Hello SISters and Bros, we’re back with one more:

If this introduction is not enough to refresh your memory and you still want to know all the tidbits of of our favorite couple, which, BTW, radiates with chemistry, you just have to click here.

Last week, we were complaining about the fact that Dora was missing from the map and only Harry graced us with his presence.


And what do you know? Maybe she listened to our prayers because she decided to finally appear and stop our misery.

Needles to say, it all started with him, Harry!

It was business as usual!!

Our favorite Story Teller made his way into Instagram:

Well, to begin with, as you see, it’s not just any photo.

It’s a very, let’s say, very artistic one. #BeautifulLandscape

But, Harry hon, haven’t you heard of a magical cream … wait, what is it called again… OH! Sunscreen!!!

Have you guys noticed the T-shirt mark on his blessed body? #Amen

And that nose? You look like Santa favorite’s!

And this cap turned the other way around?

It makes the wifey, who is a fashion DIVA, look bad…Oh no man!  

You seem to be forgetting your lessons that a certain my amigo so kindly teaches you. #BadBoyHarry

Ok Intern!

Let’s come back…

Harry wrote about his wee adventure on the post.

He was on an illegal hike and by all accounts, alone.

Confident this Harry, right Boss?

Yes, confident and crazy! Too crazy!

This cactus forest shouldn’t be more than two or three feet high, but you know how men are full of %$#^& , but they love to say that we are the sensibles one…! Sure.

Anyway, a wrong turn led him into an American military base he couldn’t leave as he had no ID. #ButHadHisPhone

Is this your first time travelling Harry?

Good question!

An “outlander” goes out for a walk in an unknown place without carrying any … ANY ID? #YouNeedToStayHomeHon

He called an “Uber”, who is also an ex military to save him.

Boss, who is this driver? Since when are they BFFs?

Yeah, that story is weird. How did he get him out? Or did someone have to drive along with his ID?


Besides all of that, that photo caused a storm, a tropical one, but it wasn’t for nothing.

Harry was naughty!

Women were coming out by the dozen.

They were all giving his location. Some even invited him to surf, others to to be his guide.

The hours went by, and the number of ladies comments grew by the second.

If you think about it, they are not wrong, I mean, who told him to appear like this, half naked?

Some ladies were more daring, some were more discreet.

Even some co-stars decided to show up.

And Harry decided to answer. #Innocent #OrAreYou?

Except that our Extra Soft and burned Whole Wheat Carrot Cake, was stretching it. #BadBurnHarry

Likes and comments, both raunchy and sweet,were coming all through the week.

We see nothing wrong with those likes he has been giving, we know that there is a context behind them and a narrative that needs to be maintained.

Yes we understand (tsc tsc).

But it’s still a mystery to us why he stretches it and goes beyond a safe point for a comment, picture or even a simple like.

He’s all jolly and happy. #WatchOutForTheWifeyHarry

I do wonder if it was Dora having this kind of attitude, what would we be saying about her? Good thing it certainly isn’t!

Yes, you are right intern!

Unfortunately, there are still many women with old ideas, and this fandom is full of them.

We see Sam’s many behaviors being forgiven and easily forgotten while Cait is constantly and harshly criticized.

If we are the majority, why do we insist so much on crucifying Dora?

Of course, like him, she also crosses the line, they are human and therefore liable to make mistakes , nothing that can’t be understood and forgiven.

We are here as fans, however without putting them on pedestals.

We always try to understand both sides knowing that we don’t even know 30% of the whole story.

We see only what they show. And it is very little and it’s not always a bed of ​​roses.

Relationships are difficult.

Anyway, far from us wanting to apply any lesson here, even though we are in a very complex world with many ways of thinking,  we need tolerance and respect not only with them but among all of us! #MoreLove #MoreRespectPlease

Continuing …

It seems like it was not just us who kept watching his post. There was another person doing it too.

This was too much so Dora come out of her tomb and finally show up for business.

This actor passed away today, Dora is always aware, but to a good listener, half a word is enough!


For us in Brazil her post came in at 4 o’clock in the morning. FOUR in the morning.

Dora, you’re not in London or anywhere in the UK. You make that very clear.

