Hey SIS and BROs, we are back!

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And for the looks of it, things appear to have gone back to normal…

Wait up, boss! Not so normal!

You are right, intern. How do you explain Dora using her IG account so much? And making stories, of all things! #WeLoveIt #GoOnDora

It’s TGIF, they TGIFed, or how we call it in Brazil, they SEXtaram! Or so I understood…

First of all, Harry cheeried on the fact that Outlander is on Netflix in America…

Of a thousand pics out there of Jamie and Claire, he chose that one.

Hey, boss, I loved Harry’s oh so subtle choice! See where he put the countdown?! It screams “it’s mine and you don’t get to look at it!”

Yep! Subtle as a pink elephant!

After that, he posted his horse.

Dora too posted her horse, Mufahsa!

Oh, those two are so naughty!

“I’m grabbing your hair

so I won’t fall from your gallop”


But I am, I’m just remembering Bob Charles.

After that, out of the blue, Harry posted the Couple’s Therapy video they did for MTV, with Josh!

So full of love, huh Harry? We get you!

“After all the horseback riding

I’m going to lie down in your tiredness”

See, boss? Even you thought of that. Harry doesn’t seem the type who roll to his side to catch some shut eye after SEXtar! #Luckydora

I guess I’ve been around you too much, intern!

Since yesterday was horse riding day, today we fell from the horse!

Harry sent a message from the Outlander cast for the #TeamWarriors.

Source: https://twitter.com/GlasgowWarriors/status/1132239889049612290

We loved the fact that he said ‘’us’’ and looked right at her!

So cute!

Dora came like a wrecking ball.

Is this woman even real, boss? So beautiful.

She made a photoshoot for Reserved Magazine. The crew shared a peek through IG and she also posted it on her stories.

The magazine embraces a movement called Equal Means Equal, so you have an idea about what the matter will be with Dora since she has embraced causes like #MeToo and #TimesUp, in addition to the income being converted to the entity Shuktara. #GoDora #Let’sSupportIt

We hope there isn’t any surprises in that interview…

Get out of here!

The shoot was done in Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor, as the photographer said herself.

Soon after the first stories of Dora popped up, Harry wasted no time in pointing us to his direction.

Preferably in some direction opposite Dora’s.

Like it’s a rehearsed thing!

That lame old narrative. He’s in the north, she’s in the south. And this time, no coffee!

This time he’s in Dublin. Dublin?!

Yeah… we fell from our horse, we weren’t expecting that.

Indeed! He was at a pub called James Toner Pub.

His good friend from South Africa, Nicolas Rasenti, was there for work and he missed no time in go visiting him while Dora had a full schedule.

As always, a blond fan appeared.

Probably after watching the Warrior’s game in the pub, Harry went out with Nic and his co-star to have dinner. #BlondFriends

Her, Nic’s friend, posted a stories of them walking Dublin streets. #TotesNormal

And the fandom was in full alert!

Understandable since we can’t take this narrative anymore. Can’t take anymore blondes.

But the big problem is exactly in the fandom! HarryDora no longer need to make up narratives, the antiland fandom does everything for them, they do all the work when any woman who approaches Harry, already insinuating that she is the “new girlfriend”. #Please

Harry woke up working out.

Can someone let him know it’s freaking Sunday?

Dora decided to talk about boots.

Some say that this was a message for Blondie, but a pair of hiking boots? We are human and Dora is out of this world!

The quote is from a famous song.

Was this the message? We don’t know, but she felt like provoking.

After that, Harry went home in a hurry. #HeBetter

These stories can be interpreted in many ways, so feel free to exercise your creativity. Or simply be associated with the magazine she granted interview just yesterday. #WhoKnows

Or who knows, he needs a lesson or two?

And today is the day Outlander arrives on American Netflix. Harry and Dora are very excited!

Cait tweeted and RTed Sam:

And posted on IG.

But Harry, the happy one, posted on twitter, IG, made stories and retweeted Dora.

We were also shook with these BTS videos of season 4. We may have fainted!


So they decided to show all the intimacy lacking on season 4 itself on the BTS?

Seems like it! They must have driven the edition peeps crazy. There’s not much  left of them not being intimate.

What I’d give to see it all! Show us!

In this video, Harry says “That personal relationship we have is on the screen”

Okay, Harry. You are right.

Today was cat day!

Nooope, intern, not that cat!

Last week we were introduced to Adso, and Harry posted many pics with him.

Boss, this kitten is so cute! I’m so looking forward to season 5! And Jamie, huh?

Yes! They finally got that wig right!

Sam let us know there was a cat around.

And Dora posted a pic with that cat!

And let Harry know he would have to play Claire and Jaime since she wasn’t going back to work…

Harry soon replied!

That’s your cat, Harry? But which one?

Boss, we are sure that’s his cait….

Well, we know someone who doesn’t appreciate this story!

Dora popped up on this video from Doctor Colbert, talking about sunscreen.

That’s right, use sunscreen!

Boss, that space where Dora is I think we know…

Yep! But we already know they live together, so… totes normal!

Today, nothing happened. But we have eyes on everything.

Boss, something is up on Harry&Dora’s world!

That’s odd.

Much online activity for someone who’s shooting!

Maybe they’re just happy for Harry’s new title.


Harry looks so honored and happy! #GoHarry

Dora is going to hand him her stethoscope.

I thought that was Claire’s.

Intern, don’t you know? They say we are the ones mixing things. That 0.01% that loves to make some noise!

He replied:

He doesn’t know how to use it. Worry not, Harry! Soon, someone will give you private lessons and a consult… in private.

If it were not enough for him to have to learn a lesson or two, it looks like he’s going to need some hands-on lessons!

Let’s hope he uses the device in the right place.

And speaking of her, Dora is also very proud of the movie she dubbed, Dark Crystal.

It may be, boss, but let’s not forget that it may also be that they take a leap to Los Angeles for a scheduled appointment. #LetsHope

Make your bets!

While the roulette doesn’t spin, we’re just hanging around waiting for all bets to  be all but a bluff!

Till next week, folks!

Tchau, tchau.





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Author: Catarina Balfe, Flávia Labruna

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Investigators: Flavia Labruna, Catarina Balfe, Bianca Cuglovici, Carolina Ramires e Talita Brisola

Images: Catarina Balfe

Arts & Memes: Catarina Balfe, Bianca Portela, Talita Brisola

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