Hello SISters, we’re back with another:



Last week was crazy! You didn’t expect to see a certain watch on the mountain, right? Neither did we! We were just doing our thing…chilling, cleaning, drinking…and thanking ALL the Gods as Dora finally learned her way to IG…



When suddenly we come across another receipt:



As always the captain of our shipp also decided to show up. Shortly after Dora posted her video, he began to follow a hosting company. We went investigating.



The first thing that pops up on the hosting site is this:



And after a search on the places where they offer lodging, we found one quite near the mountains where a certain clock appeared.


HUM!!!! Interesting! Another receipt?



On Monday, Harry shared that he is now a motorcycle driver!!!



Do you think a certain carrot cake took his my amigo for a ride?


“If she didn’t go, I’m always available! Just saying.”


Okay, intern, calm down! His wife my amigo is a bit jealous! Forgot that?!



It’s all right Dora. We only admire Harry in a very “chic” and respectful way.


He appeared in Valbo’s stories at the gym and sent this:




See, Dora, we try very hard, but this my amigo of yours does not collaborate! But it’s ok now, it was just a minor heart attack and the doctor has sent me home.


And still talking about him (which is a huge sacrifice as my prescription says: NO Harry, NO Sam, NO Carrot Cake), this week lots of Stranger Things happened on Harry’s SM. First this TSWDM caption:



This is not at all like something Sam would say. It even has a certain bad taste and sounds a bit odd, right?


Then, this twitter post.





After all of that, he followed 13 famous Hollywood artists in one go, he has never done anything like that!



What’s going on??



We’ve been stalking following him on SM for quite a while now and we pay close attention to everything. It turns out that it’s easy to identify when it’s not him. And that does not look like him. Sounds like a classic case of IWHADKI (can you guess?).


Our week was going very smooth and quiet when suddenly we came across this:




Is that Dora on Harry’s side? Not our Harry, but the Prince himself (who, BTW, is the perfect English version of a Carrot Cake).



Yeah, that was a beautiful moment, but we still like this one better:



But it’s actually like this:



Cait was really at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex royal event, in Ireland. Wow! We’re proud of you!! Lucky day for… Harry! Loved it! Hey Meghan, we love you.


Harry, our Harry, was also proud.



Cait and her friends. How cool! But WAIT!




Was he a bit shy as any maestro, bar owner and music producer would be?


#SISWHO has not yet found the answer to this question. We’re still searching.


It seems the press missed a certain someone else. They see Caitriona Balfe and quickly think of…?



If Sam is not Irish and isn’t her “plus one”, why would the press mention him? See? If even the press is a shipper, why wouldn’t we be?


Harry came to NY to promote the movie TSWDM and liked this:



Thanks for giving us your whereabouts.



The next day he RTed his my amigo’s favorite poet.



Do you miss her already?


Here are some photos of his interviews on Friday.



Nice watch Sam! Got it!



And with it came some great news!


SISters on your knees, NOW!! God heard our prayers! Harry said he misses Jamie’s hair and is letting his hair grow again!!




Is this the end of that awful wig?? AMEN, Lord! Thank you!


If you think that’s not enough, we have more. During the interview Harry answered a fan question (which was also Cait’s question in that video), and told us what flavor he would be.



Salt and vinegar! What a peculiar thing!



HUM! Got it, AGAIN!



Meanwhile Dora advertised her friend’s beauty product that has a clinic in NY! She also talked about traveling and we know she’d be in Vegas for the Con on the weekend, but what if she checked in earlier in NY? Was she there?


Well, we can’t know for sure but we know they both continued to go online at the same time and enjoy very similar things on Twitter, so believe what you want!




Dora liked this on twitter about a talcum powder:



The subject in which they are referring to is very important as any child’s product should be taken seriously, right Dora?


Back to Harry who continued to give interviews, this time with his other cast members.



Dora was in Vegas with other cast members.



Cait insisted on bringing Sam along!



Fans were there live commenting the panel through twitter and tumblr:



Sources: https://lynnialljohnson.tumblr.com/




Dora talked about him ALL THE TIME!


Dejavú? He talks about her, she talks about him… Couples tend to do that, right? Yep, totes normal.







Author: Flavia Labruna

Colaborators: Lotti and Queen Victoria

Proofreading in portuguese: Manu and Lotti

Translator: Bianca Portela

Art Designer: Talita and Catarina Balfe

Compilator: Queen Victoria


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