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Monday looked like a very boring day, until…

she said:

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 22.49.57

and he said:

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 22.50.19

and she said:

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 22.50.30

and we said:


and they said:

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-06 at 22.21.47

You better go this time. Or else…


This past week, an article caught our attention. Not for mentioning the name of a ex-civilian, Maestro Tony McGill, but for belittling a phenomenal actress like Caitriona Balfe. She, who fights so much for equality between genders, for woman’s right and for #TimesUp, has been reduced to a simple fiance. Even if this man were Brad Pitt or the King of England, no woman in the 21st Century, should be reduced – in an article where the objective was to speak about her career, her performance, her conquests, her merit, and her own show – as bride of no one. Bad taste, disrespect and very very much Stranger Things.


IMG-20180313-WA0108 (1)


On Wednesday the Outlander team was shooting in St Andrew’s Square, Glasgow downtown. Tennent’s Lager, beer brand that Sam was once an advertising boy, promptly invited our Carrot Cake to have a pint on the house.

But Sam replied that unfortunately he wouldn’t have time.

SIS is available!

Why doesn’t anyone invite us?


And in a heart beat David was there picking up Sam’s beer.

PNG image-D35A5FA1959E-1

Kinda heavy there David? Looking by the amount of beer, Sam is gonna need to store some in his my amigo’s fridge, right hon?

PNG image-A889DB1825C3-1

Without a heads up, a fan posted this photo with Sam and Dora together on a facebook group. In a matter of seconds, it was all over the internet. Why? Well, first of all we think they sneaked away from their body guards and because of that, were actually seen together. Shocking. What were they thinking? Maybe this fan is just crazy and they are clones? Or Holograms? Maybe this is a fake manip!


A fan posted on a Outlander FB group that while she was travelling through Scotland with her son to celebrate her birthday and visiting all the Outlander locations, in their LAST DAY …

KaBoom !!!!!

What a lucky woman! And so smart! Do you know what she did???? Took a picture! YES! And she was super fearless because she caught the two of them in one photo. My God, SIS dreads for this woman’s life!

They were both so happy and relaxed. This fan, to whom we pray everyday, didn’t suffer from Donuts’ Amnesia or PRD (Posted-Regreted-Deleted) and didn’t change the narrative of her story.


And here’s her story:

This hotel is in Edinburgh. She said that Sam and Cait were coming back from a day of shooting. She did not say when exactly, but we found out that it was on Monday 03/12.

A fan who won the WCC promotion said that he spent the day watching the shooting of a scene that was apparently quite secret!


Funny how they were in the same hotel but we found no trace of any other Outlander cast or crew. They also go to work and come back together. Very interesting. She said they went to work at 06:30am and came back at 08:00pm.

Cait asked for them not to post spoilers on twitter.

twitter cait

We totally agree. Twitter is not a place for spoilers. You can call directly to us.



sam my amigo

My amigo Caitriona Balfe!

My amigo?

Oh! Got it!


On Saturday the Ireland’s Rugby team won the championship!! YAY! Congratulations Ireland….and on St. Patrick’s Day, the Irish patron!!!!!! Dora got excited and ran to twitter to tease her ‘AMIGO’ Carrot Cake. Of course she didn’t forget the Guinness, “beer of discord”. I don’t think she’ll ever forget that beer … neither will we. Or Jim. BTW Jim, hon, is the offer still on?



SIS just observes.

Two dozen of Tennent’s Lager, one keg of Guinness…and NO invitation so far. SISTer did you get an invitation to the party at their my amigo’s house?


SIS is blue.

But that didn’t last very long as another fan WITH A CAMERA came about!

She posted a photo on her IG with Harry Pot, NO, Potter carrot, NO, I mean Sam at the airport in LA and said that Cait was there too, but she wasn’t able to take a picture with her. We do not know why, but the important thing is that someone is getting fired as they flew together in the same airplane to LA.

SIS is available. Hire us. #justsaying

sam aerporto

Comentário ig sam

The Adventures of Harry and Dora in LA…here on NETSIS!!!

Dora woke up on Sunday morning worried about the marathon she will soon be running…

tt cait maratona

Cait, hon, if you don’t know how you’re gonna do this, we think we have the perfect person to help you out. He’s generous, knows about marathons and it’s a hell of an amigo!!

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 20.26.20.png


Look who just popped up on Outlander’s IG? What a coincidence…and he too, is talking about the marathon!!!!

ig starz 1

So he took over Starz’s IG – it was supposed to be the stories, but apparently no one taught him to use that tool – and he said ‘WE’ are very excited for today’s event. He went by some marathon runners and wish good luck to Cait in her marathon next month, in addition to saying he will race at Stirling Marathon, also next month 🙂

He also posted this photo of Cait already ready for the day asking if she wasn’t looking good. YES, she was, my amigo!

Ig starz 2

and another one about shoes and ‘WE’.


SIS got curious. Who is this WE?

  • Sam and Mamacita
  • Eddie and Sam
  • Sam and Jamie the Tiger
  • My amigo and Sam
  • Sam and Steve
  • Rubber ducky and Sam
  • Sam and SIS….you shipping???


And a third one….

captura starz sam

Babe, SIS will get there in 2.9 seconds but we’re no sure were gonna drop you off at the photoshoot, although, we’re not sure we’ll drop you off at all.

WAIT!!! We will have a PHOTOSHOOT??????


Well. Not so happy anymore after we remembered that Sam and Cait live in parallel worlds defined by Starz now.


But, when two people have chemistry, complicity, friendship, love and intimacy, not even a thousand miles will keep them apart.


Before going on stage they were relaxed. They got constipated as they sat down.








Right, my amigo?



During the photos, Sam put his hands on..well…I don’t think we could say. She is engaged.

mao boba





We had two FB lives for the LA Times and a lot of Stranger Things happened too.

First we want to say that Cait is a little tired and may be confusing the rings she has and on which finger they belong.

Cait, hon, let’s help you:

Left hand, ring finger: MARRIED

Right hand, ring finger: ENGAGED

Any other finger from any hand: CAN BE WHAT EVER YOU WANT.

That being said ….

Before the panel event, her ring was on the right ring finger and IN THE EVENT, moments later it jumped to the other hand and to the index finger. Today during the live it was back where he was before, on the ring finger in the right hand!!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-19 at 16.46.30.jpeg

Stranger things right???

We’re thinking Cait is not Dora anymore, she’s now:

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 23.52.54



We suggest that before you keep reading this text, you take a sip of caipirinha, mix with whisky and take it straight on one shot!!

Did you?

There, you’re ready for the bomb of the day!

Last but not least, we had this little “leak”….

We told you so.

But…do not forget, after all they are…








Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 23.11.01


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