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Today I’m going to continue talking a little more about Paris!

SIS’ tip: Did you missed the first post with tips about local exchange, internet, key words, places to eat, transport, where to stay and shopping? Then click here.

Since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day here in Brazil, I’m going to show you the most romantic side of the city.

You all know that we from SIS are shippers.

Shipper: is a term that derives from the word “relationship” and indicates a person who cheers for a couple (real or fictitious) to be together.
More used in fandoms of books, series and movies, this term also applies to those who twist for couples in real life.

So, YES, we hope for Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe to be a real-life couple and not just Jamie Fraser and Claire Fraser of Outlander.

After all, we believe in love above all (always respecting the individual choices of each one, of course!)

If you are not a shipper and you think that’s silly, that’s okay! We believe that everyone can and should believe on what they want, as long as they never lose respect for anyone who thinks differently, okay?

Anyway, I, Alexandra, your SIS on the Road, will NOT enter the merit “they are together” or “they are not together“! I only got into the subject because many shippers believe that it was in Paris that SamCait started their history (as the girls explained on HiPS: Setting Sail).

So let’s talk about the city of love once again!?

Attention ladies and gentlemen. Commander Alexandra and her crew welcomes you aboard the Airbus 330-200. This is the SIS 291 flight bound for Paris.


Ice creams

Let’s be honest: do you want to win someone? Start with their stomach!

Basically every romantic date MUST have: chocolate, champagne, flowers and…ICE CREAM! That means, only tasty things (yes, only tasty, because even flower is eatable).

Amorino is an ice cream shop all over the city and sells super tasty ice creams and many flavors and types.

And as if the ice cream itself was not good enough, they also put Macarons, if you want to, and if you choose the ice cream in the cone, everything comes in the form of a flower!


Where to go

Remember that I split the post in two (Part 1 and Part 2), so if you think there is some tip missing, take it easy! Most likely it is in the previous post.


Tour Eiffel

Built in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel, for the Universal Exhibition, the Eiffel Tower became the most important symbol of Paris and is the most visited monument in the world with more than 7 million tourists per year.

With 300 meters of height and 1,665 steps, you can choose the elevator or stairs (I do not recommend even if you are an athlete like Sam and MPC members). If you choose the elevator, be very careful with pickpockets because they take advantage of the tight environment to steal people.

If you are afraid of heights, you can choose a place to seat on the Champ de Mars while you wait for the lights show, which happens hourly (after all, we’re in the city of lights, right?).

A day on the lawn of the Champ de Mars and its surroundings is very beautiful and romantic and the light show at night makes every second worthwhile.

If you do not have a special someone to share the moment, you can go with the family, with friends and even alone!

Paris is known for being a city of lovers, but it is much more than that! Paris is for everyone. Even for broken hearts to overcome the pain and rebound, believe me.


Arch of Triumph

Perhaps this is the monument that I love the most.

There are the names of battles defeated by the Napoleonic army and its generals on it’s base (some killed in battles).

Besides, there is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is a monument that keeps a flame always on and represents all the French people who died during World War I and who were never identified.

A photo with the one you love on the central bed of Avenue Champs Elysées and with the Arc de Triomphe in the background…oh, love!


Petit Palais and Grand Palais

The Petit Palais was built around a courtyard with beautiful gardens and has a wonderful architecture. It is known as the Museum of Fine Arts of the City of Paris.

A great French heritage, the Grand Palais is a very important monument to the city, with incredible architecture and Europe’s largest glass roof.


Pont Alexander III

This beautiful bridge connects the Champs-Elysees quarter to the Invalides quarter, passing over Seine River and is very famous for its beautiful statues.

This bridge is wonderful because it symbolizes the Art-Nouveau, and it is worth a walk it because it’s full of details throughout.

If you go there for a more romantic trip, I recommend a walk in the late afternoon as the sunset from there is beautiful! So much so that many couples take official photos there…

And at the end of the bridge in the Invalides neighborhood there is a connection to the “boardwalk” of the Seine, with some nice and cozy bars and restaurants to make a stop.



The National Palace Les Invalides has already served as a residence for French soldiers retired or removed from the service (who could study and do work in uniforms and shoes there).

The complex is home to the Army Museum, the Soldier’s Church and the Church of the Dome (Saint-Louis des Invalides Church), which has an extremely imposing golden dome and it’s the house of  Napoleon’s ashes.


Moulin Rouge

The world’s most famous cabaret is one of the greatest Parisian symbols and has a great connection with the local bohemian, especially after the musical “Moulin Rouge!

Located in the Pigalle region, this large cabaret has defined all the neighborhood’s style that means, several sex shops, porn movies theater, as well as other cabarets…not the kind of walk to do with children.

I was very poorly attended there, besides not having found the show so interesting. Between there and the Lido, I prefer the Lido, but I do not deny that the Moulin Rouge is, in fact, the most important cabaret in the city and it is worth a visit, even if it is only from the outside.


Notre Dame

Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Notre Dame is one of the oldest Gothic cathedrals in the world.

