Hello SISters and Bros, we’re back with one more:

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Finally, it seems that our most loved couple met after weeks of insane work. #ThankYou

We had a festival of simultaneous posts coming through SM, to the point they were made exactly the same time, in the same minutes, until we thought about abandoning our margin of tolerance because they were too close together. #SISTimer

They seem even more happy as Harry was full of grace with Rik and also very active on Twitter. We missed his posts there!

Ah! Nothing like being with someone you love, isn’t it? Improves your mood. Everything changes!

Dora, even though she seemed to want to reduce her workload on SM, also came back very lively (despite insisting on sticking to the RTland).

So much so that the New Year’s resolution to delete the apps from her cell phone must have stayed in Los Angeles, preferably along with a certain hologram. #Let’sPray!

It was a real wave of RT’s, but we loved it anyway, better than that deafening silence and those ghostly apparitions in the dead of night.

She seems much more grateful… nothing against it even though it is part of the good education to comply with certain rules and with that she made one more “thanks”, and this time was for Audi. #PoliteDora #MarketingDora

Clearly this photo shows that a certain accessory returned to her finger. Or was this an old photo? During the Golden Globe week, maybe?

The fact is that she made a point of posting about the time she spent in LA and implying that she would still be there.

And when she gives the location this clearly, what happens?

We’re getting really smart, Dora. We believe you were already far far away from LA when you posted this photo.

While she performs her role with the help of her PRs, Harry went out to enjoy his last night in London with old friends! #NightOutHarry

While they go to a PUB we go to McDonald’s.

#SISIsNeverInvited #SISCan’tAffordGuiness #OnlyFrenchFries #ButWeStillParty

Nothing compares to the warmth and happiness of us Brazilians although Harry is indeed looking very happy.

We just can’t figure out if it’s the alcohol effect or if it’s because you’re out there with a certain my amigo.

To be a Stalker SIS is not easy, NOT at all!

You! You on the other side of this screen, you think we only roll up and down on the internet, right? WRONG!

Your routine starts to get very strange. You get up in the middle of the night, peek the SM, look for notifications; still half asleep, get your stalker diary (yes, we have dairies, because we’re that kind of people) and write it all down.

Then go back to sleep … and then wake up again, look for notific… wait…WHAT?

Intern, you don’t need to give away all the details, ok? They get it!

But what are these two doing at seven in the morning, Brazil time, “surfing” the net?

They have no shame! IT’S NOT EVEN NOON!

You see, in addition to a very disturbed night, we wake up like this, totally astonished!

My Lord, where is my life? Please I want it back.

Your life is now on this ship, Intern! Just follow the flow!

Feel the LOVE in their expressions, in their looks, in the care they take in one another.

In the magic that always happens when we see them together in the same place.

Isn’t that why we’re still here?

It’s in that little smile we give when we let our imagination flow and we have a glimpse of their life.

It’s in the joy we feel when we realize we’re important to someone!

It’s about the friendships this ship gave us.

It’s in the pleasure of getting to meet these wonderful people we got to know virtually in the first place!

We are building MEMORIES and we don’t even realize it, so much solitude being supplied, so much LOVE being shared, so many JOY being felt!

#WeAreFamily #WeAreSISters

The same emotion that invade us, which feed our souls with hope in LIFE and the joy we feel when we see them together, sharing care and love.

That’s what we feel when we see OUR Group of Supporters creating bonds and friendships, especially the RESPECT between them in such an extensive and complex group!

Fondly they call us SIStersMasters and they thank us for creating the group, but we thank them for the incentive of always wanting more, to seek more and to be our best!

We thank you for always being so excited, not for buying our ideas, but to LIVE and to seek happiness even if it’s in this SHIP.  

And to you, Dora, who complains about the 0.01%, sorry … you have no idea what we are capable of!

We are able to seek life, to respect and to be happy for the simple fact that we believe in what you are trying so hard to deny: LOVE!

And we keep going, loudly as always, thanking YOU that may not even know but have become much more than a fandom. We became a family!

Thank you!

And look who Harry started following today on IG. Very interesting!

The actress and presenter Jameela Jamil.

So? What’s wrong with that?

Well, a certain person met Jameela recently and even took a photo:

Can you imagine Dora coming happily to Harry and telling him who she met? Harry who was already a fan and promptly followed her.

What’s the name of this?


And today is that day to spread Outlander, to post official photos:

We remain faithful because we love all this, because a fan may not enjoy one or two episodes and can criticize it constructively but will remain strong in front of the little screen, cheering for their success and the show’s.

And our soft and yummy Carrot Cake covered with a chocolate topping, fulfilling its role, beyond the canvases.

Every time the fandom is a bit strange and discouraged he comes out of nowhere and with a simple stories, puts everyone and everything in the right direction, sailing in calm seas again #NiceHarry #SmartHarry #CaptainHarry

After Sunday’s episode the fandom was divided between those who liked it and those who didn’t like it, but one thing is certain:


Yes, right, a selfie of the two, the protagonists of this story, right there at the very beginning where we all fell in love with them.

And we’re all back to the ship happily ever after waiting for our captain to set sail again #HarryCaptainMyCaptain

What a beautiful view to wake up to, people!

Carrot Cake decided to trade the dark chocolate topping for the white one. Always very light and organic but equally delicious!

We also had a Q&A with Lauren and the dynamic pair also went there to give her support. #StillWaitingForSam&CaitQ&A #WeDidn’tForget #IrishMemory #ElephantMemory

And Harry also made a presence since they asked Lauren what it was like to work with him. She promptly replied:

But she also talked about a certain video…

Thanks, Laren, we loved the video!


Harry was nowhere to be found, and that always generates speculation, theories, and of course, we love a theory.

Has he traveled again? This man doesn’t stop, does he?

#IsHarryOnFire #MightBeAlicia

And the two came online together at dawn. We’re waiting for the storyteller to tell us where he’s going. If he will say anything because when he wants and needs to be discreet, he is TOP SECRET level!


Status: Waiting to see what Harry and Dora are up to for the next few days.

Until next week!

Bye Bye!




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Author: Flávia Labruna and Catarina Balfe

Investigators: Lotti, Carolina Ramirez, Flávia Labruna, Catarina Balfe e Talita Brisola.

Images: Catarina Balfe

Arts & Memes: Bianca Portela e Catarina Balfe

Formatting (text): Thaís Belluzzo

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Translator: Bianca Portela

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