Do you believe in love at first sight? What about instance rapport, compatibility at first sight? That thing of looking at someone and thinking … “I like him”.

Now tell me, didn’t you think of Sam Heughan that way when Outlander premiered nearly five years ago?

The sense of familiarity and affinity watching him become Jamie Fraser? And then seeing him in interviews, thereby solidifying your initial assessment.

And hey, we’re not talking about just his physical beauty. Or the fact that he embodies the Viking/Scotsman (okay, maybe some of that too).

What most caught our attention was how much Sam became Jamie Fraser.

Can you imagine another actor playing James Fraser?

DG can’t imagine it either, of course. Sam is Jamie and Jamie is Sam. This kind of symbiosis is very rare and only a truly accomplished actor can pull this off.

And for those who know the performing arts can confirm that this quality comes from the theater experience, which was where it all started for Sam.

A special education

Sam was raised by his mother Chrissie, a plastic artist, through the Waldorf method (Rudolph Steiner).

This philosophy integrates in a holistic way, the physical, spiritual, intellectual and artistic development of children. Generally they become more sensitive people who gravitate towards artistic careers.

Sam was then given the opportunity to be in one of the most respected art schools in the UK, the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

This coincided shortly after his visit to the Lyceum Youth Theater, an Edinburgh theater company.

It is important to highlight this part of the story because our Harry really loves theater, so much so that he was recognized with a nomination in the Lawrence Olivier Award in the category of Most Promising Actor of the United Kingdom with Outlying Islands. And he was only in his first year at the Royal Conservatoire.

His future was bound to be successful! And speaking of his career we will divide it in three parts: theater, cinema and television.

To be or not to be, that’s the question…

As a classically trained actor, Sam performed in several plays by William Shakespeare.To date they are : Hamlet, in 2007; Romeo and Juliet, 2008 (no, he was not Romeo in this play); Macbeth, also in 2008; and King John (he was the lead in this production ) in 2012.

The theater formed the basis of Sam’s career, until Outlander came into his life. He also starred in the production of Knives in Hens in 2005; The Vortex, in 2007; The Pearlfisher, also in 2007; and Plague Over England in 2012.

Sam can be on stage in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Manchester or Paris. However, nothing quite as thrilling as conquering the theatrical world, touring with a troupe.

Sam experienced this when he was cast as Batman in Batman Live, which toured the world between 2011 and 2012, including Brazil.

All ten performances took place in São Paulo, at the Ibirapuera Gymnasium, between April 11th and 22, 2012.

As physically exhausting as it was, it was rewarding too. The precursor to Sam’s future roles in the booming comic/super hero genres.

Sam has stated he is a comic book fan and is on record saying how much he enjoyed playing Batman.

Je Suis Prest!

The first character Sam played on television was in the British miniseries Island of War in 2004. A drama about World War II, which still featured Downton Abbey’s Joanne Foggart in the cast.

It wasn’t long before he made his debut in a Scottish production, River City The series has been on the air for 17 years and is about day to day life in Glasgow. Sam was in a few episodes which aired in 2005.

2006 and 2007 where professionally successful years for Sam. The television credits include; The Wild West, produced by the BBC; Midsomer Murders, now at ITV; Party Animals, in which he starred opposite Matt Smith of The Crown and Doctor Who; and Rebus, a detective TV show set in Edinburgh.

If we could give Sam another middle name, it would certainly be “work”. He doesn’t stop!

His CV before securing Outlander show two more ensembles, the classic Doctors, on air nearly 20 years, in which he played Scott Neilson; and Any Human Heart, with Jim Broadbent, Sam Claflin.

Here are his early movie credits for TV. If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch they are listed below.

In A Very British Sex Scandal, a 2007 drama;

Breaking the Mold, in 2009, a movie about the discovery of penicillin;

First Light,2010. He had the lead role. This was a war drama.

Young Alexander the Great, when he played the legendary emperor in 2010;

The Prince and I (A Princess for Christmas), 2011, which you can find on Netflix.

To infinity and beyond!!

Sam’s transition to movies came about as a result of Outlander. By 2013, when the series began production, he had only performed in movies for TV and in a short film called Small Moments in 2001.

In Heart of Lightness, in 2014, Harry worked with two Outlander co-stars Rosie Day (Mary Hawkins) and Laura Donnelly (Jenny Murray). Sam and Laura have known each other since drama school.

In the drama Emulsion, also in 2014, he plays a man tormented by the disappearance of his wife. When the Starlight Ends is a very interesting indie film. Sam plays an eccentric writer.

The Hollywood boom came with the comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me, a comedy with Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon and Justin Theroux. One of the most commented films of last year’s American summer.

Since Outlander has been on hiatus, following S4, Sam has completed two movies. SAS: Red Notice, where he will be Tom Buckingham, the protagonist of this action movie, based on the series written by Andy McNab. The premiere is already confirmed for September this year.

The adaptation of the comic Bloodshot hits theaters in 2020 and our Carrot Cake has been transformed to play Corporal Harlan.

The next time someone claims that Sam Heughan’s success is because he is a handsome actor, tell them everything you read here. You don’t even need Harry’s glasses to see how amazing and dedicated he is to every job he does.




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