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As you can see, our “Icing on the cake”  became  “SIS on the road“. Now you will know a little more about the cakes, cupcakes, croissants…at the same, we will visit the places where they came from !!!

Come on SISters, get your bags ready, cause SIS Tour is about to take off.

And we are headed to Chicago!!! But before, we will talk about a woman who has been a role model for many all over the world….

Michelle Obama

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson was born January 17th, 1964 and she’s so much more than President Obama’s wife. Prior to her role as First Lady, Michelle was a lawyer and the Major’s assistant as the Chicago City Administrator and Community-outreach Worker. A hell of a woman.

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Michelle took classes in her school’s gifted program, where she learned French and completed accelerated courses in biology. She went on to attend Whitney M. Young Magnet High School, the city’s first magnet high school for gifted children, where, among other activities, she served as the student government treasurer. In 1981, Michelle graduated from the school as class salutatorian.

Michelle attended Princeton University, graduating cum lauded in Sociology and earn a degree from Harvard Law School. She was awarded her Juris Doctor in 1988.

After she graduated from Harvard, she worked at the Sidley Austin Firm – Chicago Branch, in the marketing and intellectual property department where she met her husband, the future President of the United States. To think he was just a summer intern to whom she was assigned as an adviser. Talking about irony…and destiny…

After she became First Lady, she focused her attention on current social issues, such as poverty, healthy living and education.

Michelle did a very good job as Obama’s adviser that she even won her future hubby’s heart. What the future President never imagined was that Michelle would continue to be his adviser for life…Michelle’s not  “behind every great man, there’s a great woman” type of woman!! She’s more “aside every great man, there’s a great woman” type of gal (some people would say “in front of every great man, there’s a great woman”, but, in the case of The Obamas, we’ll choose the equality one between these two great people). However, Barack Obama, as every men, still needs to be reminded of his wife’s greatness and Michelle always finds an elegant way to refresh his memory…

Born and raised in Chicago, Michelle was appointed vice president for community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Medical Center, lived most of her life the in Windy City.

And that’s where we are headed for right now! Buckle up!


Third most populated city in the United States, coming after New York and Los Angeles, Chicago is one of the top 10 best business and finance centers, as well as an important hub for the telecommunications, transportation, and infrastructure industries.

The name Chicago comes from the native indians and means “wild onion” or “wild garlic”.

The city is known as “Windy City” because there’s a lot of wind there, and the weather is crazy, going from extreme cold in winter to a hellish heat in summer.

Advice from SIS: if you are visiting Chicago, book the trip for spring or fall…and, even if it is very hot, listen to your mom’s advice and always carry a jacket!

Chicago invented many things:

  • Spray paint was invented in Chicago (1949)
  • the first blood bank of the United States (1937)
  • Zipper (1851)
  • Vacuum Cleaner (1868)
  • Ferris Wheel (1893)

The first woman to win a Peace Nobel Prize was Jane Addams and she was from Chicago. Walt Disney is also from Chicago!

The Chicago River is the only river in the world that flows backward as its flow has been reversed to take advantage of Lake Michigan’s water. Calm down, I did not understand how that works either…but it is super safe to take a boat ride along the river, and it is one of the best tour to do in the city. Just do not be surprised if you find the river all green, as Chicago is the only city on the planet to paint a river green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Western Avenue is the longest avenue in the world, with 23.5 miles. If you want a broad view of it, SIS recommends the Willis Tower (Sears Tower), the tallest building in the west, because from its top you can see four of the 51 American states (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin). They set up a glass balcony, called a skydeck, for tourists to take very bold pictures. Now, if you want to enjoy the view in a more juicy way…

SIS has a tip for you: dine in the building’s restaurant!!

If you love Masterchef and anything that envolves gastronomy, you should know that the biggest (free) food festival, The Chicago Taste, has approximately 35 millions visitors each year.

Talking about art, Chicago hosted the first color TV station, which was a great source of inspiration for Gotham City (from Batman) and was where they filmed the movie “iRobot”. In addition to that, remember the famous “Route 66” the one several movies and songs talk about ?? Well…Route 66 begins in Chicago!

Tip from SIS: watch the musical “Chicago”, 2002, with Catherine Zeta Jones, Richard Gere, Renée Zellweger and Queen Latifah and is based on real events)

Once in Chicago you can go to the Navy Pier, which has attractions for all the family, for adults and children, and has several bars and restaurants, as well as one market and two theaters. It is on the same pier as the bronze statue of Juliet (from the story of Romeo and Juliet), a monument that the city won from Verona, Italy, which they have a replica.

Another great option, for those who prefer classic tourism, is the Millenium Park where the sculpture “The Cloud” is located (the one that looks like a bean…) and the Crown Fountain.

So, are you packed and ready to visit Gotham City…Chicago????

I know, I am !!






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