#DoraSlipped # DoraIsOutOfControl

I guess today is lesson day, after all.

Intern, FOCUS!

Leave me alone, Boss, I’m having fun with these two!

#NaughtyIntern #ThisSpreads

We wonder what kind of punishment Harry got this time that made him post this:

He went from half-naked to almost a priest!

Look at the collar all buttoned up! He was all “stallion” before and now this all behaved photo! Oh Harry!

Thanks Dora!

He also took the opportunity to tease about the Rugby game later.

#DontCallVictoryAheadHarry #YouWillNeverWin #EvenIfYouWin

Wait a minute, I’m going to make some popcorn, lay on the couch, watch ep7 (you know the one), charge my phone and wait. #ThisIsBetterThanHalfTimeSuperBowl

And it was only a matter of time, we already knew.

She took her time, after all they have to prove they’re not on the same place! We pretend to believe and they pretend we pretend to believe. #Fun

But teasing about the game was not enough…

This wasn’t a lesson people, this was a citizen arrest! She framed him in a single post.


This was a big territory war. Because if it’s not to mark territory like this, it is better not to mark at all. #GoBiggerOrGoHome

It might have been easier just to pee all over him. #JustSaying

He answered.

Harry, what’s more dangerous, hiking or Dora?

Ah! How much I missed this, missed Dora, missed these healthy games and love teasing. #WeLoveAllOfThis

Thank you Dora, for making this intern very happy!

For giving us good laughs too. #WeLoveYou

Jokes aside, the question of the moment is where are HarryDora?

And it’s no news that “they” are in Hawaii. I mean, Sam made a point of showing where he was. Cait was very determined to say she was in the UK, but gave it away.

So believe whatever you want.

Aloha for you.

Coincidence or not, Dora has already shown willingness to send Jamie and Claire to Hawaii.

Since they mix and match, why not?

If last Sunday we lived in Imagination Land, this Sunday our couple decided to keep us real! She told us in all letters that she wasn’t in London.

We wonder why at first but then we understood.

Wanna hear something interesting? This account that Dora answered, has nine followers and follows only one person and it’s “private”.

It looks like it was created to ….. complete this sentence!

Suddenly, she decided to abandon the script, the aspirations and limitations of SM, and became very active on both Twitter and Instagram.

What is the purpose of all this?

Are they switching roles? #CallUs

And as always, here’s a picture of Harry with a fan! Yes, always when they need to confirm location, promptly appears one.

Imagine if this handsome scot would pass unnoticed like this all this time? #OfCourseNot


After Harry’s adventure and having been framed by Dora, he doesn’t want to hear about the sun, he’s all dressed up and his cap, well, it’s on the right side now.

Good job Harry!

Was he alone?

I bet they were going to lunch.

Hmmm, they must have had the best shrimp EVER!

Intern, for God’s sake!

The photo, as usual, probably wasn’t posted in real time. And the “fan” did not reply to anyone questions was Harry was alone, but liked all the questions about it.

We’re still going to find out what Harry does with these fans to make them lie, deny, erase, delay to post these photos …

He must make a pretty damn good donuts.

Monday was pretty quiet. Harry and Dora vanished.

But other people took their place on SM.

The dynamic duo: Terry and Diana.

Diana dug up this very affectionate tweet from Terry from 2016 congratulating Sam and Cait for something.

Then Terry decided to comment on it.

She knows very well that this tweet is controversial. Everyone has commented on it exhaustively. And she ends up giving a different justification everytime.

This time she decided to say that it was a compliment for the end of S1.


She just forgot a wee detail. The first season ended in 2015.

Then she started justifying herself.

I don’t know, but when you try to explain too much, there’s something there.

Better leave it Terry alone. #OrJustRememeberYourFirstAnswer

Harry disappeared!

Did he get lost #InYourEyes? Or … in a volcano?

I know well where he usually gets lost!!

Stranger things are becoming more and more routine in the couple’s daily life, not to mention in our own.

Please HarryDora, go back to Scotland.  We never asked for anything!


So, we were already set they wouldn’t show up, when suddenly a STARZ panel was announced “Fiercely Female” at the TCA 2019 and who was invited?


