Hello SISters!

How are you SISTERS, today is Friday!!!

Today our Open Bar will follow a lighter line, after all the cold has arrived in Brazil and the gas ended in the whole country, so you can not get out so much during the weekend, right?

We prepared a special Happy Hour to those people who, like us, will have to stay at home.

Let’s start it? Get your blankets, settle into your beds or sofas, pick a channel on the tv and let’s go…

  • Twinings

Twinings is known worldwide for its teas produced based on Camellia, a species of shrub that produces small and white flowers and can become a tree up to 20 meters high.

Created in 1706 by Thomas Twining, the brand began as a very renowned Coffee House frequented only by high society, as the habit of consuming teas was extremely expensive at the time (and frequenting coffee houses was prohibited for women, which made the public much more limited).

After more than a century of extreme success, Queen Victoria, in the year 1837, granted Twinings a Royal Consent to supply and officially create teas for the Royal Family. This authorization is in force until today.

Currently the brand is present in more than 115 countries and leads the category of premium teas in the world.

Twinings also has a beautiful project aimed at improving the quality of life and human dignity of the communities that supply their products.

The name of the project is Sourced With Care and aims to improve the lives of 500.000 people in the communities that are part of the brand’s production chain by the year 2020.

We know that a lot of people do not like teas in sachets, and sadly, to some countries, Twinings only goes in that format. But I recommend that you give this sachet a try because, despite being “an abomination” (Frank Randall‘s words from season 3 of Outlander), they are very tasty and have brand-worthy features that are worth the experience.

As we mentioned in the SIS Angel, Helena Bonham Carter helps several institutions and one of them is The Head & Neck Cancer Foundation, which is an independent institution founded by doctors for the support and research of head and neck cancers.

The institution organized a charity auction in which one of the top prizes was a Fairytale Tea Party with Helena and Lily James (Cinderella).

  • Evian

Evian is a French brand and represents a premium category of water around the planet

It originates from rainwater and snow falling on top of the French Alps, more specifically in the Chablais Mountains.

With a natural filtration process that passes through layers of glacial sand and delay approximately 15 years, Evian is recognized for not having any kind of chemical procedure and for acquiring a suitable mineral composition and neutral balanced pH, which gives it a certain “lightness”.

A lot of people believe that water has no taste. I have to disagree, because I feel a lot of difference between the different brands of the market and I will explain the reason:

This difference of flavors derives from the fact that each brand has its own source and the climate, the surrounding environment and several other factors can, in fact, change the taste of the waters.

At Evian I clearly feel the “taste of snow” and although I am very surprised by this flavor at first, quickly the taste buds get used to it and the fact that there is no chemistry during its filtration process and not being a water full of sodium also conquered me 100%.

  • Moët & Chandon

Maison Moët & Chandon is a producer of champagne sparkling wines and it is produced in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France.

The Champagne-producing region was delimited in 1927 and allows only the sparkling wines produced within that region to carry the name “Champagne” on the packaging. If the drink is produced in another region, it should be called “Sparkling”.





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