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Today’s Flashback will continue our Happy Hour dedicated to Count St. Germain… Stanley Weber, and so we will talk about the year 1986!

Ready? Then fasten your seatbelts and let’s get started:


  • World

1986 was named  the International Year of Peace by UN.

In 1986 Comet Halley passed close to Planet Earth. This comet is visible to the naked eye every 74 to 79 years and will only reappear in 2061 (approximately).


  • Brazil

In 1986 the Brazilian economy went through a major change, as the Cruzado Plan was launched and it ended the old currency, the Cruzeiro (1 cruzado = 1,000 cruzeiros).

That same year, the 8th National Health Conference implemented the Unified (and free) Health System – SUS.


  • Movies & TV

In the 1986 Academy Award, the film “Out of Africa” won Best Film and Best Director for Sydney Pollack.

Geraldine Page won the Best Actress statuette and William Hurt won for Best Actor.

Two super-loved animations have conquered hearts around the world: Wildfire and Seinto Seiya.

That same year, two great children’s hits on Brazilian TV came to an end: Sítio do Picapau Amarelo (the name means “Yellow Woodpecker Site”) and Balão Mágico (the name means “Magic Balloon”).

It was in that year that Lea Michele, Robert Pattinson and Lindsay Lohan were born.

In Brazil, Nathalia Dill, Klebber Toledo and Nanda Costa were born.


  • Music

In 1986, the queen of pop Madonna released her third album, called “True Blue”, which became the best-selling album of her career.

On July of this year, Queen performed at Wembley Stadium, considered one of the best shows of all time!

The top 10 on Billboard were:

  1. That’s What Friends Are For” – Dionne Warwick and Friends (Elton John, Stevie Wonder e Gladys Knight)
  2. Say You, Say Me” – Lionel Richie
  3. I Miss You”- Klymaxx
  4. On My Own” – Patti LaBelle e Michael McDonald
  5. Broken Wings” – Mr. Mister
  6. How Will I Know”- Whitney Houston
  7. Party All The Time”- Eddie Murphy
  8. Burning Heart” – Survivor
  9. Kyrie” – Mr. Mister
  10. Addicted to Love” – Robert Palmer


  • Fashion

The year 1986 introduced the wool overcoat (long coat) as the new fashion sweetheart.

It was Alistair Duncan Blair‘s year to win London and the English public over while Zack Carr, a former Calvin Klein assistant, came to Italy and created designs for Giorgio Armani and Valentino.


  • Sports

In 1986, the XIII FIFA World Cup was held (we do not want to hear more about it, right?) in Mexico.

Argentina was the world champion of this Cup, with Germany coming in 2nd and France in 3rd.

Wow…! So many wonderful things happened in the year our dear Stanley Weber was born!





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