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We kept stalking an eye on what Harry’s been up to in South Africa, and when he didn’t post his stories, fans posts photos with him. All we need is… love a fan!

Here we had the first glimpse of Harry’s new look for the movie. And for a while it was all that everybody talked about…his hair.

What did Sam do with it? Did he steal scissors too? Where are the Jamie locks? Is it on a bun? Wet? Another WIG?

But then in the midst of our hair tantrum, a reflection came up.

A reflection. A REFLECTION?

Yes, a reflection.

I’ve never seen a picture with so many reflections in my life. I alone saw the Pope, Jesus Christ, Tobrian, DG writing book 9, John Lennon’s murderer, Elvis Presley, Jamie’s ghost from ep 1…

Ok intern, you are right!

The picture has a thousand reflections and as we are the crazy reflexetion girls, we analyzed them all. Or at least we tried. And what to do know, one in specific caught our eye.

Is it possible that EVERY place that Harry is, a reflection of someone very similar to Dora is near by him?

The haircut, the bangs, the cell phone, and even the clothes… What happens with these two?

Do they have a Doppelgänger in every corner of the world?

What is a Doppelgänger anyway?

According to the Germanic legends from which the term originated, it is a monster or fantastic being who has the gift of representing an identical copy of a person whom he chooses or whom he follows.

What can, hypothetically, mean that everyone has their own Doppelgänger. They are also known as doubles.

But SIS, isn’t Cait in LA filming her new movie?

Her last public appearance was in Chicago during the WW Con, while Sam was still in Scotland. After that, we do not know where Dora is exploring.

What we do know is that her online hours have changed completely after that, no longer being compatible with LA.

Could Dora be exploring in South Africa, SIS?

Yes, she could. But how do we know that?

That’s right. We monitor them on SM and that’s why we can state that Dora’s online engaging doesn’t work very well with the Los Angeles time zone.

We have no knowledge of her filming schedule so she could have had a break or a gap and gone to Cape Town. Why not?

Who knows, maybe she misses the time she and Sam had while filming Outlander. After all, they say SA is gorgeous and they can walk around almost freely. ALMOST.


Dora still appears online at the strangest LA time zone. Maybe she finds SM peaceful at dawn. We don’t judge.

Sam, on the other hand, is enjoying his days in Africa. He has been going out with friends he made from Outlander shooting.

He is enjoying the sun, beach and mountains.


Whole Wheat Carrot Cake with chocolate topping has officially died his hair. You can see it clearly from this IG post.

For all the SISters in denial out there, you can now calm down, Harry has black hair now.

Someone asked me if I liked his new look and I really didn’t have an opinion because if his wife my amigo liked it, who am I to say anything.

And speaking of her, she finally decided to brighten her IG!! Even with a baby face she’s still gorgeous!

We fell in love with this post and we think that Harry did too as he liked it faster than light travels.

Seems like this post came in a very special moment as the date from their chemistry test and her casting are right around the corner. I guess she remembers it too.

Outlander’s photography director also remembered and what a funny memory he had…very unique and specific! HUM!

After admiring his wifey post, he posted a pic from the day before when he was out with his friends and a very curious a MAGIC mountain post!

It really was a very special day for them.

Over here at the Between the Lines World, we could only wonder what made him write those words on a mountain picture.

Creamy Dora who has nothing soft or fluffy about her, is actually a very strong minded woman who is not afraid of speaking her mind. And because of that she puts herself in a position of being “bullied” by those who follows her on SM.

That was exactly what happened when she supported Nike’s new campaign ad through her IG.

Basically, the campaign is about Colin Kaepernick, an american football quarterback, protesting against racism not standing during the american anthem in a friendly match in Santa Clara, California. He declared:

I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way.

Nike is promoting her 30 years of “Just do it” and hired the quarterback for this campaign. Here’s the campaign slogan:

Believe in something even if you have to sacrifice everything

Seems like everyone spoke their mind about Cait’s post, so we will pause our NetSIS for a bit because we also have something to say about this.

