Hello SISters! The most anticipated day of the week has arrived. Today is:




And again the week has started with our SamCait roller coaster thanks to whom? Yep! Caitriona Dora Balfe.

It seems that she and Harry changed roles and this time it was she who slipped on an interview about the S3 and the Emmy and gave us some receipts.

If you want to watch the whole interview click here!


While answering a question about her proudest moment on S3, she mentioned the turtle soup scene and then…


WAIT. Did we hear this right? Are we drinking too much coffee as our dear anon, or is it our caipirinhas?



Did she really say that SISters? Hey Sam, can you give us more details about what felt so much like home on that scene?


Of course when she realized she had said more than she should of, she quickly tried to mend it, but….



The interviewer was shocked! Her face was priceless!



I think we should see the scene again, after all, it’s been what?… 35 hours since?



She said he was talking about the Drunk Caitriona because he had seen her after a few drinks, but the whole scene involves sex. We saw a drunk and horny Claire and if that sounded too close to reality for Sam…


 Ok,totes normal Cait! 

After all they act like married couple all the time … another classic:



Can you see how we really listen and pay close attention to what you say, Dora?



SIS has been thinking that if Dora continues with this naughtiness maybe she’s the one who will need a lesson or two:




These two must do it on purpose. They must take turns on who is gonna spook the fandom..


Besides Dora and her turtle soup, the week was very calm, good to find another ships. They are in the last days of S4 shooting.


Harry posted about the mosquitoes that attacked them on set remember?




She answered:



Hum… Manomellette, Pepper & Olive Oil…sounds familiar! It’s their own bubble language. Seems that she was making fun of Harry’s culinary skills.


Once again, totes normal. Jokes between married couple.



Harry is preparing for his new movie ..

My God! Calm down will ya? Dora is not fond of sharing, she will forbid you from leaving the house tying you up in bed and …



As we said they are wrapping S4 and had a few days of night shoot. One of the team’s make up person posted these photos:



OMG!!!! IS THIS A RIVER???? So, could that mean…


Stop talking intern! This can be spoiler and SIS does not give spoiler. But you might be right … We are very excited here!



On the next day everyone decided to share the beautiful view of the sunrise. 


Including Harry and Dora. They posted on TT and IG just ONE MINUTE apart. Totes normal.


Interesting though that all the other photos seem to be from different spots but Sam’s picture and Cait’s video seem to have been made at the same time and from the same place. Look at this tree here!



In Sam’s photo, we can see that the tree looks farther in comparison to the screenshot of Cait’s video. This is due to the camera setting, which when switching from photo mode to video mode, the image gets “closer”, a kind of small “zoom”.


In addition, while in the video the image is clearer, in the photo it is a little darker, the contrast is more balanced. The iPhone’s camera setting makes the camera auto focus (for both photo and video) and depending on where the camera focuses, the image may be lighter or darker, even if it is made from the same place at the same time.


But what clearly demonstrates that the photo and the video were made from the same moment and same place is this very singular cloud that appears in both.



We noticed that Caitriona was listening to What do you mean by Justin Bieber, and we just wondering what do they mean by all of this. Certainly the sky was beautiful, but the receipt was better.



And then guess what, they were online at the SAME TIME!



Married couple who work together, go home together!

And as always, the strange things continue happening around Sam&Cait. Yesterday there was an interview with an Outlander S3 director of photography and he released some rather curious information about our favorite couple.


How’s it going man? She married?



Darling Steve, we have a dear friend to introduce you, her name is Melissa and she lives in Australia! Like you, she too does not have a heart either, as you both love sharing (very private) news that makes no sense at all and are no business of yours. You are a match made in heaven! SIS is shipping.



A week ago, Dora was giving an interview saying that she was not even planning the wedding and now you’re saying she got married? OH GOD NO!



We find it quite interesting how everyone working on Outlander uses every single opportunity they have and don’t have to say Dora and Harry are not together.


Two people who play a couple and act like a couple is very confusing, but in the end, it can work out just fine!


Créditos Foto:  https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/news/game-thrones-kit-harington-and-rose-leslie-tie-knot-scotland-417225



See you next Sunday, SISters!





Author: Flavia Labruna

Colaborators: Bianca Portela and Queen Victoria

Proofreading in portuguese: Thais Beluzzo and Lotti

Translator: Bianca Portela

Subtitles: Queen Victoria 

Art Designer: Bianca Portela 

Compilator: Flavia Labruna 

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