In addition to the incredible architecture, it was there that happened great historical events, such as the coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte and the beatification of Joan of Arc.

In addition, you have the opportunity to know more about the scenery of our beloved Hunchback of Notre Dame, the crypt with the ruins found in 1965 and to pass over the Marco Zero!

This point is the zero kilometer of all the roads that leave the city and serves as reference for the calculation of the distances between Paris and the other cities of France. People say that anyone who steps in the Zero Point always returns to Paris, so let’s step on it a lot…!


La Défense

La Défense is in the northern part of Paris and is where the most important business area is.

In this area is allowed the construction of buildings with different architecture from the central part of the city, allowing even skyscrapers.

For tourists, La Défense is a monument that bears the same name and is nothing more than a modern Arc de Triomphe. It’s beautiful!

It is next to La Défense that stands the Les Quatre Temps, the best mall in the city.


Place des Vosges

The oldest planned square in Paris, Place des Vosges has red brick buildings throughout its length with beautiful arches at its base.

In addition, I recommend you to stroll through the square itself, which has a delightful garden of statues, you can look at window displays, have a meal in the restaurants and cafes and even meet the Maison Victor Hugo, which is a museum dedicated to this famous writer, and the employees there are also dear ones.

For those who do not know, Victor Hugo wrote many wonderful works, among them “Les Miserables” that even had a beautiful theater adaptation.


Louvre Museum

Palace that once served as a residence for some French monarchs, the Louvre Palace ceased to be royal residence when they built the Palace of Versailles and currently receives approximately 8 million visitors a year.

There are several important works like, Monalisa (of Leonardo da Vinci) and Venus de Milo (of Ancient Greece).


Garden of Tuileries

Between the Louvre Museum and Place de la Concorde, this was the first garden in Paris with a public character and is a must see place for everyone who leaves the Louvre and heads to other parts of the city because their garden is incredible.

With several trees, sculptures and fountains scattered throughout, you can sit and enjoy a beautiful day.

Take the opportunity to see the Arc de Triomphe of the Carousel which links the Louvre to the gardens.

This is also a great romantic walk to do.


Place de la Concorde

Located between the Louvre Museum and the Champs-Elysées, this square has a bloody past from the French Revolution there was a guillotine in it where several people were executed, including King Louis XVI and the famous Marie Antoinette.

Today the square has a beautiful obelisk donated by the Viceroy of Egypt, coming from Luxor, and two wonderful Roman’s fountains structure as well.

I guarantee there is nothing bloody anymore and it is a beautiful romantic walk.

Again, if you do not have anyone a SO, no problem! It was there that Andy (Anne Hathaway in “The Devil Wears Prada) showed that a self-confident woman can also look amazing in that wonderful landscape!


Café Des Deux Moulins

Do you like the movie Amélie Poulain? Then know that Café Des Deux Moulins is the place in which the protagonist worked and was so loved by us.

I found the food extremely tasty and the waiter behind the counter was a sweetheart.

While I was taking pictures of the environment he was making jokes (and attending to several people at the same time) and at the time of the photo with me he incarnated the “Amélie Poulain spirit” and took a very characteristic photo.


Luxembourg Garden

Originally built in the Italian style to serve as a palace for Maria de Medicis, who was tired of the Louvre, after the French Revolution the palace became a prison and later German barracks during World War II.

Nowadays the place has incredible gardens, statues which tell a little of the local history, restaurant, courses, fountains and several metal chairs to sit throughout its length.

For children and adults with child spirit, it is possible to rent small sailing boats which are controlled by sticks as in the old days.

As I strolled around, I met some artists who made a different and yet familiar sound to us, Outlander fans.

With super different instruments, I had the honor of listening to Nour Darwish, an Iranian artist who was hanging out with his friends in Paris. One of his friends even played a little piece of “Skye Boat Song“.



The site, once a mere hunting lodge of King Louis XIII, was transformed by his son, Louis XIV, who thought that the place could become his residence after some renovation.

There, Louis XIV could stay away from the conflicts that took place in Paris, but not far away, besides having a place to function as the center of the Royal Court and seat of Government, enabling his idea to establish an Absolute Monarchy.

And, indeed, it was so certain that his successors, Louis XV and Louis XVI continued the activities there.

Surrounded by gardens that are worth a full morning’s walk, with fountain shows and royal soundtrack, you can not miss this man-made green area.

Outlander fans surely will remember King Louis XV portrayed during Season 2, with Jamie and Claire‘s frequent visits to the Palace of Versailles, the walks through the gardens (including the return of Black Jack Randall) and the price Claire had to pay to release Jaime from Bastille (the most important prison in the history of France).

Phew…I think I told you a little bit about the basics information, right?

I promise that in a future post about Paris I will talk about other tips! It’s never too much when it comes to that wonderful city.

Is anyone going there and wants to take me in the suitcase? I promise to be compact and a great company!





Author: Alexandra
Proof reader: Thaís
Translaters: Bianca and Alexandra
Compiler: Alexandra

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