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I know you guys missed me, but you know how life is? Sometimes very busy.

I was here thinking about writing a very light post, maybe make you laugh a little talking about some mysterious things, inserting the virus of curiosity, just because I want to, but then the boss gave me this suggestion:


I thought: Is she talking about Jamie?

Because I’m very respectful, I don’t like to talk about other people’s husbands like that, his wife is very jealous … Or are you talking about Sam Harry Potter Heughan? His wife is VEEERRRYYY JEALOUS and besides respecting our dear friend very much, I’m also a little scared of her.


Or was she talking about …


Hmmm, money! Thanks, intern, you see, she WAS thinking about that.

YESSSSSSSS Show me the money!!!!


Money … there’s so much to say about it … I mean, money reminds me of buying, spending, traveling, reminds me of rich people, that reminds me of very rich people, that reminds me that I’m not those people, that reminds me of the Royal Family, which reminds me of The Crown, that reminds me that I’m pretty mad with Netflix.


Intern!!!! Bring my coffee, I know what I will write about.

Today’s Topic is: Pay Check

Ok, remembering about The Crown made me a little mad. So you ask: Hey, is the show that bad? HELL NO!!!!

For those who haven’t seen it yet (if such person exist), the series portrays Elizabeth II’s life, from her marriage to her 10 years of government (these are the current events as this text was written).

Yes, it is wonderful, elegant, very well directed, very well produced, beautifully played and I can go on and on and continue the long list because it deserves.

Prior to Amazon’s purchase of Lord of the Rings rights, it was the most expensive show to produce ($124 million). Everything is very similar to the original, especially the costumes (the replica of the wedding dress costed a fortune – £ 30 thousand).

So, you may come up with another question; If the show is so good, why the hell are you so angry?

Well, life was beautiful, wonderful … well, not that beautiful, cause I haven’t  yet recovered from Claire Foy’s departure from Elizabeth’s role – she and the entire cast were only hired for the first two seasons – and then, two weeks ago, we have the shock of an information that haunted us AGAIN!



The excuse that was given to the actual protagonist of the show for her salary to be lower, is her co-star’s resume.

As much as Matt Smith plays the Prince of Edinburgh, the show is about the crown and her life, everything revolves around her, nothing is more fair than she receiving a higher pay than everyone else.


This would be the LOGICAL thing, but the world is always the other way around. Once again we are talking about wage inequality gap in the 21st century.

It’s tiring and repetitive and exhausting to debate about it, over and over, and things just DO NOT CHANGE!

How many excuses are needed to make people understand that they are justifying devaluation?

This is not the first time Netflix has been involved in such matter. In 2016, Robin Wright gave an interview in which she spoke publicly that she did not receive the same amount as her co-star, Kevin Spacey, for House Of Cards.

Kevin entered the list of the highest paid TV actors, earning $500,000 per episode, and even though she won the Golden Globe for her role before he did, she still received $80,000 less per episode.

Even after she went public, gave that statement, renegotiated her salary, and after a mass popular critique, Robin later discovered she had been deceived.

Yes, her salary increased, her character was much more popular than Kevin’s, but still, she received less than him. There were no excuses this time. Netflix simply did not respond.

I don’t know if I believe in karma, but currently House of Cards survives because of Claire Underwood, Robin’s character, since Kevin was fired from production for harassing a minor – and a greater number of people, mostly men, as sexual harassment  has no gender, right?

And as the absolute protagonist, the negotiations must have been at least interesting…


Speaking of Kevin Spacey and his mass dismissal of productions as a result of sexual harassment allegations, another case drew the attention of the press by showing how chauvinism prevails in Hollywood.

When Kevin was removed from the film, All the Money in the World, already with the pre-production finished, and replaced by the actor Christopher Plummer, Ridley Scott who was the director had to re-shoot the scenes, which, obligatorily, brought back the actors who participated in them: Michelle Williams e Mark Wahlberg.

Nothing much, because it is part of the job to have to re-do some scenes, it happens frequently – not for the reasons already presented, but you understood.

The problem was that Michelle received $80 per day of footage, which in total did not reach one thousand dollars, but her colleague received a total of ONE MILLION AND A HALF DOLLARS.

No, you did not read it wrong. Both returned to re-shoot the same scenes and he received $ 1,499,000.00 MORE THAN HIS COLLEAGUE WHO DID THE SAME WORK! Much criticized, Ridley only said that Mark had renegotiated his participation and so there was a discrepancy…

Since we are talking about Mark Wahlberg, he was the highest paid actor in 2017.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 14.19.36

Congratulations, my dear! Well done! It’s always an achievement to get on the top-paid list, and to lead it, it’s really a privilege.

68 Million dollars is not for everyone. And so I got very curious, as you know me! I just need to know all of useless trivia (or not) so I went to look at the entire list:


So, basically, the highest paid actor received 68 million and the least well paid of the list received 13 million. Ok, now, in another perspective, let’s look at the list of best-paid actresses of the same year:

Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 23.20.39

So, the highest paid Hollywood actress in 2017 was Emma Stone with 26 million dollars. The funny thing is that she became the highest paid actress because of La La Land, she won all the awards of the academy – which theoretically makes her salary increase significantly.

But Ryan Gosling, her co-star in THE SAME MOVIE earned 29 Million and won no award for the role. I think there’s something wrong with this math.

giphy (3)

As if it were not enough for women to earn less, we have an issue here: NOT BEING CAUCASIAN!

Yes, because if you, women, are not white, statistically you will receive less than who ALREADY RECEIVES LESS.

This is not a joke, it is real and painful and unacceptable. This reality, tackled by Octávia Spencer, shows how segregations are cruel and overwhelming.

As mentioned above, we have another issue: women earn less most of the time, regardless of being the star or not, but there is also a contract issue, especially in TV shows, the PAY PER EPISODE, that is, if you negotiated to receive $100, regardless of how many scenes you make, one or twenty, you still receive $100.

If Ellen Pompeo was in 70% of the scenes of season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy, she would still receive less than Patrick.

There are TV series that pay equally – which is rare – some lists put Caitriona and Sam as the highest paid actors of Starz earning $100,000 each per episode, which means that if one has more scenes than the other, it does not make any difference, they will earn the same amount. It’s not fair, but within the framework of discrepancy, it’s the least of the problems.

Hollywood is just one example of how the world works. This is not the exception, it is the rule. Women currently study more, have more degrees, post graduations, master’s, doctorate, specializations and still earn less than they should.

Basically, the rule is: If you have a good resume, your salary can be this much. If you do not have a penis, you will receive a third less – at least – than if you had one. If you have the “bad luck” of not being white, the most you can get is half of those who don’t have a penis. It does not seem very fair to me.

Recently a video was released to show how children react to sexism, inequality, chauvinism and how they deal with someone’s inferiority because of their gender. The result was this:

We live in a society corrupted by the complex of superiority and the need for power.

This is not a text about hating men and their conquests, this is only to show that, no matter what we do, if we work more or less than you – men – we will not receive the same for an unique and exclusive engine called: The System.

So when you realize that there are movements in which people are fighting for equality of gender, do not treat as backsliding, do not act with contempt and keep in mind that we do not want privileges, we want what we should be given naturally, because that is the right thing to do.

Yes, it is a long, but changeable, path. One day at a time, one step ahead of the other. That’s how we change the world.







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