Hello SISters, we are here today for another:



And the week began very quietly! It seems that we are sailing again in calm waters.


Our captain announced that there were only 10 days left of S4 shooting …


And he asked Outlander fans to send him their art so he would post every day for the next 10. #arteachday

Obviously, Dora would not be left out! Miss the opportunity to make fun of her favorite carrot cake? Never!

And apparently, she chose a photo that no one else had… ahhh if we could get a peek at that iCloud… how many pictures of Harry do you think we could find? Certainly many!

SIS could not be left out either! Here is our contribution to #arteachday.


Once again, Harry decided to let us in on his prep training for his new movie. He posted this video training Muay Thai and once again tagged his new cast mates.


Seeing Sam post about his training, made the fandom wonder he is not Cait’s Type. 

We found it kinda funny, so we will clarify it here, just like some blogs have done on Tumblr.


It seems that for some people, the fact that Harry has a serious workout commitment, enjoys sports and shares it on his SM, makes him the opposite “type” of man Cait likes.



That’s right. Sam could never be Cait’s type because they live completely different lifestyles and the fact that he worships his body and shows it on his SM would be reason enough for him not to be her match.


People, NO!

Let’s get this over with.

Stop judging people like that. By the way, our Girl in Skates wrote an incredible post about those standards some people insist on imposing.

Sam Roland Heughan is a lot more than just a iron man! Cait has always been very clear to point out this whenever she can.

Is he not her type? Are you sure? A God, like she said, is not her type?

And for those who insist that they have nothing in common..


Are we ready to drop this subject?


Great! Let’s go on.


Harry decided to go around the neighborhood this week. He took pictures with two fans the same day, in the same place, but apparently at different times.

Sam is always spotted by fans around the neighborhood… Why is it that Dora is never seen walking around as well?

And this couple who acts as a married couple and looks like a married couple all the time, once again were online at the same time. Holy synchrony!

Cait posted a video of the moon on the road to home:


And he posted a picture where she is looking at him as if he were the Moon itself!


The LandCon 2 in Paris was this weekend and Harry and Dora were there on Saturday with the whole cast. And they took some pictures with fans at the airport. 


And during Harry and Dora’s panel, we had some interesting moments reported by fans:

They talked about working with other co-stars. Cait talked about George Clooney and Sam talked about Mila Kunis. I mean, Sam talked about George Clooney and Cait about Mila Kunis… Confused? Yes. It seems they like to tease each other that way! It’s just co-stars acting like a married couple all the time. Totes normal.


They also told a funny and very curious story about the birthday gift Harry got from Dora this year. What do you think it was?


  • Black balls
  • 38 bags of walnuts.
  • A stool for him to sit in the corner when he deserves to be taught a lesson or two.
  • The bracelet of discord.




She gave him a talking toilet!!


You read it right!

The story goes something like this: last year, Sam was in a hotel where they had one of these toilets. He liked it so much that he wrote about it on twitter.


So what did my amigo do? She bought one for him! Now he has his own talking potty.


Let’s think for a minute: who buys a gift like that (very pricey BTW) to a friend at work? Would you buy a talking toilet to your work buddy? If you did, would he be happy to renovate his bathroom or would you pay for that too?


For us, this is one more classic case of a receipt…


Ahhh, but since they act like a married couple all the time, then it’s all right, right?



Now, sure enough, Harry will not forget to lift the toilet lid up. One less problem for Dora.

SISters, what a great tip for many of you who also suffers with husbands who always forget to lift up the toilet lid. Dora is a very smart girl! 


Cait was asked if she thought Claire was more useful in the twentieth or sixteenth century and she replied that there is no right answer, because in the 20th century she is a great surgeon and in the 16th century she is a very important lady for her “community”. But she pointed out that her heart belonged to the sixteenth century as she fell in love with a certain man… And she looked at Sam!


And speaking of looks, she had many yesterday and they all went to… Sam. She was very happy, very comfortable. 

Dora honey, did you forget you’re publicly engaged to Tony or Brian or… maybe a relative?


“Do you think T might be a relative of C’s? They look so much alike and that would explain how T never acts like a boyfriend. Lots of C’s family live in London & friends in Scotland, too. C said in a interview a long time ago, that she had a relative who lived in Glasgow. T’s mom lives in Glasgow. That would explain why C reaction after kissing T during the award show, mouthing the word “awkward”. C hiring a relative / T. etc. T sure doesn’t act like he loves C / Same w C?” Anon on tumblr.


Because the way you look at Carrot Cake looks as if he’s the most delicious thing in the world.


Sorry if, again, we decided to give more attention to your actions instead of your interviews…


Want to get inside what happened at LandCon 2? Check out our facebook group, twitter, tumblr and instagram!


And to close our Netsis this week, it seems like people are starting to hear us about using cell phone cameras. Hallelujah, SISter!

A fan caught Harry and Dora returning from Paris to Edinburgh late last night: same flight and seats side by side.

God bless those fans who knows how to use a camera!

Until next week, SISters!! Bye Bye!



Fan pics source: @owlhazel and @luciiioolemarion, Outlander France, New Glasgow Girls IG. 

Author: Flavia Labruna

Collaborator: Lotti

Proofread: Manu and Lotti

Translation: Bianca Portela

Art Design: Bianca Portela e Talita

Compeling: Flavia Labruna


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