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And the soap opera continues with the same script but we always try to give a new perspective to this primetime love story. So if you want to know more about it, please click here!

They were soon struggling to keep their share of the deal after the #CoffeeRun tsunami struck in the Scottish bubble.

Dora made her list:

And so did Harry:

Harry walked through the streets of Scotland and let himself be photographed or fans were just verrrrrry lucky to find him.

It was raining Sam!!! Hallelujah!!! It was raining Sam!!! #HeyHey

Harry in Edinburgh, Harry in Glasgow … #HarryInMyHouse

And then came Harry and the braided strange blonde! A thousand names were given to her. #PoorThing

They even brought back who was long gone. Chocolate thingy was also raised from the ashes.  

In the name of Harry and Dora, boss! It’s best to leave her alone, you know what they say when her name is called three times, right?

Some mention a woman form Hawaii (which BTW, I haven’t understood that yet) and mentioned a Russian athlete that travelled to Scotland to give a workshop.

People of this fandom, those who loves braids are from Russia not Hawaii, please get your geography facts correct, but anyway, the photo is so far away that it’s hard to identify but at first glance it is him, Harry!

Ok, so the source is not reliable but let’s focus on the information.

Svetlana is a kettlebells champion, those heavy balls Harry so often uses. #NotTHOSEOnesSophie

She has been in Scotland since the beginning of the year and was in Edinburgh, where she gave a workshop on the 19th and gave another one at EDA – Valbo’s gym which Harry went on the 18th.

If for some there’s nothing much with Harry getting out of Dora’s car and going into his house so NATURALLY, then showing the city to a tourist is not that big of a deal either. Let’s, at least, be consistent, okay? #LessIsMore

On Sunday another picture of Harry appeared on our screens, this time in Glasgow.

If you want some advice, if you want to run into Harry in Glasgow, just walk through the old center. It seems that it is always through these areas that he lets himself be photographed.

And this one also seems to have had its part in the script. She said Harry was with the “girlfriend” and that it was she who took the picture.

Two days after much discussion, she deleted the post, deleted her account on Instagram and created a private profile.

Did she get annoyed? You Think?

We have seen this history before, haven’t we?

In the end of the day, the person in charge of putting the #CoffeeRun fire out was him, Harry!

He followed the script we all know so well and we’ll be damned, it all seemed to be in real time. #MiraclesHappen

Who would have thought we’d see the day, boss! The king of latergram…

Dora appealed to the fake fiancé and this time she went a long way. Dora was spotted in this super clear photo and nothing posed in Somerset, in England.

And the person chosen to pass the photo around was worse than Melissa, the heartless journalist from Australia!

Oh no boss! There can’t be someone worse than that cold creature who threw a nuclear bomb on the fandom on new year’s eve.  

But there is and we start by her name: Mrs. Macnaughty.

She posted on facebook and instagram leaving twitter out of the equation.

This name must be a joke, right boss?

She posted the photo with the location, Cait’s and Tony’s full name.

Yes, because we all know Dora is easily recognized and Tony…even more, practically a movie star!

The woman who is nowhere to be seen, who is never recognized (as she herself has said before), was, in fact, recognized by Miss Macnaughty who, BTW, knew her fiancé – the hologram’s full name. That’s lucky!


On the many comments on her IG, she said she took the pic for her mom who is an Outlander fan but then decided to post, tag everybody, write Tony’s full name and put the location.

Okay, Macnaughty! Okay!

After this, things went downhill. She practically wrote a fanfic full of contradiction and strange stories.

There was even a moment she made the best comment ever. She said she heard some talk about a wedding, because taking a pic without authorization, posting it all over wasn’t enough, she had to eavesdrop on their conversation too.

That’s weird boss. Shouldn’t the fandom police be all over her?

I know, right, but let’s focus more on this insane talk about wedding planning.

The photo says a lot. Dora is on the phone (which seems to be off) looking past her “fiancé” with a planner/notebook open on the table.

I would say it looks more like a business meeting…

That would make a lot more sense since he is her assistant. Dora could have been managing her schedule, but why go so far to do that?

The chosen place is also another good hint. It’s a great place to celebrate weddings.

SISter, if you are interested in getting married in England, click here.

And as if that were not enough, on Monday morning Dora began to follow a profile on IG of a place that bakes cakes. And guess where they are from? Somerset!

We are not going to waste out time talking about how horrible those cakes were.

