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are you prepared for the best day of the week? If not, get ready! Get the popcorn and the caipirinha cause it’s time for:


And to do a recap on last week’s receipts:

netsis_previously (1)


Our week will start on Saturday, as our Whole Wheat Chocolate Covered Carrot Cake has returned to NYC to watch a Mets game. For those who do not know, Mets is a New York baseball team.

He posted some photos…


and many stories.


We’re going back to Saturday and talking about the game because two things drew our attention to that day.

The first was this picture that Sam posted where he tagged a person, but hid her face.


Suddenly, we started to receive many DMs asking who was she and why would he cover her face.

The important thing to always remember is: not every women who stands next to him are going to attack him, ok? Besides being a pro on dodging women, he loves his life.

In this case, this woman is Kara Jones, PR. She’s part of his marketing team. If you haven’t noticed yet, they have done a great job spreading his image and going to the game is part of that work. He needs to be seen, needs to know influential people and for that, he needs to be in the right places.


Kara is part of Viewpoint, a Jennifer Allen company, who was seen several times with Sam during his movie tour.


Can we breath now?


Another thing that got people talking was Leanne’s comment on Harry’s IG photo:

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (11)

Leanne, hon, don’t you think you went too far here?

We will admit, however, that Leanne is a very brave woman…Imagine Dora’s look…



On Sunday the two of them were very quiet. Wonder what they could be doing…

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-12 at 10.33.44



Samuel made stories saying goodbye to the US. We waited for him to tell us when and where he would arrive.


Soon after, he posted something about jet lag:


And these two with macaroons:



Where have we seen macaroons before?

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (28)

Interesting. He even made a joke asking what he would eat first since there were also chocolates, but obviously he ate the macaroons first…

On twitter, Sophie Tweed Simmons asked who Sam Heughan was.

If you don’t know, Sophie is Gene Simmons’ daughter, from the Kiss band, and her mother is Shannon Tweed, who was a model, actress and a Playboy bunny. Sophie is also a singer and has been in The X Factor.

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (10)

It didn’t take long for some Outlander fans to start explaining to her who Sam was. She even said that her mother yelled at her for not knowing who he was.

Harry replyed: “I see OUR fans put you right!”

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (31)

GQ made a list of the ten best-dressed men of the week. Sam’s on the list!

Way to go, Harry!




On a time zone that could be either LA or Europe, Dora tweeted that she watched Sam’s movie and invited Mila and Kate for a night out. (She might be in need of a girls night out as she already invited Kristin. Hey Dora, we are free!), she also said she finally watched the movie and highly praised Harry’s performance.

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (14)

Sure, Dora.

We know she probably has seen the movie before as she let it slip away on her tweet last week, but it’s important that we support and encourage everyone to go to the movies. It was worth the intention, Dora.


Ah, a couple that acts as a married couple, that looks like a married couple and support each other is really beautiful!

Don’t forget to keep on sending us your photos or videos from the movie theater when you go see TSWDM!!!

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-05 at 13.11.19

Marina also said that she could also have a girls’ night out with Margaritas:

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (13)

Sam replied that Cait is the best (she’s the best, she’s fantastic, she’s Caitriona Balfe, she’s the fucking queen!)

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (9)

Harry is like a teenage in love!

Cait says: Ah!

He replies: Yes, I love you, you’re the best, beautiful! Want me to give you the world?

He posted in his IG stories that he was in London.


And then he disappeared for a while. He got quieter after he arrived in Europe.

Our eyes were wide open!

07_sisbrazil_gif_to de olho



DG also said that she watched Sam’s movie and she received a:

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (2)

Phrases like “Love you!” and “You are the best” are only for the wifey…


Harry decided to clean up his twitter account and stopped following 66 people…

This is relevant because…? We don’t know either, but we’re passing on the info!

He also told us on his IG stories that he had arrived in…


Home sweet home!

And then he only posted memes and old photos…

Ok, Harry! No overdose of stories like it was in the US, right?

Sam’s interview with Josh from MTV came out. He wanted to know what was going on in Carrot cake’s head in some of the photos he posted in his IG account!

When it shows his photo with Cait, he could have said: My wife! She is fantastic! I love her and she is the best!


But instead, he said: Who’s that lady beside me? Stop following me around! 

All smiles! And also that cute nose scrunch he only gives to my amigo!

Also on this day when “theoretically” they would be in different continents, Harry and Dora went online at the same time THREE TIMES!

The first time we thought: coincidence!

Second time: quantum physics can explain this.

Third time we were like: That’s a RECEIPT baby!


And it was then that we got another one.