This SISter is a very small sample of the very loud outraged, judgemental and all round bigoted, comments left on Caitriona”s Instagram post on the Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick (which includes other athletes too).

Let me introduce myself. I am the international, call me JPG. Why do I introduce myself as an international? Well because this post is about one section of the Outlander fandom assuming Caitriona, or any fans who are not American, can not have an opinion on an advertisement that is an international/global brand while being an American one too. Yes Nike is a global brand. Worn by millions of non Americans, like Caitriona.

It seems that those most outraged are OL fans who feel they can try to impose their sense of outrage on Caitriona ‘s instagram post. Her account. Her account is Caitriona Balfe, not Outlander featuring Caitriona Balfe. It’s hers to do as she pleases. It reflects her stance on social justice, and injustice as she sees it. Don’t like what she posts, unfollow. Don’t threaten to not watch OL, or to spread the word- to not watch OL. Just Do It. See what I did there!!

The general consensus is that she has no right to comment because she is not American. Well she lived and worked in the US for 10 years. Paying taxes both federal and state. She can voice her opinion because she once was an active resident of the US. But this really doesn’t matter. Regardless she is entitled to her opinion. She can admire whom ever she pleases.

The argument that actors have no right to opinions or beliefs is ridiculous. They are people first ,and then they PLAY/ ACT the part of a character. Playing Claire Fraser does not mean Caitriona Balfe has no right to voice her beliefs, loves, likes on social media. Every single disenchanted,angry fan can simply unfollow. It’s as easy as taping unfollow. It takes more time and energy to type hate.

I admire a woman who is unafraid of the thousands of angry voices who call for hers to be silenced on her own SM platforms. It takes a certain amount of fortitude and resolve to read the comments and keep the dissenting voices there. It’s the embodiment of free speech.

Caitriona respects your right to disagree, so respect her right to to support and admire who ever she wants…


Harry is still having a blast in SA!

WAIT! My god intern, don’t post this picture, his woman my amigo is very scary when mad.

A “blast” for a very behaved Whole Wheat Carrot Cake means having a nice and hot cup of tea! And of course nothing shows more of a “taken man” than going out for tea with friends. After all, a “blast” nowadays comes with a very Creamy Dora chocolate topping.

Can you guess who these nice people are also friends with? CAIT! Wow, what a surprise, right? We never saw that coming.

And they are friends that are very proud of them Cait, BTW!

They He seems to be having a lot of fun with these friends. #canwecome?


Dora cheered on India’s Supreme Court decision!

Carrot cake also liked it.

We do love a married couple who wakes up together to read the news.


And the week  ends with a lot of receipts.

Sam & Cait spent the whole week synchronized.

For two people who are supposed to be in different countries, working on different projects and living separate lives, it’s a lot, no?

Is it possible that such coincidences are just…coincidences?

This tweet from Cait to Diana is one of those.


What the hell?

We just fell dead here in Lallybroch. Dora, Dora…you talking like that? HUM! Careful, we just  might think Harry wrote it!

Carrot Cake Roland Heughan was that you with your shenanigans again?

Married couple who get their cell phones mixed up. Who never?

The important thing here is to keep the receipts coming!

Totes normal.

Not yet satisfied, Harry posted an old boomerang on his IG with a baseball…what? Here at SIS we’re always with an eye open for his tricky messages.

Harry hasn’t been posting much, just using his stories, and then suddenly two posts in one day?


And one of them being with a baseball of all things? WAIT! Wasn’t it GABS who mentioned baseball in the first place… is Harry trying to say something?

A new era? A new beginning?

We are very hopeful and anxious that our ships ends up in a safe harbor and sails in calm waters so we can keep shipp a real couple!

And nothing more real than what Sam & Cait themselves give us daily, right? Receipts. We can sometimes question a quote, but never an action. And their synch is so on point that their mirroring keeps reflecting everywhere.

Dinnae ken what we’re talking about?! Watch our video below.

Till next week!




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