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IFH will be presented to you in a totally different way because it has a totally different narrative.

IFH – Interview From Hell

January 8th 2016.

with Kristin dos Santos (KDS)

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It happened when Sam and Cait were on tour promoting S2 of Outlander, and  it was the first time Sam and Cait said they were not together.


gif IFH

This was quite a shock for fans all over the world and it divided, even more, the fandom between shippers and antis.

Shippers believed they were/are together.

Antis don’t. Either they never believed, or started not to believe after this interview or any other time after that, for different reasons.

IFH was very surprising, because in the six months prior to this interview, they were giving hints interpreted by fans that they were in fact a couple. KDS was excited about this interview and posted on TT, as she had big news for the fans. Those news were not what people were expecting and it didn’t match the tone she proposed on her post.

It shocked everyone not only because of WHAT they said but HOW they said it. People tend to believe more in what they SEE than in what they HEAR.



This was weird enough to start all kinds of speculations. Some believed their announcement and jumped out of the ship, some already thought they would say that and others didn’t believe in one word they said and went on a hunt to find an explanation.

The news spread like lightning. Soon it was on sites and became the talk of the week, primarily because talking about their private life was not expected on an Outlander promoting interview.

Here are the main events of that day, all said by people who were there:

  1. Sam e Cait were seen going into a closed door meeting with Chris Albrecht (CEO Starz) and Ron D. Moore (executive producer of Outlander) earlier on the same day of the IFH.
  2. They both come out of the meeting totally changed.
  3.  Sam was mad and irritated.
  4. Fans were a bit upset because they were waiting to talk to Sam, but he didn’t stop, so they screamed and he told them he would be back, and he did returned, but a lot later. When he finally stopped to talk to fans, he was clearly devastated. He even looked sick.
  5. Later DG gave a statement saying Sam got the flu from Thailand (where he supposedly was) and that’s why he wasn’t himself on the interview.
  6. Cait didn’t stop for fans and some say she kept staring at nothing for a while.







They believed they were going to announce their relationship as they were giving lots of hints or receipts and also because they were together in Costa Rica.



They believed they were going to say exactly that, they were just friends, as Sam was in Thailand with Abbie.



They believed Sam was going to come out of the closet, since he’s been openly gay before Outlander. Data Lounge believes Sam is gay.



Either way, they were not happy about the relationship question and

not happy about the answers they gave.



Questions we wanted answers:

If they in fact were/are only friends, why show discomfort in talking about it?

What did their bodies say while their mouths talked about their relationship?

Did Sam say – could try, were trying, we try?



SIS thought a bit

SIS wanted to give you answers

SIS had an idea

giphy (1)


SIS asked around

SIS did some research

SIS found just what we needed


A group of psychologists who studies Behavioral Analysis!!!!!!

The Analists – Behaviour Analysis



We found them through a friend of a friend and asked them if they would do a full analysis on the IFH and ….. they said YES!

giphy (2).gif


Luckily, two of them had heard of Outlander and only saw a few eps.

They are 4 women and one man.


About this analysis:

  • They were given 3 videos to watch
  • They were only to analyze their behavior vs answers
  • We didn’t give them any extra information on the subject except their names and that they are co-stars doing an interview to promote the series. And that they have really great chemistry on screen.
  • They were to do individual analyses and not a group one

About Sam’s line on the TRY sentence:

  • We had 3 mute and deaf volunteers to read Sam’s lips on that part and all three of them came back with the same result:



We try


Mary X. –  NY, USA

Justin R. – NY, USA

Z. B. – Austrália


These are the three videos we gave them to watch:

This first video was taken off the internet and we could only find with portugueses and russian subtitles. We wanted an english version so we could put our subtitles but no luck.






Are you ready to finally see what specialist have to say about

Sam and Cait’s behavior during the IFH?








I would like to briefly introduce myself, mainly because I find it necessary. Before I even graduated from college, I was already graduated from TV series. Through out my teenage years I watched and followed many shows and their actors, so I do have a bit of knowledge about this subject. Within the series I follow, Outlander is one of them. 

During my studies and afterwards I developed a certain eye for small expressions and looks. Sometimes the mouth talks but the body disagrees.

It’s about the little things we learn to analyze that helps us to understand how that person is feeling beyond the words she’s expressing. We need those tools to be able to work on this area. We all have many ways to express ourselves, a lot more than most people can imagine.

