Hello SISters and Bros, we’re back with one more:

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There’s something wrong in HarryDora’s land. We are all suffering with this absence of posts, comments, flirting, random likes and receipts. #VacationHarry #DoryDora #WeWantReceipts

They’re playing hide and seek with us!

Not one slip, nothing…not even a tiny little receipt!

#IfItsSliperyWhenWet #ThenLetItRain

And here we were, in our daily and endless discussions in #SISRoom, almost creating a poll to make a wee extra money betting who would be the first to slip, Harry or Dora, when suddenly the Intern (yes, it’s always her, who else?) decided to ask: what’s up with the names Harry & Dora?

For her luck, or bad luck, Miranda was present.

What do you mean intern, in what world do you live?

How do you expect to get a promotion this way?

Miranda, who doesn’t usually waiver, shuddered.

Maybe this time the intern will learn a lesson or two. To be fair, there are other people wondering why these nicknames.

Since HarryDora collaborated with us this week, we have a little time to tell this story.

Whole Wheat Carrot Cake, always so gentle to the fans, decided one day to stop and take a selfie with a fan at LAX.

Today’s fans don’t ask for an autograph and we don’t think diaries where you write about your deepest thoughts and where you keep your idols signature exist anymore. Fans have smartphones now.


Today’s fans asks for selfie, opens up a smile, thanks the idol and before getting around the corner, posts on SM (unless you get donuts, which seems to give amnesia).

And that’s how this photo came about:

SIS, who loses the friend but never the joke, said:

Guys, is this Sam?

Look just like Harry Potter!

That’s right, so Sam Heughan, a.k.a Carrot cake, was affectionately called Harry from that day on.

Now about Dora, well, I don’t think it needs much explanation, does it? As soon as she appeared with this haircut, we already thought she was exactly like Dora, the Explorer!

And as fast as lightning there was a meme from one of our followers:

So, intern, did you understand it all?

Yes, boss, can I get a promotion now?

Thank you.

You’re welcome!

Well guys, story told, hope everyone understood, as also the intern on call.

Harry continues to dictate not only ours but other websites and we thank him for that. Can you imagine spending Doughtlander in this doldrums and with these two playing hide and seek?

What will become of this fandom?

This article came out today.

Even if she doesn’t want to, or tries to say that she doesn’t want to, she still wants to. Obviously #Together.

And there’s Dora, next to Harry! Always! #HarryDora #DoraHarry

It hurts less if you accept it!

Don’t worry, be happy!

Harry’s doing a 2019 MPC countdown!

And if all his rushing around was not enough, he still has time to make stories thanking his friends for their treats.

Boss, I just need to say something, please?

As she didn’t respond and that gives margin…

I just wanted to say that a million thoughts, all impure thoughts, passed through my mind during Harry’s exhibition… so much sensuality!


My God, intern. Keep it down!

All you need is a cold shower. #AllWeNeedIsLove

Yes, it’s a very cool LA.

We have a rainy Sunday here and a terrifying silence. There was no episode today. There was no caption, no staying up all night.


And what is Harry and Dora doing?

Having lunch with friends? Going to the beach? Hanging out?

God, we would give everything to know.

Don’t you die of curiosity? In our minds they are out there simply being happy!

And that was our Sunday, living in the world of imagination.


Today is 2019 MPC opening!

Good luck and success to all you old and new peakers!

And looks like Harry is trying to get a tan… #ComeToBrazilHon #We’llTeachYou


How are you getting any tan Harry, if it’s raining and cold in LA?

And the strangest thing was that Marina (Jasper) also posted a photo of the beach, more precisely Malibu, where, apparently, was the same place that Harry was.

Marina’s boyfriend also decided to collaborate and posted a series of stories giving us some insight into the house.

Maybe Harry rented a house for the weekend, or is spending time there. As we all know, Marina has always been close to Harry and Dora.

We took a closer look at the whole picture and it does make a lot of sense.

Unlike Harry, Marina, provided us with the location.

Thank you.

First thing we noticed: right next door, it’s a real estate agent.

The Malibu Village where he posted that photo of a robot, which is in fact a police officer, and where he apparently ate a sandwich, the Malibu Burger.

And you must remember that Harry posted this stories:

“Time to see the doctor…”

In fact, this is not an injection. It is a shot to boost immunity and it’s also to help you if you have a cold. It is from a company that produces organic products, Kreation Organic.

Coincidentally, there is one right there on the way to the Harry’s “hiding place”!

Organic and vegan stuff, my amigo’s influence… certainly.

Anyway, we connected the dots, not without first thanking Google and all its technology, although he didn’t allow us to walk along the beach and have a frontal view of the place. #SISad #DoesGoogleWorkForStarz?

From Marina’s pic angle with the Boyfriend’s help, we think this is the house, the last one on the sand strip.

And we suspect that Harry’s life in Los Angeles is really focused on Santa Monica.

We are enjoying the beauty of the place, or better, beauty of the person!

But SIS, where is Dora?

Maybe in a beach house in Malibu?

Maybe in London recording what’s left of Dark Crystal…

No records of Dora anywhere.

But SIS is persistent and never gives up. Dora will slip, and when she does, we will get it. #SliperyDora #DoraNinja

Harry is really proud of his new movie, SAS: Red Notice. There were several stories about the movie and he definitely “kilt it”! #CrazyToSeeIt

Cait remains missing. Yesterday she followed a page from London in the middle of the afternoon.

This morning, she liked a page in Los Angeles… and she keeps us busy.

Every hour she points in one direction. We’re more lost than Tony at the Red Carpet.

SISters and BROs, I’m here thinking that our weekly column about Harry & Dora will soon become the #Harry column.

We even thought of some names,




and our favourite (this spelling is just for you):


Trainee, FOCUS!

But she has a point you know, when was the last time we saw Dora on twitter?

Well, it was February 2nd.

Yes! FEBRUARY SECOND! For us who are addicted this is a long time!

We think her RT button should be missing. #WhereIsDoraExploring

Lately she goes on Instagram so quickly that the phone doesn’t even have the time to warm up in her hand.

And perhaps, in order not to fall into oblivion, she decided to fancy us with her presence and finally we knew that she is alive and well. #InGoodWarmHands

Maybe even her PR wanted a bit more.

A masterpiece. An exhibition that is all around the world.

NY, LA, Paris, London, Montreal…

She really doesn’t want us to know where she is!


Still…you don’t have to vanish like that…you can post a selfie alone, with Eddie, with mom, with the mother-in-law…#NotWithHolograms

Harry continues to enjoy life and take advantage of the fact that he is still in Los Angeles with Uncle Mctavish.

Look at this face. Doesn’t he look tired? Maybe it’s too much for him. He’s not 20 anymore!


It would be better to end all activities and take a most deserved vacation, preferably with a certain my amigo.

Maybe he’s already doing this, since we don’t know Dora’s whereabouts.

We found out that Harry was actually in Los Angeles, more precisely in Santa Monica!

At least he’s giving the location. Which is always strange and makes us wonder… A LOT.

When he wants, he is very discreet but for some reason he seems to have no problem showing that he is in LA right now.

Maybe because my amigo made a point of showing that she was on another continent.


Today, at dawn, our favorite Stories Teller posts this:

OH? Is that so, Harry? Good advice?

It should work well for him.

They do it in fiction and repeats it later at home… who needs porn? #WeDo

Ok, intern, enough of you for today! Let’s end here!

You’re the boss!!!

See you next week, guys!

Tchau, tchau!





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