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Today our new mini-column, the SISgraphy, will premiere! We will talk a little more about the works of our guest’s bio and since Helena Bonham Carter is an actress, we will talk a little about her filmography.

So get your popcorn ready, put on your 3D glasses and get comfortable because the movie is about to start:

Helena’s big screen debut was in “Lady Jane

(1986) as the protagonist, Lady Jane Gray.

I think the first time I noticed this great actress was in “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” (1994), in the role of Elizabeth. I was not old enough to notice actors when the movie was released, but a few years later I went to do a college work about Frankenstein, the teacher asked the students to watch that particular version and I was very impressed with her performance in the movie.

After that, Helena acted in the 2001 film “Planet of the Apes” as Ari, where she met director Tim Burton. They fell in love and started a relationship, which resulted in a son (Billy, 14) and a daughter (Nell, age 10).

Shortly thereafter she acted in one of Burton’s most beloved films, “Big Fish” (2003), as Jenny (The Witch). It sounds crazy, but every time this movie goes on TV, I watch it…I think it is so cute!

Helena is also known by giving voice to some animations, like “Corpse Bride” (2005) as the own bride.

Another very cute character she played was in 2005’s “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” in the role of Mrs. Bucket, Charlie’s mother, the little boy who finds the golden ticket to get to know the chocolate factory.

But her role that I love the most is Bellatrix Lestrange, one of the villains and faithful followers of the one who should not be named, aka Voldemort, in the Harry Potter saga. I grew up in the “Harry Potter generation,” so the fact that she acted in the movies has won me even more.

I think Helena was only valued for real when she was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in “The King’s Speech” (2010) in which she played Queen Elizabeth, the wife of King George VI and mother of the current Queen Elizabeth, monarch of England.

Other major role of hers is Red Queen, “Alice in Wonderland” (2010) and “Alice Through the Looking Glass” (2016). After all, who does not love that scream “off with his head!“?

Since I am extremely addicted to musicals, I could not fail to comment on her role in “Les Misérables” (2012). In the Hollywood version of this beautiful Victor Hugo’s work, she plays and sings in Madame Thénardier! That means, she proved that she is a complete artist, because she works in dramas, comedies and musicals with an admirable facility.

In 2015 she played Fairy Godmother in “Cinderella” and had the chance to speak “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” on the big screen!

Finally, I think the biggest news on her filmography is the fact that this year she joined the cast of “The Crown” to play Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s sister.

Helena has many more films in her filmography, but I thought those were the most significant ones to share with you. If you want to know more about her work, click here.

Did you like it? This was just the first SISgraphy! Tomorrow we will have Open Bar! Do not miss it.







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