The first thing we should observe on this interview is the body language. Even though the interviewer is sitting right in front of them, they sit with their bodies towards one another.

The interview starts ok, Caitriona answers the questions with certainty and even makes jokes. On the other hand, she also makes movements of someone who is lying, or trying to create a story: looks away, justifies too much, talks slowly pausing and moving her hands more than necessary.

I’m no Dr. Cal Lightman (Lie To Me – for the ones who didn’t understand the reference)


but with the everyday practice and studies, I learned to understand this kind of behaviour. I can’t determine for sure but I can say that those actions indicates those who are lying. Attention here: not determines but INDICATES a lie.

When Caitriona answers, she looks natural, but if you look closely, she doesn’t hold her eyes on anything and she avoids the interviewer, justifies too much, pauses, stutters a bit, moves her hand a lot and look down. It seems that she did not want to be there, that she wanted to run away from there. 


Sam seems a lot more transparent and from the beginning of the interview, you can see how uncomfortable he is with the subject. He’s very serious and only after she makes a joke, he relaxes a little.

When Caitriona says she saw the wheels turning and he answered “didn’t take much”…could have been only a joke between them but it could be expressing that he was, in fact, thinking about what to say.


His expression is of someone who is really thinking about what they are going to say. When Caitriona says that could be hard to be in a relationship and work together, he says, we try in a very jokey way. Why even say anything like that on an interview that was supposed to deny a romantically involvement? She looked uncomfortable and awkward with his response.

When Sam talks, his actions are similar to Caitriona’s. Looks away, stutters a bit, justifies too much and he also doesn’t look at the interviewer for some time. Seems that he’s trying to take seriously something he does not believe in or doesn’t want to talk about, that would explain why he has such a serious posture.

Almost at the end of the interview in which he says, “They feel like they’re being duped” referring to the fans, we can observe an expression on Caitriona’s face that seems to be in disgust, as if she’s feeling bad that he’s talking that.


At the end when they talk about lying because of the characters and apologizes to the viewers, their mouth are saying those words, but it was ambiguous and they could of been trying to say something entirely different.


B.L. (Psychologist/ Behaviour Analysis)



Well, I was asked to do a behavior analysis and I have to say that I did watch some episodes but I don’t follow their private lives or have any information about what happens behind the curtains.

As soon as the interviewer asks a question, Caitriona is the one who volunteers to answer first, but her answer seems a bit staged and without hesitating she went explaining about how their relationship was built on a friendship and that it would be hard to work together if they were a couple in real life. She doesn’t focus her eyes, move her hands a lot, but looks certain on what she’s saying, very decided.


There’s one moment in particular that caught my attention, is when she turns to him and tells him to shut up, interrupting her own lines. That makes me think she knew about what he was thinking of saying.


As for Sam, his facial expression during the whole first moment of this interview, reveals some confusion on what to say about the subject as his eyebrows comes together and that’s a sign of questioning things. That’s a body language for when you don’t agree with what you’re seeing, in this case, hearing.

When he starts to talk he quickly says about how they try to have a relationship in real life, but he took it to the humor side and nothing more came out of it. In this moment you can see Caitriona rolls her eyes as a sign that she thought he shouldn’t have said that, but she also smiles. 


He shows confusion from start to finish about their relationship as he says that it was all a lie, that nothing is real. From his body language seems that it was confusing and frustrating for him too.



K.A,(Psychologist/ Behaviour Analysis)



A friend asked me to talk about an interview with Outlander’s actors, but me? I don’t know anything about the story, I didn’t watch the series, I know very little about the characters and about the actors (what I know is what this friend informed me so I could have a base and do this analysis with more confidence) and she told me that they seem to have an amazing chemistry on screen which was also emphasised by the interviewer and that they live a strong and epic love story on the show. Why then would I have anything to talk about? I do not know anything about the characters, but they gave me 3 interviews with Sam and Caitriona to see and actually there seems to be a lot there, 3 interviews, and I feel more willing to say what I noticed watching. I honestly do not know if I can talk a lot about someone else’s feelings, not my territory, but from the little I’ve seen, there’s a lot of love there. How do I know? We can not taste love, but we can feel it and everything I’ve seen has made me feel love.