Lin-Manuel Miranda (a well-known composer, actor and writer on Broadway who has won numerous awards such as the Tony Awards and Pulitzer Theater for Hamilton, the musical, he wrote and acted. He also got nominated for a song he composed for Moana) wrote on twitter that his wife, who is an Outlander fan, always tries out every henge to see if she can travel back in time and find Jamie.

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (3)

Everyone got hyped. After all, it’s not every day a guy mentions on his twitter that his wife is an Outlander/Jamie fan.

Sony responded:

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (1)

The Outlander Official account also joined the conversation:

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (15)

and DG:

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (5)

and then Sam:

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (8)

Lin answered him:

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (6)

Of course she couldn’t stay out of this. In only one tweet, she managed to get tickets to the musical Hamilton and declared to be Harry’s owner once and for all!

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (7)

After all, one can only sell what belongs to them, right?

We get the message, Dora!

Did Leanne understand it too?

We hope so! For her sake.



Barry Waldo, Gary Steele’s husband, one of Outlander’s producers, wrote this tweet here:

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (17)And this is how Dora decided to resply:

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (18)

We love when they use our and we…


Then Lin came back and answered Dora:

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (21)

Wife swap, HUH?!

She started following him on Twitter. Fair enough.

Dora and Harry’s interaction on SM got them two notes, one in JJ and the other one written by Lynette:

Read here and here.

Also, another beautiful piece about the support Cait gave Sam after the release of his movie was written. It also made clear that this is not the first time they have interacted this way. They remembered the latest “love you” and talked about us, shippers, who hope they are a couple in real life!

Read it here!

They didn’t even mention the fake fiancé… (Tony who?). And they added that Sam did not resplyed to Diana the same way he answered Cait.

Have you noticed how many times their interactions on Twitter have turned into some kind of news?

We found it interesting! Is it getting harder to disguise? Is everybody starting to notice? What is going on?

We decided to start a campaign with a new #…


Later, Harry posted this:

Sam Heughan via Instagram Stories - em 09.08.2018

Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!! We find him handsome ALWAYS, but that look…although it is better than Jamie’s wig, by the way, anything is better than that wig!

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-11 at 13.17.02

Catarina was asked to give her opinion on Samuel’s bald head and, as always, she makes fun of him:

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (19)

And he quickly gave her an answer, but it came from his IG stories, because now he’s that kinda guy…


We have already lost count of how many times we fainted that day.

Giving the finger… naughty Harry.

Focus on the heart and the #missyou

Ahhhhh, he wants to kill us all!

I love you! You’re the best! Fantastic! Miss you.

Do you need anything else? Does anyone somewhere out there still have doubts?



Lin-Manuel, yes him again (we have never heard of this man so much in life), posted a photo of his wife in Scotland saying that she had managed to travel in time.

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (20)

Outlander gave the new traveller a welcome:

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (30)

That’s when Dora started following his wife. It’s always good to have a time traveller friend, right?

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (24)

It can come in handy.

And on this day was the 4th year anniversary of Outlander’s release!

4 years we met Jamie and Claire.
4 years we met Sam and Cait.
4 years we fell in love with them.
4 years that we have cried in our bathrooms very cleaned and disinfected.
4 years we are drinking caipirinhas.
4 years of therapy bill to pay.

Congratulations, Outlander! And congratulations to us too!





Sam fainted, apparently.


Or did a really good pose for his 1121st stories in two weeks. Now you know how we feel with your receipts.

And speaking of receipts, he also answered Lin. I think everybody answered Lin, except, you, me and Tony…OH yeah, he doesn’t exist have SM.

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (22)

I wonder what Claire would think of this…


And you thought she was only bringing soap…what a friend HUH?

But I guess Dora wasn’t so fond of that either:


The Rake magazine launched Harry’s photoshoot from March. FINALLY!


Catarina, would you care giving us your thoughts about your man’s Harry’s photos too? Is that why you insisted on claiming property like that?

Look, we understand you! We do. You are absolutely right!

And to close our edition in a very sweet way, our favorite intern…


Sorry! You’re right! Our second favorite intern of all times, posted this photo from  Outlander’s BTS.

sisbrazil_netsis_week_05_agosto (25)

Did we say it was from BEHIND THE SCENES???

It’s not Jamie looking at Claire.

It’s Sam looking at Cait!

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, but in the case here we have the image and the words…

I love you! You’re the best! Fantastic! Miss you!

Photo Session - em 29.07.2018




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Author: Flávia
Colaborators: Bianca, Lotti, Catarina Balfe
Investigators: Flávia, Lotti, Emily and Capitu
Portuguese Proofreading: Thais, Alexandra and Lotti
Translation to english: Bianca
English Proofreading: Lotti 
Memes: Marquesa de Sade, Talita, Catarina Balfe
Compilers: Flávia and Bianca
International correspondent: Julia


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