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Yessssss!!! And yes, we are! This column is about music!

But who doesn’t like music, right?

Music is a part of most people’s lives, almost everyone has a favorite band, has been to an unforgettable concert or has a favorite song that marked a moment in their life or a favourite lyric. I (author of this column), particularly, live my life surrounded by music.


But here I’m going to talk about music in a slightly different way. After all,  SIS is here to innovate.


Often we listen to a certain song and we like it either for the rhythm, or the style, or the melody, or because it refers to some good memories, or simply because we like that singer or band.

We are constantly identifying ourselves with the lyrics, but how often do we stop to actually pay attention to what the lyrics really mean?

Have you tried to understand the true meaning of the song through the lyrics the artist composed?

What was he going through that specific moment? What is the real meaning of the song?

The name of this column is Music Speaks, because music can tell us incredible stories. Through the songs, we can understand the artist’s life story, and this is what we are going to do here today and on every post of this column.

SIS is here to help you! Do you have a favorite artist and would you like to know about a certain song that he/she composed?

Would you like to learn about their story through their songs? Or have you ever wondered if that song you love the most and has sang it at the top of your lungs, has a different meaning from what you always imagined? Send it to us!! We can look into it for you!

We will go through every single letter of the song and find out what their true meaning is. Just for you!

Before we start talking about our artist today, an important message:

Here, in this column, we will talk about ALL musical styles and artists of all generations and ages.

But our premiere today will be about a young singer, who is a songwriter and has written many songs about her life.

Although some of you may not know her, I am convinced that many of you have heard some of her songs without knowing it’s hers, or more importantly, not understanding the stories behind the songs.

I’m sure that, by the end of this post, even though it might not be your favorite musical style, you’ll be a bit enchanted by her story.

I’m talking about Demi Lovato. Lovatics this is for you!

Demetria Devone Lovato or Demi Lovato, was born on August 20th, 1992 in Albuquerque, New Mexico and was raised in Dallas, USA.

Her fascination with music and the entertainment world began early, at age 7, when she learned to play piano, guitar and joined the cast of “Barney and his friends.” At the program’s auditions, she met the actress and singer Selena Gomez, who became one of her best friends.

But it was later, when she was hired by Disney Channel, that Demi showed all her talent for music. She landed the role in “Camp Rock” which had more than 8 million viewers in 2008, being one of the most watched movies on the Disney Channel.

Soon after, Demi made her first tour, Demi Live! Warm Up and also opened the Burnin ‘Up tour for the Jonas Brothers between July and September 2008.

Demi’s first single “Get Back”, which started her solo career, was released and was #43 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In October 2010, at the age of 18, Demi shocked the fans going to a rehab clinic. At the time many things were said, but today it was clarified that after an episode where the singer physically assaulted a dancer who was touring with her, her manager and her family gave her an ultimatum, and so she chose to make treatment.

Demi was diagnosed with bipolar and eating disorders.

After leaving the clinic – in January 2011 – Lovato decided to expose the issues she was facing. Since the cruel bullying she suffered at school (a petition was made suggesting that she should commit suicide), which is why she began homeschooling at age 12, when she began harming herself and committing substance abuse (alcohol and drugs).

As soon as she left the clinic where she was treated, Demi made tattoos with the words STAY STRONG on her wrists, where she has scars of self-mutilation.

The choice of words came from the unconditional support of the Lovatics (a name given to Lovato fans) while she was on treatment. These were the words they chose to give strength to their idol.

Lovato’s career includes 11 tours, 7 movies, 9 TV appearances, 1 season as a judge for The X Factor and 6 albums with more than 40 million copies sold worldwide. She is known to be one of the artists who most supports social and humanitarian causes and has been named ambassador of the Global Citizen organization on mental health for Iraqi children and other vulnerable communities.If you wanna know more about then click here.

Believe In Me:

In her first album, Do not Forget, released in 2008, Lovato composed a song called Believe In Me, which could clearly be a call for help.


Despite the positive message at the end of the song, “Now I believe in myself” was, unfortunately, just some pretty lyric, or an attempt to think positive, for she still did not believe in herself, and this was proved by the problems she would face later.

La La Land:

Still, on the first album, the song La La Land also stands out, as it alludes to the Hollywood industry and especially to Disney, where she started, and to the standard needed to be successful in both.


In addition, the song also talks about going to parties and getting involved in anything that makes you belong and get accepted, which today she admits that this was part of why she started using toxic substances.

For The Love Of A Daughter:

Lovato also had a very complicated relationship with the biological father, who left the family when Demi was still very young and had an extremely troubled relationship with her at the time.

The first one is named For The Love Of A Daughter, written during her second album entitled Here We Go Again (2009), but because it was considered very strong and emotional for young audiences, it was released only on her third album – Unbroken (2011).



The second one is more recent and it’s called Father. It was written by Demi a year after her father’s death (2013) and is on her fifth album called Confident.


It shows a mature understanding regarding her father’s attitudes. The song speaks that even being her father the responsable for initiating the “war inside herself“, she was able to forgive him and found her peace.


