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We spent the day in our very clean and disinfected bathroom (sobbing) cortar sobbing thinking: Why not continue our Sam&Cait Ship journey we started a few weeks ago?

Nothing better than spending Valentine’s Day talking about our favorite couple, right??

In today’s adventure, we will go back to a very special year for our shipp.


What a good year that was!

It was responsible for many people jumping onto the ship and believing Sam and Cait were really a couple.

Many beautiful receipts and some of them we’ll show here.

2015 seems to have been remarkable and special to them as well. During our trip to the next destination, we talk a bit about this.

So let’s set sail on the SIShip and continue our adventure in this sea of hectic waters!

Destination number 3: Spain

Apparently, as soon as they left Islay, Sam and Caitriona went to Spain. We have some good reasons to believe that.

Cait began to give receipts days before, and for a woman who likes to keep her personal life private, she likes to let us know her location when she is not where she says she is.

NOTE TO SAILLERS: Sam and Cait love to give their locations when they are NOT on site. Pay attention, because this pattern will repeat!

On September 2, Cait posted a photo of a beautiful bridge. She loves to post pictures of landscapes, and as usual, she does not say the location.

SIS investigated and soon discovered that the bridge in question lies between Glasgow and Cumbernauld.

Nothing odd so far!

Between September 12th and 18th, she and Sam were in Pregue shooting season 2 of Outlander. Among the many BTS pictures taken with fans, Carrot Cake and Dora were also caught off the sets and took many – MANY photos with fans.

But one picture in particular caught our attention:

See that lady over there at the back? Looks so much like Cait, right? Even the same outfit.

WARNING TO THE SAILORS: We don’t know if Dora is antisocial, or sometimes gets tired of taking pictures, but she LOVES to play dumb and leaves Sam to take photos and handle the fans. As she puts it, most of times the fans doesn’t even recognize her, and we believe she takes advantage of that. Pay attentiton, this pattern is going to repeat itself MANY TIMES throughout the post!

She and Sam posted pictures of Prague before they went back to Scotland at the end of shooting:

So, on the 28th of September, she posted this gourgeous picture of a beach.

Where is this beach? We will never know with absolute certainty, after all, we were not there … But we have some ideas!

This time she did not give her location away just marked her friend, Domenica Dunlap.

Do you remember when they were in Islay between the 24th and 26th of September? Save these dates!

On this wonderful day, 28th, Hannah Simone, Caitriona’s longtime friend, decided to interact with her on twitter. And she also remembered Sam:

Sam being remembered by Cait’s friend. Save that info too.

But apparently, Caitriona was online too – possibly drunk – and decided to interact with him as well.

On September 30, Cait posted this photo:

“And that’s how summer endend … ..”

We find it enigmatic, but since Cait really likes to post landscapes, we’ll keep as is for now. Let’s continue sailing – but we will return soon, stay tuned!

Are you taking notes? They will be needed in a moment.

Until this moment, we had no idea where Cait could be, after all, beaches are all very similar around the world … But she decided to give a little help:

On October 1st she posted not only one, but TWO photos of the IVAM – Institut Valencià d’art Modern, where is it?
In Valencia, Spain.

At that time, some shippers from Spain stated that the beach looked a lot like their beaches…

Another curious fact:

A shipper received this from an anon on tumblr:

It’s an anon and we can not give a 100% certainty that it’s true, but keep saving these receipts.

The suspicions that the two were together in Spain starts here.

The Anon on tumblr is the number 1 clue

Want some more interesting stuff?

When Cait was in Spain, Harry and Dora went online AT THE SAME TIME fourteen – I repeat, fourteen times!

We then decided to look into Hannah, because, of course, we are naturally curious.

We noticed that she enjoyed ALL the photos of Cait in Spain. None of Prague, none of when she returned, only those of Spain.

Scrolling Hannah’s IG feed in 2015 we found this:

We found it interesting.

We sent it to our Department of Advanced Investigations.

Within a few minutes, we received the confirmation:

Hannah was also in Valencia at about the same time as Caitriona and Sam.

She enjoyed all her photos from that trip and in her tweets to Cait, she mentions Sam.
Hannah is lane number two.
We went to Sam’s IG to see the photos posted in that same time frame and found photos of Islay on September 25 and 26, and then nothing until October 9.

And we know that unlike Cait, Sam is quite active on IG. So staying 13 days without posting anything is something completely beyond his standards.

Sam stops posting photos on IG for 13 days is clue number 3.

In 2017 – yes you’re not in the wrong year, we are we fast forwarding time here a bit – Cait places her and Sam in IBIZA through a conversation on twitter.

#carparkibiza. Sam prepares the best meals.

