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On our Flashback today will talk about the year of our birthday-boy of the week, Ronald D. Moore, 1964.

Fasten your seat belts and put on the protective helmets, as our time machine will take off now.

1964 was a leap year (that year when February has one more day) and was considered by the UN as the International Year of the Monument.


  • World

In September, Malta got its independence. Why does it matter, SIS? Because this is a wonderful and passionate country, it has an incredible culture and is worth knowing.

In the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson was elected President.

It was in that year that the great Martin Luther King Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize


  • Brazil

In April, the President of Brazil, João Goulart, was removed from power by the military.

Also in the same month, there was non-democratic election and Castelo Branco was elected the new President of the country by the senators and congressmen.


  • Movies & TV

The Oscar for Best Picture went to “Tom Jones“, big favorite of the season, with the total of 10 nominations.

The Best Actor award went to Sidney Poitier, for his performance in “Lilies of the Field” (he was the first black man to win an Oscar), and Best Actress went to Patricia Neal, for her performance in “Hud”.

Great artists were born this year, such as Sandra Bullock, Keanu Reeves, Maria Doyle Kennedy (our future Aunt Jocasta, Outlander), Russell Crowe and Juliette Binoche.

In Brazil, were born actors like Dalton Vigh, Patrícia Pillar and Maurício Mattar.


  • Music

This year was so important to The Beatles that Billboard Magazine announced that the band’s recordings sales were equal to 60% of all singles sold in the world.

The success of this English band was so big that the Wax Museum Madame Tussaud in London even displayed Beatle’s wax figures, who were the first pop stars to be exhibited in the museum.

But it was not all about The Beatles as the Rolling Stones released their first album.

The top 10 on Billboard were:

  1. I Want to Hold Your Hand” – The Beatles
  2. She Loves You” – The Beatles
  3. Hello, Dolly!” – Louis Armstrong
  4. Oh, Pretty Woman” – Roy Orbison
  5. I Get Around” – The Beach Boys
  6. Everybody Loves Somebody”- Dean Martin
  7. My Guy” – Mary Wells
  8. We’ll Sing in the Sunshine” – Gale Garnett
  9. Last Kiss” – J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers
  10. Where Did Our Love Go” – The Supremes


  • Fashion

The year 1964 was marked by the British invasion, a result of the Beatles’ fame.

The designers began to target a younger market, making simple shaped dresses, but with details on the collars, ties, pockets, buttons, belts and bright colors, to balance between simplicity and details.

It was a time when the “mini skirts” (nothing to do with the ones we know today) invaded the stores. They were called “mini” because they went to the knee level, which was very daring for young women of that time.

Phew…what did you think about the year 1964?

I love this year, even though I was far from being born (I am from 1991), but because all the shows that I like best happened on that year!

BTW, I SUPER recommend the Spanish series “Velvet“, which tells a beautiful love story between the owner of a haute couture shop and a seamstress who turns into a great stylist.





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