Hello SISters!

Let’s go for our second round of Happy Hour!

OPS! Round 2…Happy hour? Waiter, TWO CAIPIRINHAS, please!

Our birthday boy deserves a toast, because he is, in fact, a Super Man!

His name? Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill.

This cutie pie was born in Jersey Island in England but has Irish and Scottish ancestry. What? SIS wants to know why is there so many good looking men in UK?

Son of Marianne Dalgliesh, bank’s clerk, and Colin Richard Cavill, stock broker, Henry was born on May 5th, 1983. This 35 year old Taurus man is 1.85 in height, has 4 brothers (all men? and single, hon?) and lives today in Kensington, London.

Henry went to Stowe School, where he met Russell Crowe, who was filming Proof of Life (2000) who, 13 years later, played his father in the film Man of Steel (2013).

He suffered bullying at school and was called “Fat Cavill” by his classmates. I guess they are all wondering who’s the fat kid now, right? #NoToBullying

Henry practices Brazilian jiu-jitsu with the great Roger Gracie and, together, they have a martial arts academy in London. #PartiuLondon

So, besides having great looking men, they also work-out and have their own gym?

Henry Cutie Pie Cavill is UNLEASHED. Wait! Not the right word. SINGLE! He’s single.

Do you think he has a slow romantic life? You know nothing. His resume is anything but slow…

  • He got engaged to Ellen Whitaker, amazon rider, but they broke up in 2012.

  • He was in a romance for 2 years to MMA fighter, Gina Carano.

  • He had a romance with Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory.

  • Last relationship was with Lucy Cork, an ultra strong stunt double.

Did he call SIS? A Hangout call? A DM on TT? A smoke signal? #nothing

But he already had a stiff one once during a hot scene in The Tudors and apologized to the actress for his unintentional action. Where’s the patch, dear? By the way, he is not the man of steel.

The guy has his charm because Amy Adams confessed that she could not face Henry for long because she was nervous and began to smile after a certain time looking into his eyes. Smile, right? Yeah, I know.

Besides enchanting the women, Henry also charmed a certain writer. Stephanie Meyer, the author of the Twilight Saga, declared that Henry was the Edward of her dreams, as he had the same stunning beauty of the character of the books (have you ever thought that?!).

Henry lost some other roles:

Superman: Henry was trying to play the role of Superman for the movie Superman Returns (2006), which was a box office failure, but production preferred Brandon Routh to the role. Apparently, they never forgot Henry and called him Man of Steel (2013).

Batman: Henry auditioned for the role of Batman in the movie Batman Begins, but lost to Christian Bale.

007 – James Bond: In 2005, he competed for the role of James Bond. The producers and director had to choose between Cavill, Daniel Craig and Sam Worthington. Apparently, the director favored Henry Cavill with a newer version of James Bond. However, producers believed that Cavill was too young for the role, which later passed to Daniel Craig.


Henry is such a fan of games that he almost lost the role of Superman because he was playing Warcraft and did not answer (director) Zack Snyder’s call. Henry’s luck was that Zack called again to offer the role.

A minute of gratitude for Zack’s persistence !!!

He is very fan of superhero t-shirts and has several photos with that geek look.







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