Hi SISters, how are you? We are in agony here.

Calm down! Nothing happened. And that’s the reason why we are in such agony.

Dora e Harry are MIA.

That’s right. They are online every day but their SM are just so calm…

Not one funny banter nor photos with reflexes.

Just RT, Outlander promo, RT, Outlander promo. That’s it!

So,  facing all this boredom, our NetSIS department started thinking, and thinking…

And we had an idea!!!

What about traveling in time?

Calm down SISters. I bet you were already thinking on your James Fraser, right?

We are traveling, but not to 1700s, because we like very clean and disinfected bathrooms, man with no lousie, heated water and toilet paper!

Let’s travel to the nearest past, where toothbrushes already existed!


Ohhh 2015…we miss you so much. The strongest year of our ship.

Did you know that some events that made the ship stronger happened exactly at this time of year?


Sunday, December 2nd we celebrated 3 years anniversary of this tweet:

SIS made a very cute post celebrating it.

So, what was our Carrot Cake talking about?

Celebration with macaroons. Late at night…Hunnn!

Dora, Dora, what celebration was that?

We can only think of one thing here! You know very well what it is.

So that’s what Harry meant.

And to complete, at the same day he posted this photo on IG:

And Dora posted what? Yep, a photo from the exact same place:

Some say that we are crazy and that we imagine things. If we imagine it is because they make us imagine. Anyone who knows how to add two plus two can see that something very special happened that day.

Since then, they always go missing at this time of the year.

Or they are sighted around Ireland. HMM!

Our Stories Teller posted this videos: a sunset and the Hungary flag.

Stories that tell. Stories…

Sunday we had a new episode, and what an exciting episode! Mumu is back!


Around here we are just like Silvio Santos on a sunday, same schedule. Nothing new.

Who wants money receipts?

But our Stories Teller showed up, at least for a while.

And posted a cat’s video.

Yep, looks like Harry misses his Eddie so much. He can’t put his eyes on a cat that he need to film ASAP. But what about this caption?

The cat whisperer?

Be careful, as far as we know, Eddie is as jealous as her mother.

He also posted this other photo:

We got confused.

Some fruit, makeup, a car key, cell phone… What a mess, Harry!

Many people speculated that this might be Dora’s hand. It even could be. Let’s take a closer look, but it seems more logical that it’s a makeup artist or someone else’s hand he’s working with.

But keep calm because our investigators and analysts are already working on the picture.

Looking back in our time tunnel, just look at what Dora was posting on December 4th, 2015:

Tayto! Salt and Vinegar! Her favorite chip flavour… and the flavour Sam said he wanted to be. Do you remember?

Damn Harry. He knows all about his brunette’s tastes.


Continuing on our time machine. We saw what Carrot Cake and Creamy were doing on December 6th of other years… And we come across this in 2016:


Do you see? Looks like this taco thing is an ancient history. The real meaning only they know!

But we are free to imagine, right?

Sam answered:

Wait, did he said ice cream?

We bet the flavor was vanilla.

And our Diva, Queen of the f***ing World Caitriona Mary Balfe, was nominated for the 4th consecutive time to the 2019 Golden Globe!

She thanked on Twitter and was quite surprised:

And Harry, her #1 fan, congratulated her:

Lovely! Ownnn! So cute!

As always, he was very proud of her!

So are we. Happy for her but sad for him that also deserved recognition.

Proud, happy and NERVOUS! Yes, the last Golden Globes doesn’t bring good memories.

We are already praying.

[13_SISbrazil_Nossa Senhora Relacionamento Fakes]




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Author: Flávia Labruna
Collaborators: Catarina Balfe, Lotti, Bianca Portela
Investigators: Flavia Labruna, Lotti, Catarina Balfe, Carolina Ramires, Eloise Zanatto
Images: Catarina Balfe
Media/prints: Catarina Balfe and Bianca Portela
Memes: Talita Brisola
Text Formatting: Thais Belluzzo
Portuguese proofreading: Lotti
Translator: Eloise Zanatto
English proofreading: JPG and Lotti
Compiler: Alexandra Favoretto
SM: Alexandra Favoretto

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