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Get ready because the week was VERY hectic and to put it all in one post was almost an impossible mission. But here at SIS, mission given is mission accomplished. Grab a drink like tea, coffee or caipirinha, depends on your shipping level and get ready!

But first, let’s review last week so you don’t go around asking about chocolates…

After going missing from SM for more than 24 hours, Dora re-appeared, and guess what she did? Went straight away to kid with our (sorry hon, but we call him ours in a very chic and respectful way, ok?!  We know that every piece of that carrot cake is yours) Harry. Seems that messing with him is, in fact, one of her favorite pastimes.

And of course, he came to answer her and took the bait…

And just like a tennis match, she answered back

We love it when they do that. Being silly with each other about everyday things. These details that only those who have an intense relationship with each other, know.

Like, in that case, we already know that Dora and Harry have, let’s say, some problems in the driving department. Cait was once considered the worst driver in California. IN CALIFORNIA. Yes, that’s true.

And Harry does not seem to know very well where he parks the car. The two of them, together, have already paid a large amount of fines to the United States.

So, two people that are together, work together, act like a married couple all day, are online at the same time constantly, like the same things, are influenced by each other, ARE ALSO BAD DRIVERS?

Meanwhile, a twitter fan caused a small tornado on Fandomland by posting a photo of her parents with Dora in a wedding. Have you learned NOTHING, hon?

She posted the photo with a slightly confused caption then deleted it and latter posted the same photo, a bit cropped, and did it that same way as always. They are all in Melissa’s how to drive a fan crazy on SM classes.

She said the wedding had been in Dorset, a town 3 hours from London. Save this information. It’s important!

Because of all of that, a question popped up:

Where was Dora?

Monday morning and we hadn’t even catched our breaths from the weekend and Dora posted this pic on IG:

Oh look at that cute wee cottage, trainee! Mark me, when I become rich and move to Europe that’s what my house will look like!

So was she really in Dorset?

Dorset? HUM! Dorset is where they said the wedding took place!

Dora was quick to inform us her whereabouts. But for what, huh? We got suspicious as always because when they keep updating us where they are…well, remember australia? So, let’s think.

We know that Carrot cake is in LA. She was in Vegas for the Con the weekend before, then last Monday she posted on twitter that she was home… we did some math and came to the conclusion that ‘’home’’ wasn’t in Europe, at least not on Monday when she tweeted, then we joked about it saying that home is where our heart is. We kept wondering: where could she be? And then a damn straight location appears!

Thank you, Cait! Always good to know…

Also, there are pics of this house online… If you are looking for a weekend getaway in Dorset, that’s your place! #SIStips

You can see through this link!

And also here!

And then what seemed an ordinary Monday (boring with no emotion), became a super Monday!

Yep, our rollercoaster never stops. And here is where our first mystery came out. Thanks to this fella here:

This time – and believe or not – we’re not talking about our captain! Nope! We’re talking about him. Our pal, the motorcycle instructor! Or whoever posted this pic…

Carrot Cake got his motorcycle license earlier this month and he was very proud of himself!

After the clock on the mountain, we present you:

Dora through the looking glass!

But wait, where is it, SIS? I can’t see NADA!

Okay! We know that not everyone is as crazy as we are about reflexes! Our eyes are very well trained for this after so many stranger things that’s happened over the year!

We will give a little help to those who can’t see it. And for that we asked a friend on Tumblr, who is the best, to help clear things for you. Thank you so much Reilly! You’re amazing. We love your work!

Still can’t see it, don’t worry, girl! We will give you a little hand here.

“When I first looked at reflection, I only saw/highlighted about half of it. Even with that, though, I still thought it looked like Cait.  In the attached picture, I have three pictures side by side….the reflection, the initial highlighting I did (with some labels) and the final picture.

As I mentioned yesterday, there’s an area blocking part of her face that I just left alone because even when I colored it in sepia, it didn’t look like her face.  The overall picture actually looks more like Cait with that area left alone.

Also, I see her wearing a hat. That might be different from you or others.


