germain
  • 3/4 oz fresh lime juice
  • 3/4 oz green Chartreuse
  • Dash of orange bitters


  • mixing glass
  • bar spoon
  • coupe or martini glass


  • Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker.
  • Add ice.
  • Shake until cocktail shaker is frosty on the outside.
  • Strain it into a coupe or martini glass and garnish with a twist of lime.


Doesn’t that sound very elegant just like our French Croissant?

I challenge you to host an intimate cocktail party today with a couple of friends (please invite ME!) and mix this drink up.

You’ll be a hit!

And to savor it even more just go to his Fanpage and get ready for Stanley Weber’s surprise birthday party!

We’re all set here!!

As Stanley turns 32 today, we would like to wish him a SUPER happy birthday and that life provides him everything good this universe has to offer.

Thank you, Stanley, for being such a beloved artist and for treating your fans with kindness! We wish you lots of success, always.






Author: Bianca
Contributor: Alexandra
Proofreader (Portuguese): Lotti
Translater (Portuguese): Alexandra
Proofreader (English): Lotti
Art meme: Talita and Marquise of Sade
Compiler: Alexandra

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