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Today our SISport is in the FIFA World Cup – Russia 2018‘s mood.

From today on, we will bring you a summary of the matches of the week with all the results, the names of the players who scored the goals and the game’s best moments.

After all, we are women, but we also like sports! And, by the way, we understand about the subject…

If you are a man and you are reading this post, feel free to discuss it with us.

If you are a woman and do not understand ANYTHING about soccer, calm down! We will try to make it easy so you can participate in our discussions and maybe, talk about the matches with your friends.

So shall we begin?

Note: Today’s post will be longer, as we will talk about the opening ceremony.


  • Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the World Cup – Russia 2018 happened Thursday (June 14th).

Held in Moscow, the stage was set on the lawn of the Luzhniki Stadium, where hosts Russia would play Saudi Arabia for the opening match, a few minutes after.

The opening ceremony began with Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas taking the championship cup to the field.

A video about the cities and stadiums that will receive games during the big event was displayed. The soundtrack? Russian classical music, of course.

When the video ended, the little boy who represented the “champion spirit” of the World Cup came on stage with RonaldoPhenomenon” (Brazilian Player).

This Brazilian player, who was so important to our soccer’s history, had the honor of announcing the opening show: Robbie Williams.

The singer and Russian ballet were on the lawn. The dancers performed inside a giant soccer ball that was in the middle of the field.

During the song “Feel“, one of most famous songs, he received the Russian soprano Aida Garifullina for a duet.

While they sang, models entered the field with the 32 flags from the teams competing in this World Cup.

At the end of the show, Ronaldo returned to the field with the boy, played with the mascot of the competition, Zabivaka, and pretended that he was going to give the initial kick that symbolizes the opening of the event, but instead, he let the boy give the first kick.

Everything was cute and interesting, but the most negative point of the ceremony was precisely the most important point: the singer!

Robbie Williams had the bad idea of, during one of his songs, showing his middle finger…

SIS, but that’s not a big deal! Why was this a downside?

Well, for us this may not seem like a big deal, but the World Cup is a “family event” and it’s shown in many countries, that means, different cultures!

So, yes, it was very rude, because some (many) people from more conservative cultures felt offended by his gesture.

We from SIS are not here to judge anyone! Quite the opposite…

But we missed Shakira!!!


  • Games (Group Phase)

Thursday (June 14th)

Russia 5 x 0 Saudi Arabia
Group A – Round 1 of 3

At 12′, midfielder Yuri Gazinsky (#8) opened the score for Russia (1 x 0).

At 43′, Denis Cheryshev (#6) scored the second Russian goal on the counterattack and with a beautiful dribble between two defenders (2 x 0).

Curiosity: The World Cup follows an international standard for a match’s duration, which means that the time is counted in running minutes and not divided in 1st time and 2nd time as in Brazil. Therefore, considering the total minutes per match, each game has 90 minutes (plus the additions that are at up to the referees).

At 71′, Artem Dzyuba (#22) scored the third goal for the host country (3 x 0).

In the first minute of over time, that is, 90+1′, Denis Cheryshev (#6) scored his second goal in the match and the fourth for his team (4 x 0).

At 90+4′, midfield Aleksandr Golovin (#13) scored the fifth Russian goal (5 x 0).

The Cup started with a thrashing!

Friday (June 15th)

Egypt 0 x 1 Uruguay
Group A – Round 1 of 3

At 89′ (literally, the last minute of the second half), defender José Giménez (#2) scored a header for Uruguay and was the only goal of the match (1 x 0)

Marrocos 0 x 1 Iran
Group B – Round 1 of 3

At 90+5′ (extra time) Morocco player Aziz Bouhaddouz (#20) scored the only goal of the match.

Calm down, you did not read it wrong and I did not get confused…Iran won the match, but it was a Moroccan player who scored the goal, against!

I felt bad for him…

Portugal 3 x 3 Spain
Group B – Round 1 of 3

At 4′ (yes, soon after the match started), the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo (#7) got a penalty and scored the first goal of the match for his team (1 x 0).

At 24′, Spanish striker Diego Costa (#19) tied the game (1 x 1).

Still in the first half, at 44′, Cristiano Ronaldo (#7) appears again and scores his second goal in the match thanks to the first error of the Cup, as the Spanish goalkeeper released the ball and let it enter the goal…(2 x 1)

At 55′, Diego Costa (#19) tied the game to Spain (2 x 2).

Three minutes later, at 58′, defender Nacho (#4) turned the game over to Spain and scored the third goal of his team, with the ball still hitting the two crossbars before actually entering the goal (2 x 3).

And when everything seemed lost to Portugal and many had already lost hope, Cristiano Ronaldo (#7) showed why he is the best of the world!

He scored on a beautiful foul that went through the barrier and went through the angle of the goal (that corner of the crossings), without giving the Spanish goalkeeper a chance, tying the game (3 x 3).

Yes, guys…my heart is Portuguese, so I do not need to say how impartial I am when it comes to anything that involves this country that I love so much!

Saturday (June 16th)

France 2 x 1 Australia
Group C – Round 1 of 3

After 58′, the wonderful French forward Antoine Griezmann (#7) won a penalty for his team and scored the first goal of the match with a left-footed kick (1 x 0).

A short time later, at 62′, midfielder Mile Jedinak (#15) tied for Australia with a penalty kick (1 x 1).

Not happy with the result, after 80′, the French midfielder Paul Pogba (#6) turned the score and gave the victory to his team, with a ball that hit the crossbar and bounced into the goal (2 x 1).

Argentina 1 x 1 Iceland
Group D – Round 1 of 3

At 19′, Argentine striker Sergio Aguero (#19) opened the scoring with a left-foot kick (1 x 0).

Shortly after, at 23′, striker Alfred Finnbogason (#11) tied for Iceland (1 x 1).

My question: What happened to Argentine striker Lionel Messi (#10) that lost a penalty at 64′?

Peru 0 x 1 Denmark
Group C – Round 1 of 3

During the first half, at 45+1′, midfielder Christian Cueva (#8) missed a penalty in favor of Peru that would put the team ahead on the scoreboard.

At 59’, Danish midfielder Yussuf Poulsen (#20) scored the only goal of the match with a left-footed kick (0 x 1).

Croatia 2 x 0 Nigeria
Group D – Round 1 of 3

At 32′, Nigerian midfielder Peter O. Etebo (#8) scored the first goal of the match (1 x 0).

Again, you did not read wrong and I was not confused: it was an against goal! (I felt bad for him too…)

At 71′, midfielder Luka Modric (#10) scored the second Croatian goal by charging a penalty (2 x 0).

Sunday (June 17th)

Costa Rica 0 x 1 Servia
Group E – Round 1 of 3

At 56′, defender Aleksandar Kolarov (#11) took a free kick, hit with his left foot over the bar and scored the sole goal of the match (0 x 1).

Germany 0 x 1 Mexico
Group F – Round 1 of 3

In the 35’, Mexican midfielder Hirving Lozano (#22) cut back and sent the ball straight to the Neuer’s goal (0 x 1).

At the end of the game, goalkeeper Neuer even tried to stay in the Mexican goal area, as a last hope of scoring a goal for Germany, but the match ended with the Mexican victory anyway.

Brazil 1 x 1 Switzerland
Group E – Round 1 of 3

At 20’, midfielder Philippe Coutinho (#11) opened the scoring for the Brazilian team after an exchange of passes with Neymar and Marcelo (1 x 0).

In the 50’, midfielder Steven Zuber (#14) tied the score for Switzerland (1 x 1).






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