Hello SISters and Bros, we’re back once again!

In case you missed last week’s shenanigans, worry not! You can read everything here.

Hey yo Friday, you can come in! We are ready for yet another weekend of their new hobby: how to catch you by surprise!

Well, not so surprising… some moves are quite obvious. 

And the Stranger Things started with Mark, who posted a pic with his dear friend Dora in NYC.

Do you remember Mark? That dude who posed opposite Tony in that infamous pic last year. Yep, that one, that shameless and ameteur manip. 

O-kay, you miss your friend, we get it. But SISters, what we, ordinary human beings, do when we miss a friend very much?

Yeah, maybe your friend is just famous and you wanted some buzz on your SM, or maybe contradict what the underdogs said. Cait said she was in NY for only 24 hours. Ok, we’ll try to believe you this time…

Boss, contradict…prove otherwise, yada yada… I’m not bothered about it anymore. As KDS once said herself: believe what you want! This fandom is not for the weak hearted.

And Harry?

As if nobody could feel it in their skin, he let us know it was summer time.

Actually, he didn’t let us know, he asked, which is different, but wait for it, we’ll get there.

After summer, he decided to share on his stories a pic of a smiley monkey getting some tan in its arse. 

Did a heat wave hit Harry in the head? I’m trying here but I can’t understand nada.

Intern, I don’t even know if it’s worth to understand anything anymore, you know?

Yeah, and it gets even more complicated.

Harry and Dora popped up at Henley Festival. 

Ok, no biggie. Big event sponsored by Audi and since they’re ambassadors, it’s totes normal that they would attend it. The TWO of them.

And we also get the reason why they called the hologram back to the scenery. #HologramDoingExtraHours

The two of them wanted to go to an event outside Glasgow, which was not at all related to Outlander, and they needed some back up.  

Up to this point it’s all alright, right intern? We got used to Count Dracula walking around the block.

Same old, same old. Dora looking constipated and he interested in anything but the woman beside him…

Boss, speak for yourself! I didn’t get used to this guy.

He’s the inconvenient fly that landed on my soup on a cold winter night!

Ok! Sure we didn’t need that pic, nor the story… they stepped out of the line a bit.

A bit? A lot!

I must confess that I got a little shocked, frightened and upset. And it wasn’t even the fly, I guarantee!

And things get a lot worse when we realise that they want, at any cost, to make us believe. Really?

We don’t have to mention it all, the fandom has got the picture over the years and they know how it works. But the things is: there’s always a receipt at the end of the day.

But we can remember what happened over the last few months. They were caught some times, enough to put an end to “we have separate lives” crap.

In none of those moments we saw the ‘fiancé”. If the three of them are besties, it would be totes normal to hang out together on a daily basis or at least once in a blue moon, right? But hey, we only get to see the three of them together on official events.

FYI: If you share love with your fiancé/fiancee, it’s not alright to share a home with your costar, aye?

Not alright for him to have a key to your place, or use the same car as you use, or go to the theater, have the same friends, go buy you coffee and spend vacation in the same place.

Boss, I keep asking myself for how long do they intend to keep doing this?

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling… exhausted!

In the next day, we woke up with a moral hangover, but looks like these delinquents can hold their moral better.

They woke up practically together, went online on their SM together and thanked Audi almost at the same time.

Ohhh, the nerves! The balls!

She thanked right after:

And while we, poor mortals, keep hunting for more news, our amazing SISter Carol Ramires delivered us fresh and wonderful news.

Carol is part of #TeamSIS and is on vacation in London and Scotland. On Saturday, to our joy, she bumped into Sam through the streets of the queen’s land.

Here is what she told us, but I assure you: she was not calm at all. She sounded like a madwoman, radiating and jumping with happiness in the audio she sent us.

“Saturday, while strolling through London, I was lucky enough to meet Sam Heughan at a restaurant/bar. I began shaking so much and I kept asking my sister (who was with me) if she should go and talk to him. I almost didn’t go because he was clearly busy talking to another guy. Only I realized that this might be the only opportunity I would see him, so I decided to put on my big girls pants and go talk to him. I crossed the street shaking to the bones, not knowing how I’d approach him hahaha I got there and called him, asked if I could take a photo, he said sure, and I asked if I could hug him and he said yes. Soon after we took the picture, he asked where I was from and I answered that I was from Brazil and he said “that’s nice!”. Soon after I said I was a big fan, that I loved his work and loved him. He thanked me with a smile. He’s so cute! Then I thanked again for the pic and I said goodbye, I left shouting like a teenager hahaha.”

Your dream coming true is our dream coming true, Carol! We are so happy! #TEAMSISFOREVER 

On Sunday, as it was previously announced on SM, Dora went to Paisley to shoot some S5 Outlander scenes.

Looks like we are to expect a flashback! We’re so excited!

Latter, Dora greeted some fans who were anxiously waiting for her.

She woke up early to shoot, but have you noticed that a Carrot Cake also got up in the early hours?

Sure boss, if the alarm went off beside you, normally you wake up, no matter the time! #ThePerksOfMarriedLife

And the list for the Saturn Awards is out!

Harry, Dora, Sophie and Outlander are running for the awards!

Harry, who was very happy, posted stories, of course.

Congrats, guys! We’re rooting for you!

Everything so monotonous, right intern?

Yep boss, they are full of mystery!

I can see that, so mysterious that Dora posted out of the blue a stories tagging the place where she buys donuts.

What? Dora letting us know where she is?

This is not at all the pattern.

And some friends seem to want to reinforce the plot because in yet another coincidence of life, some of them were circling around the shop where Dora gets her donuts. K.

But why she, who loves stories, decided to post that?

Something is up, intern! Take notes.

I already know… I have to w a i t.

And when we were wondering how to complete this day because the lack of info were killing us, we got something.

Ahh, and once again… caught!

I just wanted to tell you all that I’ll forever be friends with my Boss ‘cause what she says does happen! 

Yesterday she said this to me: 

“May the gods listen to me because I want them to be caught. Very bad!”

Amen SISter, now pass me the lottery numbers, would you?


They were spotted on the outskirts of Bewick, in fact very close where a certain Carrot Cake went running by the sea.

Intern….shut it!

SISters, we’re sorry but we can’t posted the content, this is an exclusive material. #HarryWouldBeUpset

Backing up… it appears that they’re filming since the beginning of the week and they went to Atelier.

Unfortunately, it seems that the place has undergone some renovation and not even in their social media we saw updated photos, but with a little goodwill, I think you understood that the place.

It only took a while for Harry to show up online:

Of course he went to check how big was the damage.

Ah yes, after trying to make up a story by calling the hologram in twice in a week, appearing on SM hugging the friend with the ring shining on our faces… they were caught.

I’m LOLing. And Dora’s face? Priceless.

Her face says it all, but she’s cute with her hand over my amigo’s shoulder.

And don’t you even get started on: They were only filming! That does not change the fact that they were spending some time together yet after a day of shooting together. It doesn’t change the fact that this is the PDA #123453 and that we do not see the hologram on a day to day basis!

Guys, we are getting very tired of this yada yada, but our ship is strong and we keep holding on, hoping for the moment when the truth will be out!

Tchau, tchau, folks!





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