Hello SISters and Bros, we’re back with one more:

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Boss, I think Dora got her days mixed up? What’s up with that picnic date on a normal Monday?

Act slower husband, I need the sun, let me seize this rare Scottish moment!

My God, can’t people leave this woman alone?

You know boss, some people come into this world with the mission to annoy. And they do!

But Dora is very happy today e decided to answer. She went with a punch but was polite as usual:

Less people, this is starting to get old and unpleasant. Can you at least use your head to know she’s not a hypocrite?

She makes daily campaign against the use of plastic and post a photo with a plastic water bottle?

Less, a lot less, ok?

Ah! I have a good formula that everyone should use it!

And if we closed last week to the sound of Doctor Doctor, this week we open with Nina Simone. The great Nina Simone! Dora has great taste, doesn’t she?

Sure, but we already know that, right boss?

Dora is rockin’ on the soundtrack!!!

Interesting how one song ended up linking into another and into all the other posts.

You told me the sunshine

Was bound to revive me

You told me the cool breeze

Was gonna bring me around

Don’t talk just hold me closer

Let me sit on top of your knee

Go ahead and take care of business

For me for me for me

I will just rest for a bit, she says in her post.

Boss, do you think Dora decided to talk through songs now?

I don’t know Intern, but it does make sense and who knows, maybe leaving everything in the unknown will make people mind their own business and stop talking nonsense on her posts.

Harry also had a soundtrack for his Friday:

Both are in a very good mood and it shouldn’t be different, Harry is a Doctor and the sun is shining down in Scotland! #CanTheSunShineDownOnMeToo?

Welcome, summer!! May you give our couple lots of energy.

Hey Boss, these two don’t need summer to give them energy, they have plenty to use and give…

This Friday couldn’t have ended better! Starz gave us an Outlander Promo Video!

My GOD, they are gorgeous! You see how a good wig makes all the difference!

Boss, did you notice how Dora is glowing? She is astonishing!

And today being Saturday we thought we were going to have some rest, as they are always more introspective on weekends.

Except when they try to deceive us Boss, and create a non existing trip!

But Intern, this time, it seems that they decided to spend the weekend in Glasgow.

And the Team decided to stop for a meal, went to Epicures and David took advantage, found himself a partner and released a single!

Boss, for those who have sharp ears, they heard Dora’s voice, but only at the beginning.

But then again there was a glass and for our joy, it was transparent and empty and when we looked at it, our eyes, even if they don’t want to see, they do. Blessed is the reflection, blessed is the hair of Dora and Harry’s forehead!!!

After that, our couple made their appearance on SM and probably retired early for a Saturday night.

A very strange SM day. Dora decided to set her finger free and liked everything she could, and then disappeared for the rest of the day, not even at night she showed up!

And neither did Harry.

And since they give us a little time to spare, we were able to research a photo of Dora that surfaced on the net a of couple days back.

This photo was posted to a Tumblr account, and its date of origin is 06.16.2019.

It was taken during the Radiology congress, which took place in Scotland during the week from 06.16 to 06.22.2019, at The Gleneagles Hotel more precisely in one of its restaurants, Strathearn.

As far as we know, the author of the photo commented nothing more than what is in her post.

In some of the other posts of this photo, some people said that the place that Alex posted a story with Sam and the horses, that same weekend, would be in that same hotel.

We still don’t understand and don’t know where the information came from.

We are sorry to inform that unfortunately it was not in the same place.

After endless research throughout practically all the stables of Glasgow, we found the famous place. As far as we could verify, they were in the Linn Park Equestrian Centre

You must remember that Harry, on June 14th, was at East Kilbridge, if you don’t remember, you can see it here

Very well, halfway between East Kilbridge and Glasgow, you will find this exact stable.

We will try to show you, despite the different angles, that this is indeed the place and not the stables of the Hotel Dora was at.

First, the view we have of Alex’s story is a stable with three stalls and a window, where it looks like Sam was chatting with someone.

We made this for you to visualize better.

This appears in one of the photos we found of Linn Park’s outbuildings:

Another thing that caught our attention is that usually these stables are in fairly open areas and only fences set the boundary of their dependencies.

Anyone who wants to prove this just have to look on the internet, of course they are not all identical, but the great majority is like this.

But it wasn’t what Alex’s stories showed us, there was a wall in it and it made us think that it was probably located in a more urban area, closer to major centers. In Linn Park there are walls in some of the regions too:

We’re sorry we didn’t find the exact same angle as to the Stories, so there would be no doubt that this is indeed the place, but the place has undergone several renovations and there weren’t so many photos available. 

So this is it SISters, Harry was in this place on the 14th, but nothing prevents him from being at The Gleneagles enjoying the weekend of Father’s Day, on the 16th, after all even the gods deserve to breathe!

What was Harry doing at this stable, we can only wait and see. And it’s no use complaining, intern. That’s what you have for today!

Today our Harry received another honorary doctorate.

This man is very chic, boss!

This time by the University of Glasgow. Harry is really the man of the hour!

Since last week many nagged about Dora’s joke, this week she followed the protocol:


Doctor, doctor… I am proud of you! 

We already knew that. These two are the biggest fans of each other. We can only imagine how proud she must be of her Hubby!

If even we are proud, can you imagine her!? 

Ok Dora, it’s a joke, aye?

Harry met some friends during the event. Among them, one that seems to be from high school.

And also this one, who seems to be having an interesting conversation with Harry.

He is David Mayer of Rothschild and was also there receiving an honorary doctorate.

David is a British environmentalist, and his big fight is with trash on the sea and also with plastic.

He owns a farm in New Zealand where he produces organic food, as well as being heir to one of England’s greatest fortunes! He’s from a family of bankers and his father, Sir Evelyn, is financial advisor to the Queen!

Wow Boss, kinda shocked here!!! What a curriculum!

I think he might be Dora’s idol!

But, how does he know Harry? 

You know whose husband he is? Does actress Karina Dayko ring a bell? Guess who is she friends with?

Who boss, very curious here! 

Dora’s, of course! Who else?

What little world, right? In fact, Harry and Dora’s world is full of these coincidences…

They say that on that weekend of last August, when Dora didn’t go to a Con and went to Mexico with friends instead, she went to David’s birthday party.

BTW Boss, I found a website where he gives a series of tips and among them is the same hotel where Dora was, the Cuixmala!

Maybe that’s where Harry met him?!…

I don’t doubt anything, Intern.


Carrot Cake is already binging Stranger Things:

We don’t even have to wait for Netflix to launch a new season, right Boss? There are Stranger Things around here all week, all year long!

Would it be to much of a bother for him to open a bit more that image…?

Intern, you are asking too much!

Harry wanted to show nothing. He knows we see everything.

This is all SISters, see you all next week with more Stranger Things!

Bye Bye! 





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