I did not watch the series, I can’t imagine how natural it is to cheer for this couple, by the way, who does not cheer for love? But as someone outside, maybe my look is more neutral. We want evidence, but we want to prove what and for whom? There is an immensity there and anyone can realize it, you do not have to know the whole story, no psychologist or any professional. It is a matter of one soul to another.

Love declares itself in small gestures. In tension, in interest, in availability, in the slower and deeper look, in closeness, in respect. From the little that I saw, I witnessed great declarations. Another thing that caught my attention was intimacy. Only intimacy gives us the freedom to be, only it makes us comfortable enough to speak from the most serious to the most absurd subjects. Only love allows us to be, and they are! That’s what I think.

I understand that deep down we want signs that prove whether or not there is love in a way so intense in real life too, that there is such a great harmony, a surrender, and a passion and in fact, there are just a few interviews and I saw that it exists. But we need to be careful because we only see what we want to see. We want looks, smiles, jokes and gestures. We want to prove that love is real, and their love is real. But I can not say that the kind of love that is there is what the vast majority want, but only love should not be enough? Undeniably there is love! Partnership, respect, admiration, intimacy, and even if it seems little, it is a lot. Love is always a lot! Sometimes we say so much when we say nothing, sometimes our eyes speak more than our words, sometimes our smiles calms more than songs, sometimes the greatest declarations happens in silence, in the way, in the presence, in the intimacy.

And I felt the truth in every attentive and silent glance, in every smile half saying ‘how good it is that you exist’, but in words, in freedom to be. I can not talk much about what the other feels or how it feels, I can only speak of what I felt. There’s something there! Now, what kind of love? Only they know. Sometimes the most important thing is not how to love but just love. And they do it both in fiction (as far as I’ve been told) and in reality ( as far as I could see ). And that’s a lot more than we need to know. Love is always enough, even when we can not understand it.

Regarding the actual interview, in which they deny having a relationship out of the series, I realised that she seemed safe when she said they were great friends, she seemed confident. But he seemed a little annoyed by the word “friend.” During the interview, he did something with his eye that looked like the word “friend” bothered him. And it always bothers you when what you really have is something more. So I think there is nothing else I need to say.

D.L (Psychologist/ Behaviour Analysis)



I start this analysis by saying I have never seen the show nor have I heard of them before today. 

The first thing I noticed was that they project their bodies to each other, even when the interviewer is right in front of them.

Let’s start with Caitriona. When she starts to answer, during the talk, her face is expressionless except when she speaks directly to Sam trying to make him disguise something forcing a laugh out of him, (her answer is kind of long for a so objective answer. Feels staged.) other than that, she pretty much has no expression. Always looking down, or rolling her eyes to the left, both signs of a lie, trying to make up a story and creating a sequence. Even when she did look straight to front, she would bring her eyes back down.

When Sam started talking, she practically only looks at him, projects her body to him, and looks a bit apprehensive, because she really doesn’t look comfortable in saying those words. I also noticed how she always looks at his mouth when he speaks. She almost doesn’t look at his face. Makes me wonder, how many of you when talking to a friend, looks directly to his mouth?



Let’s talk about Sam now. From the start, you can see how he also projects his body to Caitriona and how expressive he is during the whole interview. Those are the kind of expressions you would call “away” expressions. He looks lost, trying to make something up, putting together information right there on the spot. Another interesting point is that he never looked at Caitriona when she was speaking. His expressions are of a person in shock, he looks down, up, to the left but only looked at her maybe two times the whole interview (and smiled) and almost didn’t look straight to the interviewer.

When he starts to speak, as if he had lost the script and gave a very vague answer trying to be specific. He lost himself along the way and tried to affirm his answer all in facial expression, nodding his head. Another thing I noticed were his eyes and how he kept them focus on something all the way through. That’s very curious, could mean lot’s of things and one of them is that he is hearing and talking about things he does not believe in, or knows not to be true and his face and expression also says that. 


M.A (Psychologist/ Behaviour Analysis) and blogger @tempos de crise)


SIS would like to thank this girls for their time, effort and good heart. We couldn’t of asked for a better team to do this!!! We hope to work together in many other projects as we know that there’s lots more to analyse in the Sam&Cait’s world!!!

Thank you.




SIS read every single word

SIS read every single word twice

SIS agrees with KDS


and be happy, cause that’s what matters.








gif IFH

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