Where is Ibiza?

Spain! Bingo! Very close to Valencia.

But SIS, couldn’t she be talking about another time they were together in Ibiza?

Yes, it could, and still would be strange, since Outlander was never recorded in Spain, we’ve never seen him in public appearances there, and Sam ends up confirming that she was probably talking about the 2015 trip.

A tufted bird … remember this photo?

What about the beach? We said we had some ideas …

It could be any beach in Ibiza. Like this one, for example, Benirràs Beach, one of the most beautiful and popular beaches there:

#carparkibiza is clue number 4

And close our investigation almost certain the they were together in Spain in 2015.


Before we set sail to our next destination, let’s contextualize when these trips took place.

When we started our post today, we said that 2015 was a very important year to shippers and we will explain why especially for those who don’t know this story so well.

After the trip to Spain in the period between November and December, possibly something happened that changed their relationship. It could have been a celebration, something to make the romance official or even a wedding.

Wedding, SIS? But how come Dora is engaged to Tobrian?

By reading these posts you can understand why many people do not believe in their engagement.

Let’s face it:

In November, one of Sam’s best friends, Luke, posted this photo in his IG:

Many fans began to wonder if this was a bachelor party and if it had to do with Sam:

Look what Luke answered to this:

When some people hinted Sam with random blondes, Luke replied

On December 2nd, Sam and Cait posted on IG a photo of the same place. It was reported that Sam had bought land in Glasgow and we all believed this was it.

Also in December, Sam posted this on twitter:

At the same day Sam posted this:

At the time, they asked Maril if it was about Outlander’s team celebration and she replied that it was about Sam and Cait.

Soon after these events, Cait began to use the famous “traveling ring”. The first time was in 2015 on a Christmas live. It seemed to be two rings. As Sam was still dressed in Jaime people thought she could be with his ring as well.

See the video here

After that, Cait always wears this ring, usually on the index finger and sometimes hanging on a necklace.

Some argues that she already wore this ring before, as in this older photo:

But as we can see, it is not the same ring.

We researched and found no record of her wearing this ring before 2015. If someone finds it, please send it to us.

And you, what do you think? Could there have been a Balfe/Heughan wedding in 2015?

Was the trip to Spain a kind of celebration?

Let’s go to our next destination …

Destination 4: Costa Rica

Our fourth destination has a complicated narrative and you will see the reason clearly.

As it has been said here, Sam and Cait experts in making us think they are in one place but in fact they are in another, and Costa Rica seems to be one of those cases, making it very difficult to solve.

Cait spend the New Year holiday with her friends, the gang she always spends the end of the year with. Donal, Karolina, Brian, James (keep those names in mind). Donal posted Christmas pictures of them in NY.


After Christmas, they headed to Costa Rica.

Sam spent Christmas in Thailand, later he said in an interview that the trip was a gift and that he loved training Muay Thay there.

From the time zone of his postings we believe that he really was in Thailand.

On December 30th, the gym posted this photo saying it was the last class of the year and Sam was in the photo:

Someone asked if the photo had been taken that day and the academy said yes. So, on December 30th, was Sam still in Thailand?

According to the gym, yes, he was.

But shippers believe that Sam went to Costa Rica for the New Years, and there are some clues to back this up:

His SM hours changed completely after December 30th (he was online at a very similar time to LA, which is only an hour away from Costa Rica).

Sam’s social networking hours are our number one clue.

He posted this photo on twitter wishing happy New Year hours after New Year in Thailand.

The time Sam posted the photo on twitter is our number two clue.

Karolina, Cait’s friend who was with her in Costa Rica, is the person behind Sam, as many believe.

Let’s look at our first analysis today:

When enlarging the photo, we were able to see a person in the back, heads down, which shippers say is Karolina. Observing the photo (after being cleared), it was possible to identify a particularity in this person.

First, let’s see this picture of Karolina. Notice the flaw on the top of her eyebrow:

Note that the eyebrow begins with a concavity (1), arches forming a convex side (2), and then ends rectilinearly (3).

We would really like to draw attention to the point (1), it is a unique difference of the left her eyebrow. Realize that on the opposite side this does not happen.

Now that we have made this uniqueness clear, let’s see the enlarged photo that Sam posted, highlighting the person in the background:

It’s the Same concavity. In which eyebrow? The left one.

Let’s look even closer:

Everyone has a particular eyebrow shape. Some are thinner, others are bulky, some are light and some are dark, some have flaws and others too much hair. Look at yours, compare it to your friends…

Why would a person with the same eyebrow traits as Karolina would be in Sam’s photo??