Regarding the hat, it’s what I see so that’s what I went with, but also it makes sense because (a) we know she wears them and (b) with the hair on the right side of the picture behind her ear AND under a hat, I could see it looking that short.”

And to prove that Cait wears that kind of hat:

I hope you got to see it! BUT, if you haven’t seen it yet, that’s no problem, ok? It happens.

Clearly it’s a person with the same height, hairstyle and who happens to use the same phone case as Dora… what are the odds?!

What was my amigo doing taking a picture of Harry when he was receiving his license? Obviously it’s a thing from a married couple who acts like a married couple, who is certainly married and… sorry got a little lost here. FOCUS!

In LA, Carrot Cake kept working out:

PHEW! We got tired just looking at it. So much disposition! To walk from the bedroom to the kitchen is exhausting enough. The only lifting we’ll be doing is our capirinhas cups.

So much time working out for the new movie, interviews, MPC… left Harry with no time for SMs. He was a little MIA but showed up on twitter just to reply Dora and keep the banter going. After all, my amigo is my amigo. He has to answer!

A new interview Sam gave to a LGBTQ+ magazine popped up.

And he was amazing! Showed an immense respect for all and said he doesn’t mind if someone thinks he’s gay, reassured his sexual orientation with class and calmness, said he’s proud of his fans, proud of his last gay roles and that he doesn’t have any issues about playing one again.

We couldn’t expect less from you, Carrot Cake!

Read the interview here!

We were waiting for this day. Big day for Sam’s acting career. The premiere of his first big movie: The Spy Who Dumped Me!

But the one who started the day on the spotlight wasn’t the movie star.

Dora went disappeared for many hours.

The expectations were through the roof. Was she going to be there to support her amigo? After all, it was a very big deal for him. Would she miss it? Where was Dora?

Then, it was already evening when she showed up online and guess what she did? Liked a picture from Sam’s movie.

And a little something to pay attention to, SISter, that tweet had been there for four days. FOUR. DAYS.

Sam put that tweet fixed on his profile, so that means Cait went to stalk his twitter (we knew inside you there was a SIS) and saw that it was fixed, and this was her only action on twitter.

And then, before Sam arrived at the premiere, Cait was online liking pictures on IG.

Harry arrived after his cast mates, a bit late.

There were lots of videos and photos from the red carpet. We even counted with a dear SISter’s help who was in LA and went to make an exclusive coverage for us. Thank you so much, Sister!

Between so many, this video caught our attention. This girl, happy and excited goes to greet out Carrot cake. Apparently she intended to give him a hug, but then very cleverly, Harry just shakes her hand!

SISters, do you know what’s that called? Love for his life!

Yeah, this is clearly a man who knows his wife my amigo very well and keeps his distance. Specially blondies. Dora doesn’t like much! Ask Leanne, she knows it well!

And we don’t know the exact reason, but it seems like Harry also arrived late at the after party.

Speaking of it, in one of the pictures from the party, we spotted this:

And then again, a woman with the same height, haircut, posture and styling…just like Cait. Is it her? Yes, no? What do you think?

Harry attended the Jimmy Kimmel program. Here’s the first look:

Later, he popped up to say thank you for the night before.

Dora showed up on IG, liked and commented on Carrot cake’s picture.

And then on twitter to like ALL Harry’s tweets from that day. That was her only action. Liked it all and vanished.

He was so excited to attend to Jimmy Kimmel’s!

As usual, fans were waiting for him outside the studio, and among those fans were some shippers, including Courtney and Jill and it was them who provided us with the biggest and best receipt in the history of SamCait!

You already know what it is, now let’s explain the context and why it is a big receipt.

Courtney took a photo collage with some of the best receipts for Sam to sign. She announced it prior and that caused a certain irritation in the Antisland who think shippers are manipulative witches and would force Sam to sign something against his will. Poor thing, right? Such a helpless boy!

He signed the collage.

And he not only did that, but also…


She said: We love you and Caitriona together.

And then Sam Roland Heughan said: Me too! TWICE! AND SMILED!

