Hello SISters and Bros, we’re back again!

Between horses, stables, universities and doctorates, Harry has been standing out. Dora’s proud of her hubby and takes the opportunity to catch some sun and listen to music. All this you can read here!

And we are ready to dance!

Calm down, intern, one day at a time, let’s wait for what’s in store for us this weekend, since it seems that it’s a thing now for the couple to show up somewhere.

But while they don’t show anywhere, let’s talk about today?

Ok, boss!

We were very happy with this comment about our Queen, Dora Mary Balfe, and coming from whom?

For those who don’t know, this is James Mangold, director and screenwriter in Dora movie, Ford vs. Ferrari, that will soon be on our screens!

This is amazing, Dora! 

We are counting the days! It’s so nice that everyone who works with her always say something nice about her. 

Meanwhile, Harry’s stories has one more episode of “On top of a mountain”!

I’ve already started dancing here, boss! Will Friday start with these unknowns? Leaving the fandom in the dark trying to guess? Harry has become a specialist in the Joker art!

No panic, intern, let’s see where it takes us.

To heaven it isn’t, but let’s go!

So after almost drowning in the Scottish lakes, we found this amazing place called North Third Reservoir, a reservoir in Stirling.

Boss, Harry can even make me guess, but we can’t deny he’s always showing us beautiful pics of his country!

For sure! And me, who have been there recently, can confirm that it’s breathtakingly beautiful and I’m sure that soon you and whoever wants to join us next time, will have the opportunity to see it on our SISTour 2.0!

Wait for the news!

We thought we were going to enjoy a very quiet Saturday, but then a pic of Harry popped up online!

If yesterday I was guessing, now my brain is frying.

It is better to go slowly on this, intern.

It was all seemingly quiet, after all it was just a picture of him with a fan at the The White Horse.

Not just one, the young lady was smart and took two.

Brazilian, right boss? We’re smart!


Harry out and about but his cute face looks tired!

Still at The White Horse, he was seen with a fan once again.

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JAMIEEEE 😭👏😱😱😱 #outlander

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It only took a look at what was in their faces for the rumors to start.

The million dollar question is:

What was Harry doing at a Gay Parade?

Having lots of fun, boss! I confess, I have a good time in these events besides having solidarity with their cause, but I can assure you that I’m not gay!

Yes intern, me either, but people should understand that the world is no longer black and white, that it has gone through several shades and that now it has gained color like a rainbow! #WeLoveRainbows

You only have to respect people for who they are and their rights.

Respect doesn’t require colors, only love!

I think we’re past the stage of thinking that someone is gay for being in a gay parade, right? It is a great event and a civic act, as well as being a lot of fun and an excellent opportunity to be seen. And then we get into the other issue of the day.

Who was Harry with?

Boss, I don’t even know why they ask, the answer is always the same …

Yep, it’s … “With a woman, but I do not know who she is, very pretty, they’re cute together …”


This is for you who still believe this bull:

We prefer to believe that through Dora’s silence she could very well be around. Maybe he took advantage of it and went to visit her sister, Anne Mary, while he was SEEN and preferably well away from her!

It’s a fact that you can never read only one paragraph, you have to read the whole page, the whole chapter to be able to complete only parts of that crazy story that involves those two!


Then, after all of Harry’s movement during his time in London yesterday, where he insisted on being seen, he decided to announce that he had been at the Almeida Theater watching Tobias. At least he hinted that.

But, unlike what occurred during the day, no one saw him or if they did, no one posted it.

Thank you, you’re welcome!

Well, regardless of being seen or not, what is clear here is that once again the pattern is the same and when he doesn’t want to be seen he knows very well how to go unnoticed. Just like Dora, the Explorer.

Boss, I have the impression that Harry left his hotel, since he usually stays in this area, walked a few blocks on SoHo, went to one of the most popular pubs in London, had a beer and made himself noticed. #MissionAccomplished

Exactly so, intern, the Parade was marked in Trafalgar Square, but Harry was not caught there, which sounds rather strange since it is where the greatest concentration of people was, so the chances would be great for someone to recognize him. #NoOnesSeen

Seven minute walk on a crowded street and not a soul saw him?

And in just one minute, ONE EFFING MINUTE, he was recognized by three people (that we know of), and they’re the only ones who shared their info?

And the lad said he even went back to ask for another pic, since Harry closed his eyes in that first one, but Harry was no longer there.

Yep, boss, how long do you take to know if your picture is not they way you wanted it to?

MAybe less than a minute walk? Maybe.

And why did Harry announce the play?

We have no idea, but if we see the patterns, or Harry was caught there (and we can only wait to see if any photo will pop up)… Or he decided to make a merchandise as good friend that he is.

And Dora, who walks more MIA than a needle in the haystack, appeared to enjoy her hubby’s post.

Boss, did Dora also liked Tobias’ play?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking, intern?

Please, be responsible and keep your guessing to yourself!


But boss… it’s just that it seemed odd that Colin tagged them on his Twitter, and look that young lady at the back, she looks like Sophie.

It does look like her. And Dora even liked his post.

