Hello SISters,

We are the Flashback girls and we invite you to another adventure straight from the tunnel of time.

Yes, today is a beautiful day to travel back in time. We’re heading to 1975 because it’s the year our beautiful birthday girl Angelina Jolie was born.


  • World

1975 was declared the International Year of Women by the UN! I’d say we started Flashback pretty well, right? After all, who better than Angelina Jolie to be born in the International Women’s Year?

On April 4th, Bill Gates founded Microsoft with Paul Allen and the internet era began!

On November 22nd, the monarchy was re-established in Spain when King Juan Carlos was crowned.

  • Brazil

The girl from Ipanema’s state, the famous Rio de Janeiro, had its map modified: on March 15th, the states of Rio de Janeiro and Guanabara merged and became the one and only Rio de Janeiro that we know and love till this day.

For all brazilian men’s happiness, the first edition of Playboy magazine (“A Revista do Homem”) arrived in Brazil in August of this same year.

  • Cinema & TV

On March 4th, Charlie Chaplin received the Order of the British Empire.

Rede Globo (brazilian TV station) completed a decade in April of 1975. In September TV Record‘s (brazilian TV station) hit it’s 22nd year on the air.

Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria, Tobey Maguire, Charlize Theron, Marion Cotillard and Kate Winslet were also born in 1975.

The Brazilian artists Didi Wagner, Camila Morgado, Danton Mello, Ana Paula Arósio, Rodrigo Santoro were also born the same year as Jolie.

  • Music

Are you ready to rock n’ roll?

On February 17th, the band AC/DC released “High Voltage“, their first album.

On the 24th of the same month, Led Zeppelin released the album “Physical Graffiti“, which was considered one of the best rock albums.

On March 19th, Kiss released their third album entitled “Dressed to Kill“.

The top 10 songs, according to the Hot 100 Billboard, were:

  1. Love Will Keep Us Together” – Captain and Tennille
  2. Rhinestone Cowboy” – Glen Campbell
  3. Philadelphia Freedom” – Elton John
  4. Before The Next Teardrop Falls” – Freddy Fender
  5. My Eyes Adored You” – Frankie Valli
  6. Shining Star” – Earth, Wind & Fire
  7. Fame” – David Bowie
  8. Laughter In The Rain” – Neil Sedaka
  9. One Of These Nights” – Eagles
  10. Thank God I’m A Country Boy” – John Denver
  • Fashion

With the “disco” era, the needle-heeled sandals came back to match the “front only” blouses.

Now for the men, the black power hair was the cherry on the top. Total madness!!!

  • Sports

David Beckham as well as our brazilian Hélio Castroneves, Popó, Luís Fabiano and international golfer Tiger Woods were all born in 1975.

Many important people were born this year! Were you?


I hope you enjoyed our Flashback today.

Nothing like traveling (even if it’s a time travel) !!!






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