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A normal birthday party has cake (carrot, of course), balloons, gifts and friends. But when the birthday girl in question is none other than Claire, news that will shake the structures of your day, it is obviously mandatory.

After all, she is anything but an ordinary person and before you watch this video, we have a question for you.

How much of Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser do you really know?

If you have read the books or only watched the show, one thing is sure, it doesn’t make any difference, because DG decided that we wouldn’t know much about the main character of the story.

Which is not the case when we talk about the other main character, James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.

This wee detail by itself`would be strange enough.

Well. After this series of posts about Claire, everything will be different. We’ll tell you everything we have discovered about her and her origins. Everything that Diana Gabaldon never told us.

Good timing to reflect about this before the fourth season.

Prepare your caipirinhas, this is the first of many posts about this phenomenal woman, it is just beginning.





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Authors: Claudia Ozores, Débora Maria Nunes Campos
Researchers: Claudia Ozores, Débora Maria Nunes Campos, TG Fraser
Screenplay: Bianca Portela
Video editing: Flávia Labruna
Transcription: Carolina Ramirez
Caption: Carolina Ramirez
Translation: Bianca Portela and Lotti
English Review: JPG
Media and Arts: Catarina Balfe e Talita Brisola
Compiling: Alexandra Favoretto
SM: Alexandra Favoretto

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