Finally, we would like to point out that the face comparison photo is from 2015, the same year the trip to Costa Rica took place, so even if she changed her eyebrow design, the photo proves how she was in that year.


Karolina is our number 3 clue.

In the photo, we noticed those balloons behind Sam on the beach, which is a New Year custom in Costa Rica.

“Fireworks: At midnight, you can expect to see fireworks lighting up the sky in just about any Costa Rican city. The best place to see them is at the beach – but to avoid the crowds, try climbing the hills or going to a less crowded beach like Playa Flamingo.

Wish Lanterns: The Wish Lanterns are another popular tradition. People light up these beautiful fireballs that fly on paper and release them while they make a wish near or at midnight. ”

Source: http://www.bluewaterpropertiesofcostarica.com/celebrate-new-years-eve-tamarindo-fiestas-fireworks-grapes/

The balloons are our number 4 clue.

This beautiful photo on a boat was posted by friends.

Donal, Karolina and Alex posted this photo on IG. Donal only tagged Karolina, Karolina did not tag anyone, but Alex tagged everyone. Yes, that confusion right there, and by the looks of it, the intention was: To confuse everyone.

But shippers always believed that Cait was the one standing on the boat next to Sam.

By Alex’s tagging would be Karolina on Donal’s side.

We can see that you can’t totally trust the tagging. Each one tagged in a different way and in the end we can’t be sure of anything. With this, we will ask our specialist for help, once again.

First, let’s understand that the photo was taken with the boat in motion, so only the people at the end of the boat, will be lateralized.

The focus of this analysis is the man sitting at the right end of the boat. It appears to have a broad back and bulky muscles (upper trapezius (back), triceps brachii, and deltoid (arm). On the back, on the right side, there is an elevation thought to be a muscle, however, this could be part lifejacket (repair the tip under the arm) or a towel.

The trunk is centralized and the arms are supported backwards, however, what draws attention is the direction of the head, which has a slight slope to the left side, so it is possible to observe a small relief that at first appeared to be an ear, located on the right side. However, if this shading is of one ear, considering that the head is tilted to the left, it should be situated more superiorly, and not at the bottom, as it is in the picture. Could this be, in fact, a man’s hair tied in a low pony tail?

The Boat’s photo is our clue number 5

Sam posted this video on January 1st, 2016 and everyone thought it was Thailand. But our investigative department researched everywhere and found evidence that this place from which Sam made the video may have been, yes, Costa Rica:

Sam’s video on the beach is our number 6 clue

In early January, Sam and Cait failed to make it to the People’s Choice Award (PCA) in which Outlander was competing and won the award in their category. They apologized.

Cait said she was unable to get there on time due to work (which we do not know yet) and Sam said he had problems with flight.

It turns out, shippers checked it and the only flights to LA canceled that day were the ones that left for … Costa Rica!

The delay for the PCA is our number 7 clue

Lots of clues, isn’t it? Is it possible for all of this be coincidences?

As we have said before, these two are masters in confusing us, especially with their postings on SM, and it looks like they have their accomplices too.

On January 2nd, Nell Hudson (the actress who plays Laoghaire) answered this question on Twitter:

We find it a bit strange, because Nell does not usually interact much on twitter to talk about her co-worker’s life, but okay!

And then, on January 5th, Sam posted this photo on Facebook.

A picture of him at the gym…Do you remember the pattern?

Is very easy to be in one place and show to be in another on SM. That’s why we always keep an eye on it.

Let’s think a little.

This photo was posted on January 5th. According to the photo, Sam was still in Thailand training Muay Tay.

On the 7th he was already in LA doing interviews with Cait, and on the 8th he was at the damned IFH (“Interview From Hell”, in which they denied being together).

A flight from Thailand to LA takes 15h48m with the time zone difference of 14 hours.

A flight from Costa Rica to LA lasts 5h39m, with only 1 hour of time zone.

Wouldn’t it be far more logical that Sam had gone from Thailand to Costa Rica to spend New Year with Cait and from there to LA, causing them both to miss the flight?

In fact, it is believed that this would be one of the reasons for the IFH. They were late for a major Outlander event and it was evidenced that they were together and STARZ and their newest member, Lionsgate owner, did not like the story. They called a meeting with producers and actors at the hotel where they arrived to give interviews (according to reports from fans who were on the scene) and this meeting culminated in their interview denying their relationship.

Do you believe that this is what happened?

We’ll let you think about all that information and we’ll go for our next destination…





Author: Flávia Labruna

Proof reader: Thaís Belluzzo e Lotti

Translater: Bianca Portela

Analyze: Lotti

Compiler: Flávia Labruna, Q. Victoria e Laís Monteiro


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