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If you are one of those people who saw the latest Tony picture and thought: MY GOD, how did this guy get so fat in a couple of months?

Is he so shy that he’s been inside the house for 3 months eating pizza and bingeing Outlander? Is Tony really a Toni and is 8 months pregnant? Would that even shock you?

Someone’s gotta tell him about MPC…it could even help getting his leg back into place since he seemed to have contracted Collum’s disease. Poor, Toby. Worst year ever. Right?


This beautiful and happy photo has been analyzed by a specialist who works with manipulating images for advertising campaigns for nine years. Who better to find manips mistakes than someone who earns a living hiding those mistakes, right?


So, she made a video for us pointing out all the Stranger Things about this specific photo and we will show it to you.

But before we continue we would like a minute of silence for the Corpse Groom and for the person who manipulated these photos.

Thank you Tony/Toby/Toni/Brian/Tobrian it has been an interesting ride.

And a very special thank you to the manip guy/girl! Your work has made it very easy for us.



About Tony’s pizza/baby belly

If we analyze Tony’s photo since he first appeared on SM to the newest ones we can see that, he is a man with a lean constitution which means he probably doesn’t gain weight easily.

This photo brings some strangeness as we notice that his belly and his thighs are larger than usual. To gain that much weight would in fact, take some time for anyone, but specially for him who hasn’t gained that much weight in all those years.

We also get the impression that he was stretched out to fit that specific space in the photo, making him look disproportionate.

That is something easy to do in Photoshop and even in other apps, including some made for smartphones, and that would justify the poor quality of the manip, as his shoulders and hips are out of proportion.

Another interesting point to observe is the shirt fabric, mainly on the left where it shows a weird alteration. The shirt follows a straight line down (totes normal) and then there is a turbulence as if it were stretched out digitally.

This also shows on the right side where the shirt is “pulled” close to the hip area.


Collum’s leg

We already pointed out all the signs proving that the belly was edited, which is weird enough, but the most ridiculous thing in this photo is that Tony is almost like a Collum Mackenzie cosplay.

As far as we know, he doesn’t have the Toulouse-Lautrec disease but he seems to suffer from “awful image editor” disease. Which it can be a lot worse these days.

Nothing about the legs makes sense, they’re extremely crooked, doesn’t even seem like his legs.

For you to understand better, we will list some of the problems with those legs:

  1. The knee is inside out. Is Tony the new Mr. Fantastic?
  2. Sense when does he have curves like that?
  3. Those shoes don’t belong in this photo.

That this photo was manipulated, there is no doubt. It’s been verified, analyzed and proved.

The big question here is WHY?

A photo of Cait in a friend’s birthday party. A gathering that didn’t even have to be known or didn’t need to draw any attention to. If she wanted, we probably wouldn’t even know she was there. She has proven to come unnoticed in many occasions.

Another thing, if someone decides to manipulate a photo on that level just to prove whatever, why not do it right so it doesn’t look so fake to the point that insults our intelligence?

This manip was so weird, bizarre and ridiculous that we have already started to analyze other photos that seemed as suspicious as this one. Soon we will publish the results.

So, why do you think they went through all this trouble to put Tony in this picture after all this time? Are these people reading our posts?





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Authors: Bianca Portela, Thaís Belluzzo, Flavia Labruna
PhotoShop specialist: @marianacapaz
Subtitles: Carolina Ramires
Video editor: Flavia Labruna
Transcript: Lotti and Carolina Ramires
Images: @marianacapaz, Catarina Balfe
Arts & Memes: Catarina Balfe and Talita Brisola
Text formatting: Thaís Belluzzo
Portuguese Proofreading: Thaís Belluzzo, Alexandra Favoretto and Manu
Portuguese Translation: Flavia Labruna
English Translation: Bianca Portela, Eloise Zanatto,
English Proofreading: Lotti, JPG, Eloise Zanatto, Bianca Portela
Compiler: Alexandra Favoretto
SM: Alexandra Favoretto

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  1. Bravo chicas!!! Sería bueno que analicen la famosa foto de cumpleaños de Sam en SA y la de la cerveza Guinnes después de los Vanity fair…ah…SE me olvidaba….la de Monty Jackson previos Vanity Fair donde la mano de Sam parece demasiado gorda y su flequillo está cambiado de lugar

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