Harry too…

Stranger Things, intern, totes normal!

And today the Queen went to see the Kings of the grass!

She attended the most traditional and oldest Tennis Tournament, Wimbledon!


I can’t take this much beauty and finesse!

Intern, are you still asleep? Didn’t you see who was in London?

Ah! Sam was also there! And if the rule was valid until yesterday, that it’s enough to be in the same city with a friend to have a narrative, then… 

Hasta la Vista, Baby!

My shipper friends, they mean business with this narrative, but we don’t scare ourselves that easily.

We shake but we don’t fall!

They even called the hologram back! But that is old news since every year he’s there at Wimbledon. 

And the quantity of pics of Dora and her ’’fiancé”?

Maybe they hired a exclusive photographer?

I’ve been following Wimbledon since the old days and have never seen so many pictures of a single celebrity, except when the Queen herself was positioned in the Royal Box. Not even the “grass kings” get so much prominence in a single day!

It’s just because of other celebrities who were around them. But it ended up being a full plate for the antis and the RPs.

If they had a little more empathy or chemistry, maybe, maybe, perhaps, the result expected by RPs would be better. Who knows?



On the contrary, Dora was much more relax with her “friend”, the actress Eleanor Tomlinson.

I love Dora’s transparency!


Boss, could you explain why this man, who supposedly doesn’t have SM cause he’s shy, doesn’t hold anything besides his phone?

Probably something interesting…

Ah, I get it now! 

Meanwhile, Harry popped up on Twitter and Dora RTed at light speed.

She’s enjoying the game beside the fiance or she’s keeping an eye on Harry’s notifications? 

Latter, she thanked Ralph Lauren for the invitation:

Then Harry appears out of the blue, after a long and dark winter, talking about MPC.

Lately, even the Peakers were kept aside!

I just wanted to know what this young man is up to to have not liked a single post of those who in some way, always supported him, isn’t it, Doctor Doctor?

When the games at Wimbledon were over, it was as if the “farce” had ended. As if things were taking their normal course.

They posted almost at the same time, enjoyed each other’s posts almost simultaneously and as if in magic, they posted stories! 

Caitriona Balfe posted on her Instagram Stories 07.08.2019

Whaaa? I dinnae understand a thing!

What was the goal of it?

Yep intern, Harry being Harry and talking between the lines can mean those things listed:

  • He may be referring to Rafael Nadal being Wimbledon champion, precisely because that is the tennis player’s nickname, Touro Miúra.
  • He may be referring to exactly what it means, a complex of narcissism.
  • He may be referring to Dora’s post this morning about the violence and cruelty of a bullfight.
  • He may be referring to the “groom” or his astrological sign.

Make your bets!

After that both of them went MIA but not for long, but enough for them to get home.

Last time they went online, UK time: Harry at 9:30pm and Dora 9:21pm.

And went back at: 11:15pm and Dora at 11:14pm, enough time to grab their bags and be on their merry way home, or were they already at home?

I’m so sick of trying to understand Harry’s delay. We kept an eye at London Airport yesterday and it even had some delays, but nothing this long.

Boss, I guess it was not a delay, he was waiting for Dora!

And yesterday the boss said herself: They mean business with this narrative.

Okay, you can go heavy, but let it at least be with ISO 9000 quality, please. Get better, yo! 

Easy now intern, this time were not even going to talk about the PR’s, I believe they didn’t have anything to do with it since it’s a job poorly done.

We asked our SISter Mariana Capaz to analyse the photo and the result we already knew: it’s fake!

She said: “For sure it’s a manip. It’s so easy to change this arm for another. And they did it so poorly.”

A grotesc manip. It’s hard to even comment!

Besides, you can tell that they took an older photo of Harry and not one of this weekend in London as they wanted us to understand.

So different!

Boss, I guess that pic is far way back before Melissa Scissorhands went there. 

I can’t say what I felt while reading a tweet and realising that it’s been six years since the news that Jamie Fraser would come to life!

Six years, so long!

Six years of this cast and we begin and think:

“- Whoa, I can’t believe it’s been that long. I’m getting old!”

And we sure have other thoughts.

Our thoughts go to you shippers that are here since the beginning, we congratulate you, it’s not easy. To ship Sam and Cait it’s not an easy thing.

And Dora, as if she didn’t know what was happening, commented:

What they did to him? How so, Dora…

I don’t know what they did to him, mas certainly we have a clue what you did to him.

Boss, are you nuts?

Nope, intern, it’s how many say, Harry is more Harry when he’s beside her. Know that old saying?

Behind a great man, there’s always a great woman!

And he, young and innocent (tsc tsc), replied:

Boss, I will refrain from commenting on this “broken”. I can only think of… a long night when in the next day Harry, or it would be Jamie or even Sam…and just like horses, you climb and…

Intern, you don’t climb a horse, you ride it.

There’s controversies, boss! There’s horses…and then, there are HORSES.

And so, we keep our eyes shut for all the fake news (Lord give us patience), we will continue the week preparing everything for you!

Tchau, tchau, folks! 



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