Hello SISters and Bros, we’re back with one more:

We went from Paddington Station to Terminal Five at London Airport and much more, you can review it here!

Apparently, after a long time, Harry went to the gym. At least, this time it was his stories, not him through other’s stories.

It seems he hasn’t been practicing that much as he ended up with a bubble in his hands. Not the bubble we have been praying for.

Disgusting boss, a hand like that is too ugly, he should wear a protective glove!

Imagine this hand sliding down Dora’s body. #UseProtectionHarry

Do they think only the “playground” deserves protection and hygiene?

And it seems that today Harry has been exploring the land with his new Hobby. The man worked so hard and traveled so much that it’s possible he we hadn’t even played with his new Christmas gift.

He made a Stories during his tour.

Harry took the road, left Glasgow, and headed for Drymen. He stopped at this hotel, more precisely in the hotel bar.

I don’t want to say anything, but there’s a whisky club there! #GimmeGimme

What a beautiful place!

This region is surrounded by mountains and trails, and we think that Harry must have tested his new toy. After all, he hasn’t had time until now.

Did you notice his helmet?

Usually this type of helmet is used for Cross bikes, or also used for tracks. #StrangerThings

Did #BikerHarry get another bike?

I don’t doubt it boss after all there are bikes for each type of adventure. #HarryTheExplorer

After the motorcycle ride, he strolled on Ashton Lane in the streets of Glasgow with Mike (one of Outlander’s cameramen), Candice (Mike’s wife) and Marina.

He was seen having coffee at The Gardener and took a photo with a fan.

A super friendly place and, it seems to us, Dora is also a regular. At least her presence has been noted there.

Maybe he asked for a to go bag, something gluten free?

Something boring! This gluten-free business is tedious. Except who has intolerance, which I don’t know if it’s Dora’s case…

He even raised a toast, we imagine he’s celebrating his return to the city, to work!

Harry was homesick, sure enough!

Harry’s World seem to be as it should be! #ThankYouLord

Sunday was a dead day but one thing caught our attention.

After a long, dark winter, Alex, Harry’s right-hand man on MPC and GGC decided to follow Dora.

Did the degree of intimacy increase after a certain Vegas tour?

You think?

Hey intern, since we’re here waiting for something to happen, how about a little #TBT?

Good idea, boss! I always enjoy these #TBT, because I wasn’t in the fandom back in the day.

In 2016, Harry and Dora were on tour for the second season.

Ah S2, how I miss you. Just a couple days ago I was in the supermarket and saw a honey pot on sale, guess what I remembered boss?

Intern, FOCUS!

So, Harry and Dora were going from one place to another and only on this day, they went to 4 events. And before arriving at Saks, people say they changed clothes inside the same car.

And then there’s this really happy photo of Harry.

Was it the change of clothes in the car that caused this reaction on Harry?

Oh, my God, boss! I didn’t know this! You need to tell me more things.

Intern, all details will be on our timeline.

SISbrazil presents:

“Harry’s World”

What it is like to be Sam Heughan for day… I swear to you that we are exhausted.

It starts with a willingness to go for a run before even waking up.

Yes, because I need more than an hour to wake up but Harry is not normal, we are!

Runned, bathed and dressed appropriately, Harry drinks his coffee, normal espresso, neither hot nor cold, just normal!

Something normal about this man, hallelujah!

After breakfast, time to go to work, the driver is already waiting for him with the car heated and properly stocked with his favorite gum, Orbit.

He must smell nice and sweet!

I wonder about this chewing gum, it must take you to the moon and back with a quick stop to say good night to the cow in the moon! #OfCourse

Does Harry have a bad breath, boss? It’s a lot of chewing gum, I’m shocked!

Arriving at work Harry is friendly with everyone on the team, especially with his friend and mamacita’s foster mom, Wendy.

We love the tenderness of the photo, but let’s be honest, they must be rrrrreallllly close friends for Harry to give Dora’s Mamacita to her. #ThankUNext

And the king of man kills spiders but saves the frog! #CanIKissHim #WhoKnows

Harry, my hero!

And we were worried about that dish he called lunch. Well, after the tuna, he mentioned the intention of becoming vegan, not that his wifey had anything to do with it, it was by free and spontaneous pressure.

