SIS was born out of admiration and love, from the belief that fiction often also blends with reality. In eighteen months we have followed two special, talented and loving people. It is clear from the way they look at each other, their speech, their gestures and the way they refer to each other.

Sam and Caitriona are a couple, this is not an illusion. The first certainty comes from faith (and a couple shots of caipirinhas), but then comes the facts.

This is what we have been trying to do over the course of this time, presenting various indications that what so many people believed wasn’t madness or delusion.

This is what SIS believes and will continue to believe as long as there is evidence and the same chemistry between them, no matter what they say.

However, you cannot defend what doesn’t want to be defended. Even less when it is difficult to do so. To paraphrase Jamie and Claire, in a relationship there are spaces for secrets but not for lies. And that is what grounded the last days.

If there are such strong reasons to deny what is real, we can only step back and hope that everything is worth it in the end. Our ship didn’t sink. It made a backward somersault and a aerial cartwheel down the Lallybroch stairs, but we survived. Our ship is fine!

Sam and Cait are still together and supporting each other. Jamie’s ghost remains unexplained. And we continue here, following everything from Outlander, the cast and especially those two who are the reason for our heartburn and mini heart attacks. 

The difference is that we will keep our observations private from now on, ending our weekly posts from NetSIS, published every Saturday. We also doubled the caipirinha dose as a precaution.

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