And to end it HE said it, the girls didn’t even ask.


Thank you so much, Carrot cake, for answering the question that was burning in our brains all day long.



And shippers are like:

And the antis:

And we are like:

As always, they tried to make a thousand excuses for what happened. A thousand and one reasons for Sam to have said what he said. Several meanings for “she’s here.” Many excuses for “me too.”

The truth is that he could have answered many ways:


We love you and Caitriona together.


  1. Thank you!
  2. She’s great!
  3. I’m glad you liked it.
  4. We’re not together, but I’m glad you liked it.
  5. That’s nice, we like working together.
  6. Jamie and Claire are a great pair/couple.
  7. I like working with her.
  8. So nice that you like it.
  9. Ok!
  10. Great!

But how did he answered?

Me too! Silly smile, me too!  He answered in a very spontaneous and genuine way! Because him, and also the fan, love those two together.

And as to: She’s here! HE WANTED TO SAY THAT!

That ”here” was not just ”here” in LA, or ”here” in the USA! If it had been that intention, believe me, he would complete the sentence.

He wanted to make it clear that she was there with him. At his moment, important to him, she was there. Only for him! To support him! If you want to find other meaning for something so simple, feel free, but they do not exist.

On Friday, Harry said he would do a facebook live.


He finds a way to speak about his my amigo’s new movie as something about Formula Indy came up.

“Actually, my co-star is doing a movie about motor racing.”

Gifs: http://themusicsweetly.tumblr.com

I guess if you say “water”, he says: Caitriona loves water.

We got that Harry, you just have to talk about Dora! It’s beautiful! Go on.

Complete live here.

Such a beautiful week for the shippers would not pass without her, our muse and queen Kristin Dos Santos who also showed up and posted, still on Thursday, an old photo with Dora and Harry on Comic Con.


Cait answered speaking of NY Comic Con and used those words “coming to NY”, that is, she just confirmed she’s in fact in the USA.

Harry learned how to make IG Stories!!

Yep, that’s it! He learned and said he would do it from now on and he’s going to!

It’s been quite a few now and one of them is this one:

Look how pro he is! He’s even learned how to post old videos on Stories.

This video is from the same day Dora called him #grannydriver.

BTW, Dora, we do not see anything grandpa here. I think you’re just being very clever and wants to hide the game so nobody will want your hubb my amigo.

We got you! You GO GIRL! You have to take care of what’s yours.

Keep your eyes open, just like a true NINJA.

So, since Harry is now a Stories Pro, he posted this on Saturday:

And deleted as fast as lightning and then posted a drink boomerang, but we were fasted. We printed the pic. Two glasses and a book…ok! Today he repeated the same photo but with a airplane detail on top.

And this one too:

Was this for us to believe he gave goodbye to LA today, when in fact he went yesterday? Why Harry? Would a certain my amigo be in NYC too? Were you headed there?

We will leave this for next week. Till then we only have Roland to thank.






Before we go, we would like to share something with you all. Whenever we think that stranger things aren’t possible anymore, one comes up from nowhere.

This article about Michelle Williams came out this week.

Read number 1 news  here.

Read number 2 news here

Basically it says: she announced on GG that she got engaged over the new year break.

Now she gave this interview telling she secretly married someone else and he’s not the one she got engaged to during the break and was very happy… WAIT…I think I’m getting confused here…

Bottom line, publicly engaged to one and secretly married to another.

Hard not to mix these stories up. When we say that everything in Hollywood is possible, this is a case you can add to the Stranger Things list…

See you next week!



Author: Flavia

Colaborators: Bianca, Lotti, Catarina, Laís e Thaís

Arts and memes: Catarina, Bianca, Marquesa de Sade, Talita and Lotti

Midia: Catarina e Bianca

PT Proofreading: Lotti and Thais

Translator: Lotti and Bianca

ENG Proofreading: Bianca and Lotti

SM Analizes: Capitu e Emily

Investigation: Lotti, Flavia, Capitu e Emily

Image Arquives: Catarina

Compiler: Rô



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