To describe 2018 as being a particularly tumultuous year would be an understatement. The new year has brought about dramatic changes, personally and stylistically…….with those choices still causing aftershocks. It can be described as the year of living dangerously.

To coin a turn of phrase I would describe it as Caitriona’s Chutzpah. The Yiddish meaning which has many interpretations. Chutzpah is the quality of audacity, for good or bad. The Yiddish word is derived from the Hebrew ‘hutspa” meaning “insolence “, “cheek” or “audacity”.

This is the Caitriona of 2018.

The new year ushered in dramatic changes in Caitriona’s style and look. At the end of 2017 we were introduced to her ‘bangs’, otherwise known as a fringe in the UK.

And then January and the GG’s saw the chop, otherwise known as a bop. It was so dramatic that you could be forgiven for believing the four horsemen of the apocalypse were signalling the end of days.

And as of October nothing has changed, still on going discussion, much of it critical. It’s interesting that we as women invest so much into the psychology behind a woman’s choice to cut her hair.

Caitriona has always been a risk taker. From leaving home at 18 to pursue work as a model in a new country, without knowing the language and not having job security. Well that’s Chutzpah. And then after a successful career , she decided again to pursue a dream, this time to work full time as an actress in her early 30’s.

A very ballsy decision.

To become a working actor at an age when most established actress are known to struggle to get work due to the ageism that is HW after a woman turns 30.

But she managed to do it with style and grace. Landing small roles which eventually led her to be cast as the lead in Outlander.

Once again she moved countries to start a new life and a new challenge, with all the same uncertainties. I wonder how many of us would move out of our comfort zone with only a few weeks to decide to uproot a comfortable life in LA?

Which brings me to 2018. A challenging year, with announcements which have left many fans questioning what has been presented to us as facts. With a new look, new style and a take no nonsense attitude, Caitriona has been criticised for just about every opinion and fashion choice relentlessly.

There have been attempts to silence her. Particularly concerning her political and social justice stances.

The most consistent one being she has no right to an opinion because she is ‘just an actor’ and not ‘American’. Vicious commentary left on her posts on both Instagram and Twitter. But not once has she removed negative, vicious and incendiary comments. She has exhibited the right of individuals to ‘free speech’. Even though those opposing her right to her own opinion, scream loudly to shut her down. Oh the irony.

The critique and derision which some fans (and I use that word advisedly) have shown her in both her style choices and political, social opinions has been shameful.

It takes me right back to the mean girls in high school. Petty and bitchy. The argument that they have a right to voice their dislike of a look because they are fans of hers is insulting.

Because none of them would dare to say it to her face. Plenty have had the opportunity at cons, but they did not have the balls to do so. But feel safe behind the anonymity of the internet to rip into her mercilessly.

But she has not wavered. She marches to her own personal drumbeat, and the critics be damned. Chutzpah!!

I am not placing Caitriona on a pedestal. She is human and very fallible. I personally believe that she has made a huge mistake this year. My birthday wish for her is that she will one day soon permit us her follow SISters to celebrate a life lived happily with her one true love and to be free to be her true self.

I finish with a Maya Angelou quote

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

Many fans have shared that this is how they felt after meeting Caitriona, and it is this I choose to believe.

Happy birthday, Caitriona






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