Hello, my dears!

Guess what day is today?

Yes! IT’S OUR DAY!!!!! (well, unfortunately not for you, man, not this one and not today. Sorry.)

I believe today should be a worldwide holiday and a day off – I think it’s fair! After all, there would be no world without us, right? Do you ever stop to think about that? (a very large ego talking here).

Today is a day for celebration, with chocolates, if you are a chocolate kinda girl or flowers, if that’s what makes you happy. A day to receive “congratulations” messages all day long. Photos of loved ones with you, messages and texts saying how strong we are and how we deserve this and so much more!

Today you should read Jane Austen, if you are romantic type, or watch Jessica Jones, if you are more of a nerdy kind (S2 is premiering today on Netflix), or you can watch this other wonderful show with a wonderful lead lady whose known for this wonderful phrase: I’m not the meek and obedient type.


It’s a day to sing Beyoncé in the shower – or at a karaoke, or where ever you prefer – a day to feel “Flawless”, to recite Simone de Beauvoir (because she’s a diva), to look in the mirror and say “My God, I am FABULOUS!”. And to drink caipirinha, because you can!!! And you SHOULD!

Let’s all celebrate this day! But … celebrate what, exactly?

Today’s Topic: Have you thanked for your burned bras yet?

A lot of people know this day – March 8th – but they don’t know why or for what this day actually stands for. There are so many movements involved with this day that if we were to talk about each one, this would not be a text but an encyclopedia. History is life and a society without historical knowledge is a society without memory and a society without memory is an alienated society.

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Thank God we are a group of people who are passionate about a TV series in which shows the challenges of being a woman in the eighteenth century.

This knowledge makes it easy for us to understand what it was like to be a woman in that time: A Nobody. Yes, nobody!

Two, nearly three centuries before, we had the worst feminicide – death of women by reason of their sex – already recorded, ONLY TO PURIFY THE SOCIETY OF EVIL.

I am referring to the judgment of women for acts of witchcraft. But what does that mean? Well … just to illustrate some of the heinous acts they have committed:

If you had a bit of knowledge for any subject, you could be considered a witch. If you spend too much time with animals, could be considered a witch, if you had too much friends, witch. Birth mark? Witch! At the end of the day, anything would be a good reason for the death penalty for women. As the years went by, most trials were diseased but the feminine inferiority never changed.

A woman had no voice, no opinions and no wishes. She was raised to procreate. To sum up, we – women – were brought up to dream about anything that wouldn’t go beyond the limits of our household.

Our only duty was our home, our family. We were a wife and a mother. Our life begun the day we got married and we would only be full with  motherhood. Our happiness depended on our husband.

If we dared to dream with anything more than to be a mother and a housewife, we were rebels.

If we did not want to be with the man that was chosen for us, or if we actually kissed more than one man – whore. If we were alone – or not, or just minding our own business, or busy with our duties and happened to be raped, OUR reputation would be ruined for life.

So, your bubble starts to burst. What if I want to be a writer? What about a teacher? Maybe a musician, or fight in some war? What if I wanted to be president? Too much? WHAT IF I WANTED TO VOTE?

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For the love of God! That’s outrageous! You want to understand about laws, politics and government? First of all, your place is at home! If you are taking care of your kids and your house, minding your own business, you will feel much better than discussing subjects as civil rights. Second of all, where are you getting theses ideias from? My GOD, YOU ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING A WOMAN EVER WANTED IN LIFE! You don’t need to work and you have a man that provides for you and your family. Third of all, who do you think you are to disturb peace and order? All you have to do is to be quite and know your place in the world, woman. Yes Sir.

But what if I could be a perfect housewife, great mom and still be able to vote, to know the laws and the civil rights?

Have you heard of the Suffragette? It was a movement that started from the inquietude of a writer named Mary Wollstonecraft.

She wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Woman – 1792. This book was the spark in which it’s fuse was over a century after (most precisely at 1897) when british woman started a pacific protest with one and only goal: the suffrage – election by voting – which we know today as democracy.

We have a problem here: If women don’t have the right to an opinion, why should they have the right to vote?


There is a movie about this – The Suffragette (2015), highly recommend – you can watch how the whole movement unrolled.

Even though it didn’t show any support for the indians – bad flaw – and it didn’t even quote princess Sophia Duleep Singh, daughter of a rich indian, who chose to be an activist and fight for a great cause.

This movie gives you a sense of the struggle these women went through, only to have what should be common to all. ALL, no exceptions. The consequences of this has been perpetuated for years and in several countries – every nation has its laws, does it not?! But still, it was a good glimpse of what was to come.


With these revolutions – mainly the industrial ones – women started to work outside home. But, what should be a conquer, became a martyrdom.

To be simple, the industrial’s men thought that: hiring women would be cheaper, they didn’t care about the salary – which was mediocre – neither would complain of the work’s conditions – the worst – nor the workload – more than 15 hours a day.

Until march 25th, 1911. When 130 female workers of a New York’s textile factory died in a fire. That started a series of protests about de rights and responsibilities related with the work conditions which women were submitted.

During each achievement, even if in slow paces, this day, today,  we celebrate because of the courage of 80 thousand women who, in the mists of a world war, marched in Russia asking for nothing beyond their civil rights.


If we were to talk about women’s struggle, for anything, would take an eternity just to show how strong we had to be and still have, only to achieve what every men is born with, the right to choose. We still have standards of beauty and behaviour, only to be accepted into society.


When someone tells you that feminism, civil rights and women movements are “mimimi”, know that this person has no idea what the burning of bras in 1968 meant.

They don’t know who Margaret Hamilton is or that her work and mathematics made history with Apollo 11.

Don’t know who Pagu, Tarsila do Amaral, Anita Malfatti and their contribution to art. Don’t have a clue about how important Clarice Lispector, Cecília Meirelles, Jane Austen or even Anne Frank were and still are.

This person doesn’t understand a word in Simone de Beauvoir’s book and will never know what is like to be the under dog.

Minority has nothing to do with a small number of people, has to do with a group of people who need to try two, three, five, a hundred times the same thing to have what for some, was always there to begin with.

So, today, if you are a man, know that the closest woman to you had to study twice as hard and even then, society still told her that she was not good enough and that’s why she will earn less money than you, a man.

Understand that this same society tells this woman that she’s not even the boss of her own body and that she doesn’t have the right to choose, and if she does choose, she needs to face the horrible consequences.

So I advice you to hug, kiss and celebrate with your woman today. Celebrate the pain, the gain, the problems and the joy. Take pride in those women as they are brave warriors and that’s the best definition they can get.


And to you, woman, never forget that no matter how hard you have to fight, how difficult each day can be and how deep you have to find courage to keep going, be proud of yourself.

Remember how hard our sisters had to fight, know your place in the world and how you can make a difference in it.

Ready to celebrate? Where’s the bar???











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