Demi’s first single after rehab was a song not composed by her and it was recorded before she went into treatment but according to the singer, was perfect for that post-recovery moment: “This song is so special to me because it’s inspired on my journey and the struggles I had to deal with last year“, Demi wrote to Seventeen.


This was a fresh start, where she felt stronger than ever. The song was called Skyscraper (Skyscraper) and was featured on the album titled Unbroken (Unbreakable), which would also be a representation of her at the time.


In Warrior, a song from her fifth album, titled Demi, she is very sincere about all her struggles and her issues. It’s a vulnerable and exciting composition, in which Lovato’s vocals are impeccable. Recently Demi wrote on twitter that the song talks about sexual abuse.



Her sixth album is called Confident, as well as one of his singles and it talks exactly about confidence.


Despite the struggles with eating disorder – which only those who have it know it is an eternal struggle – still have to deal with problems with her image, and with the heavy bullying she still suffers till today in her SM:


Demi is more confident than ever with the lyrics of this song and passes on a message of optimism and self-esteem for all girls. It turned out to be an anthem for young girls struggling to fit into society’s beauty standards, after all, “what’s wrong with being confident”?

Her last album Tell Me You Love Me,  demonstrates an incredible musical and vocal maturation, it reaches incredible levels. Demi has always been highly praised and recognized for the reach of the voice.

I recommend watching this fan-made video of the reactions of famous people to her voice: Mr. and Mrs. Obama, Lionel Richie, Bee Gees, Ed Sheeran and Jimmy Fallon.


In Tell Me You Love Me, she is very confident, determined and open. This year she completed 6 years of sobriety and the album is a celebration of her achievements and her return after everything that happened.

Sorry Not Sorry:

The single Sorry Not Sorry is yet another loud and clear message for haters and bullies and it’s the most successful song of Lovato’s career:


Brazil was the country that most heard “Sorry not Sorry” on Spotify. In fact, Demi and fans have a long love story. She has stated several times to be the country where she most likes to do shows and is impressed by the passion of the Brazilian lovatics.

The song has a good rhythm, great melody and received very good reviews, like this one from Forbes:

“Sorry Not Sorry” is an unapologetic, braggadocious look in the mirror, with Lovato taking the opportunity to praise herself, and rightfully so. For any other singer, such boasting in the face of what sounds like a former, scorned lover might be obnoxious, but the pop singer has been very vocal about her struggles with self-confidence and her own mental health, so hearing this from her in a song is truly wonderful. Lyrically, Lovato is also not ashamed of swearing up a storm, and Spotify offers both an explicit and a more kid-friendly version, which is perhaps better suited for her younger fan base.

In a recent phone call to discuss the success of her mobile game, Lovato described her new album as “more soulful,” and she noted that she has been inspired by legendary vocalists like Aretha Franklin and Christina Aguilera for much of her life. While “Sorry” is only loosely soul-inspired when it comes to the actual music, Lovato really packs a punch her powerful vocals, which have been setting her apart from other female pop stars for years now. In addition to her own chops, “Sorry” features a full backing choir, which kicks the otherwise fairly simple production into overdrive and takes it to the next level. “Sorry” plays sort of like a lesser version of Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s “Bang Bang,” though Lovato actually has something to say on her record.

Fonte: https://www.forbes.com/sites/hughmcintyre/2017/07/11/demi-lovato-premieres-new-single-sorry-not-sorry/#20414165b5ad


You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore:

If you listen to another song from her latest album called You Do Not Do It For Me Anymore, and do not know Demi’s story, you’d probably think the song is about somebody, some ex-lover, about some relationship that ended. But according to Lovato, this track is about the “old Demi” and her toxic habits, which makes this song a lot more interesting when you understand that it is a conversation of her with herself. Besides the lyrics, once again the voice of the singer also draws a lot of attention to this song.


To conclude, I recommend the new documentary by Demi, which was released on Youtube: Simply Complicated. In it, she tells her story in a very exciting and fun way.


This is it SISters, I hope you have liked and I am waiting for your suggestions for our next post.




As Demi has several songs that tell her story, there is no way to talk about all of them, so I decided to put a bonus at the end for those interested in knowing more. All of these here are on her last album and for starters, I’m going to introduce the song that gave it its name: Tell Me You Love Me (which is my favorite).

Tell Me You Love Me:


It could also be about someone asking the other person to love her, but Lovato gave the gave a whole other interpretation to the song, which made all the difference when listening to it. The video clip reached 105 million views on youtube.

Did you notice how she sings the part “everything I need is right in front of me” facing a mirror and pointing to herself?

Daddy Issues:


In the song Daddy Issues, Demi is extremely transparent in saying how she deals with love relationships and how her relationship with her father affected her. It was brave because she exposed enough in the lyrics but, at the same time, is a light and fun song. It is also one of those that you can’t get out of your head.


Ruin The Friendship:


The last song is called Ruin The Friendship and it reminds us a lot of a couple we know well. Fans believe that Lovato wrote this song to talk about singer-actor Nick Jonas, who is one of her best and oldest friends. 

She did not deny it, nor did she confirmed it. She said she will never reveal it, but the person for whom the song was written knows and was one of the first to hear it. Is it him?

What were your favorites songs? Tell me in the comments session! 

Bye Bye.





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