OK! This is weird! We never heard of that panel. Nobody knew about it.

I think she was a last minute addition. She must have known by the weekend that she would have to shorten her vacation.

Makes sense. In fact, it makes much more sense for her to be around, rather than wanting to convince anyone that she would go from London to LA just for that strange panel.

She was all dressed up, buttoned up to the neck, and didn’t give us the chance to see if she had any bikini tan but she seemed a little more blushing than she usually is.

But we did see it. #TheRing

We have no idea what happened at the GG, but the story about the ring not matching the look didn’t convince anyone, not even the ring.

Truth to be told, this ring doesn’t match anything!

During the panel that lasted a little more than 5 minutes, she talked about playing Claire and how lucky she was to get the part.

She also said that they will start shooting S5 in fifteen days.


And she talked a little bit about Jamie and Claire’s relationship next season.

We are praying and kneeling on corn that they have understood we want Jamie and Claire back.

I don’t even want to think about having another episode focused on Roger.

I hope he understands now that when you really love someone, you are far from being an idiot, on the contrary, you are closer to feeling more human, you’re never not more, or less, you’re always “with”. There is no love without sacrifices.

Intern reflecting, no one deserves.


But it seems that the Intern wasn’t the only one doing some reflecting, Dora was somewhat introspective after the event.

Wow how deep! Everyone kept trying to read between the lines of what she wrote.

And chatting about it with our Supporters group, a very cool interpretation came from one of our supporters.

“Daydreams (look at Cait’s pose in the photo, with distant gaze, of the one who is daydreaming): a brief detachment from the moment I currently live (my vacation), in which my contact with reality is cloudy, since I can be who I really am (Harry’s wife) and do what I really want (take care of my family, be with my true friends, rest and walk …). I am living this ‘fantasy’ at this moment, full of joyful thoughts, hopes and ambitions, but I imagine it coming true (Sam and I assuming our relationship) and experiencing all this while awake (everyday, full time, for the whole world to see).”

Karen, we love your reflection on Dora’s text!

What about you, did you like it?

Later James, yes himself, the one from the Australia Brief, posted stories and Dora was in one of them.

#ThankGodNoHologramInvolved #ButThenAgainHeDoesntReallyExist

Thank you.

You’re welcome!

Valentines Day! Today is celebrated Valentine’s Day in many countries of the world.

This day was chosen because it is the date when St. Valentine, a bishop of the Catholic Church was killed in Rome for having disobeyed the emperor for performing weddings in secret.

At that time, Valentine fought against the orders of the emperor Claudius II, who had prohibited marriage during the wars, believing bachelors were better fighters.

What a cruel emperor, although they do say that love makes your leg wobbly, right? But the skin and happiness are priceless!

Valentine continued to celebrate marriages even being banned. Later, he was discovered, arrested and sentenced to death, but while he was in prison, many young people offered him flowers saying that they still believed in love.

Valentine has everything to do with us, shippers. He could of been a great friend, after all he was in favor of celebrating love and is that’s what we do every day.

I already want this wee saint as the protector of the shippers, because we believe in love above all else!

Being a shipper is not an easy job. Even more, of these two. In this fandom shippers are often judged as doing something forbidden.

How can believing in LOVE be bad?

Everything that Harry and Dora show us whenever they are together, or even separated from each other, is love.

Relationships are difficult. All of them. Don’t think that for them it’s any different. But when they are true to themselves it’s always worth the wait.

Loving is not for everyone, it takes sacrifice, you have to give up lots of things. You also have to give in without getting lost and try your hardest to make it last forever. It takes willingness and companionship.

But surely it is a blessing to find your other half, your soul mate and to be able to live life and the joy of each other, each day!

Especially when the stars align.

The Universe conspires.

This state of grace in which human beings find themselves!

That someone that makes you laugh.

That would do anything for you.

Now imagine you need to hide it from the world, when in reality what you most want is to shout out to the world how much you are happy.

It should not be easy … not easy !!

Yes, and that’s why they fail and we see it. We always do.

We are not crazy, we are far from being so. We are sensitive, we are like Valentine. Celebrating love, even when they are prohibited.

Even when they are secrets.





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