Is this the story you want to sell? REALLY?

The woman had months of vacation, did not plan anything for the wedding and spend most of her time with her co-star.

Then, as soon as work starts she decides to travel from Glasgow to some place in England in the middle of nowhere to plan a wedding?

And out of all the moments they had to post this photo, they do it now, after Sam and Cait were seen together going out of their house for coffee?

You underestimate our intelligence – too much! I suggest you hire smarter PRs and get the job done right because it’s becoming more obvious, predictable and boring.

All this mess happened after the photos were posted on tumblr and posted on NetSIS last week.

Doubts and criticism surfaced pretty quick.

Lots of questions and judgement.

A fan was there, did what many would like to do and decided to post. After all, how many times have you read someone in this fandom saying “someone should go there, takes photos and put an end to this”, or “no pictures not true” and now by simple hypocrisy they decide to pose as saints.

Saints? Please…

As we have already said, we will not make moral judgments. Let’s look at the facts because it’s needed.

This is something the owner of those photos wanted you to understand:

What was overlooked in the posting of the SC photos is the fact that on Good Friday 19 April 2019 Sam arrived at their shared home 2 hours before Caitriona.

Yes, he drove himself home, entered with his own keys and stayed. Not the behavior of a friend/co-star at all!!!

You can speculate all you like about the implications of this. But it does not change the fact Sam entered and stayed at what is Caitriona’s home without her for 2 hours!!!

And yes Caitriona was dropped off by her driver Finnie.”

With this testimony (and we have no reason to doubt it, as we have seen the photos) we can conclude that these two live together. No doubt!

Do you remember what happened on that Good Friday? Sam and Cait went to work, Cait posted a picture wishing Happy Easter and after leaving the studio, both stopped on the road to take pictures with Spanish fans.

We believed they were in the same car, but fans confirmed after Sam passed first and Cait later and they were in separate cars.

This helps to confirm the above statement. The two went home with their drivers separately but to the SAME ADDRESS, which also proves that the two drivers know they live together. #MarriedCouple

Another question that caused many doubts was the car. Many people claiming that this car didn’t belong to either of them.

From what we learned Harry changed his car, which is completely natural. Both of them are Audi ambassadors and must get their cars from lease, which is a normal practice.

@Samheughanswife sent us a photo of the Audi she saw parked in front of their house and saw Sam driving that day.

We remembered that Cait posted recently on IG a video driving an Audi and we started to investigate to see if it would be the same car.

And guess what? IT IS.

By the rear, comparing the models, the car is number 4.

On this website you can assemble the car, choose the model and so we did our investigation.

Comparing car features with Cait’s video, this would be the only compatible model.

1 – Black edition has the symbol on the steering wheel, but the inner side detail is black (not brushed), the front has the black grille.

2 – Vorsprung has the symbol on the steering wheel, the side brushed, but comes with 2 more buttons besides the 2 basic ones next to the knob. Even if the steering wheel hides it, the beginning would appear in the video. And this model has panoramic roof as standard too. (This can’t be seen). The front has the black grid and below the doors has another accessory onto the whole side.

3- Sport has no symbol on the steering wheel.

4- S line has the symbol on the steering wheel, the chrome inner side, and is proven from the rear, the model of the car driven by Sam on the day of coffee and the interior looks the same as Cait’s video.

BINGO! Married couple who live together and drive the same car.

The photos are real. The facts are too and we know this and so do they. So much so that they rushed to contain damage.

So Harry is the King of damage control too? Look at him in front of an audi in a Kilt.

Going the extra mile Harry?!

And Sophie, a member of the A-Team, who always comes to help our couple, appeared and made a very weird comment on Harry’s post

Really, Sophie? Really? Gross!

Is this to say that work friends make those kind of jokes? #TryAgain

And Dora unfollowed the cake account on IG.

Oh, Mrs. Macnaughty looks committed to the wedding narrative.

What a complicated NetSIS, boss. Look at all they do to deny the obvious.

We keep asking ourselves where this will end.

Them, we don’t know, but we will end here.

Bye bye, SISters and BROs.





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Author: Catarina Balfe Flávia Labruna

Collaborators: Bianca Portela

Investigators: Flavia Labruna, Catarina Balfe, Bianca Cuglovici, Carolina Ramires e Talita Brisola

Images: Catarina Balfe

Arts & Memes: Catarina Balfe Bianca Portela Talita Brisola

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