How can a man that size eat just that?

And let’s not mention the corn, we grew an intolerance to this food.

After work, time to go home, home sweet home!

Harry got home, took a shower, put himself at ease and prepared that drink, a cowboy as we used to call it. #GreatIdea #HadOneToo #InsideMyBathroom

And we freaked out when we saw that pink script on the table and thought it was Dora’s, but unfortunately it was not… we were expecting a receipt on the first day of work. We are still waiting.

But boss, I found it so cute he put the word HOME on the pink one … and the period?

True, you never know what he really means, even though we know Harry loves to play with words.

And with us too!

But you did something odd, Harry. You posted everything. A pic with the driver, the makeup artist, a forest, frog hunting (or saving), a fire and no wifey?

But since we didn’t get the much-asked selfie, maybe he has figured out a way to put the wifey in his “World”, he always gets a way to include her.

Meanwhile, Dora’s completely oblivious to Harry’s World. #NotReally #IDoubtIt

She was silent and in silence she stayed.

But we have a theory that Dora wasn’t on set today. At least not in this external shootings.

By deduction and because we love to theorize, we imagined that he was shooting just where they left off on S04, he had to go looking for Murtagh and Bree had just given birth, Claire would not accompany him on this journey.

Looks like we were right because at night these pics of Harry shooting popped up, and no Dora.

So we figured Harry posted “Harry’s World” not for mine, yours, or our happiness, he posted all about his day to the queen of everything, who was probably at…


And after this exhausting day, Harry still has energy to…

Intern, shut it!

Seems like Dora went to work today.

You noticed something, right?

Today we had no glimpse of Harry’s stories, today we didn’t get to see “Harry’s World” simply because Harry’s world was there, alongside him, as always. Those who don’t understand this, don’t really want to!

Never-leave-one-another’s-side couple, right?

Orbit Couple, they take us to another orbit and we love all of this!

Looks like work ended up faster today and Harry went to the gym:

And “Harry’s World” doesn’t end there, it seems that after training he decided to go shopping, or grab a bite, somewhere.

Or maybe he went to the bank, since these fans found him almost in front of a bank branch.

Did you notice his helmet?

Seems quite different from the other one. A helmet most used for cities.

All we have to do is wait and see how many little toys Harry has been getting.

Or maybe he just decided to start a helmet collection! #ICollectReceipts

And Harry really must love Pret a Manger, he’s been around there a few times.

Source: https://twitter.com/HannahJoyfull/status/1115709099180687360?s=08

Boss, I’m really intrigued here… Harry’s been showing himself quite a lot, huh?

Yes, intern, and this is not the pattern. We do know that when he doesn’t, there’s no one in this whole wild world who finds him.

Dora leaves me wondering… what kind of costume is she wearing that no one recognizes her or asks for selfies?

Dunno, but she said herself that is not everyone who recognizes her on the street.

And today “Harry’s World” seems to have infected the wifey.

She, herself, the discrete, decided to open her “intimacy” and made a post on IG with all her brothers and sisters.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwF3sauli17/

I’m finding this much odd, actually!

What these two are up to now to show themselves like this?

I’d also like to know, intern, rumour has it they’re looking forward to being accidently revealed.

That I don’t believe, for this to happen there are no mysteries, just call a paparazzi and kiss, everything solved.

Dora even followed her brother:

After that, someone on twitter popped up to say Harry&Dora were at a bar in Glasgow. No pics but it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!

Source: https://twitter.com/brioneh/status/1115998806158524416
Source: https://twitter.com/brioneh/status/1116005751183552512

I believe and understand, people get intimidated and don’t always take a shot, I don’t know if I would photograph them without their authorization. #WeAllHaveLimits

Yes, intern, even because they show themselves to us, whether in a glass of whisky, a piece of aluminum foil or some car mirror. Just open your eyes and see.

And now for the grand finale, Marina, our dear Blossom, dropped another receipt for our collection.

Hang on! Did I hear receipt? I LOVE receipts!

She tweeted this:

We love a couple who is addicted to TV shows and even influence their friend! #WhoDoesn’t

And so, we end the week knowing a little more of not only “Harry’s World” but a little more about “Dora, the Explorer”.

Until next time and we’ll see what this new week has in store for us!






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