It’s the end of Outlander’s S4 and our begging heart is already aching for this couple we love so dearly and only exists in our small or big TV screen.

Surviving a droughtlander has proven to be one of the greatest challenges over the years.

We sleep and wake, sleep and wake, and the new season is yet far, far away.

So, this is the cue to binge watch the show again for the 10th time, read all DG’s books once more (okay, I understand you if you want to skip book 5), stalk Sam and Cait 24/7, go on SISTour …

And how about spending this time getting to know a little bit more about Sam and Cait’s careers?

After all, we are very curious people and we want to know absolutely everything that involves them.

Because if there’s anyone who can play with our feelings, ah, it’s those two!

Let’s start with her?

Time to leave Monaghan

As you know, Catarina is an authentic Irishwoman who can speak Irish Gaelic and drinks doses and more doses of whiskey.

She is very proud of her country, after all Ireland is a vast field of culture and talent.

Do you want proof?

Actors Liam Neesan, Colin Farrell, Michael Fassbender and Saoirse Ronan were born there. In addition to the classics Peter O’Toole, Maureen O’Hara and Geraldine Fitzgerald. And also her Outlander mate, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Aunt Jocasta.

Cait had teachers.

However, she didn’t immediately start her career as an actress and for many years she was a very successful top model around the world.

On the catwalks

She was discovered while collecting money for charity in a mall, only 19 years of age. At the time she was studying theater at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Competent and wonderful as only she can be, she worked for Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Valentino and all those other expensive couture brands that we will, never in our life, have money to afford such a dress.

Cait was for many years Victoria’s Secret Angel and cover of beautiful editorials of Elle and Vogue.

The turning point in Dora’s career comes when she decides to live in Los Angeles and invest in her acting career back in 2009.

A star is born

Her first works were in two short films, A Herculean Effort in 2009, Lust Life in 2010 and The Wolf in 2012, where she played Sally.

At the same time, Cait had the opportunity to participate in an overproduction of Hollywood, J. J. Abrams’ Super 8. Okay, even if it was only for a few seconds.

Cait’s idea was to work as much as possible because she wanted to be noticed by the industry and get the chance to audition for better productions.

And they showed up! She was in the web miniseries The Beauty Inside, starring Topher Grace and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Oh, and still found time to be in the cast of Lost Angeles, playing Veronique.

Her career begins to take off in 2013, when she was one of the protagonists of Crush.

Do you remember those movies that were on late night Saturday TV? Those who always have one person chasing and wanting to kill another. Remember those? Cait played one of these people.

Soon after, she had the opportunity to once again be in two major Hollywood productions.

In Now You See Me with the legendary Michael Caine and on Escape Plan alongside Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sing me a song of a lass that is gone…

Cait has one or two very good stories to tell about how she went through that test to play Claire Randall and met a certain gorgeous, handsome Scot.

I only know that I thank every day in my night prayers that her passport was withheld in San Francisco and she couldn’t travel to India.

Talking about Outlander is not news, everyone knows all about it. There are already 5 years of production, 4 seasons, 55 episodes, 4 Golden Globe nominations and 3 million kisses in Sam Heughan – at least those that we saw on screen.

Outlander undoubtedly was the divisor in her life. The four Golden Globe nominations, one for each season, is rare and must be celebrated.

In fact, it crowns the beautiful and dedicated work that Caitriona exerts with so much love.

Because of it she could return home, Ireland, to be in the drama The Prince of Desire.

In addition, she was honored to debut at the world’s biggest film festival, the Cannes Film Festival, when she was one of the stars of Jodie Foster’s Money Monster.

Who didn’t die of pride in seeing her all happy next to George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jack O’Connell and Dominic West?

Looking forward!

It is very interesting to see how much Cait’s career is in a pretty ascendant. She has conquered step by step, always with  responsibility and talent.

When you look back, you realize that doors were slowly opening to her. It started with appearances of seconds, then a little more, then a few episodes, followed by a little more prominence.

Her next work solidifies her career. Ford VS Ferrari is the opportunity for Cait to be considered in major film awards such as the Oscars.

Directed by James Mangold, she stars beside Christian Bale and Matt Damon. It premieres in June in the USA.

And she will also be in a highly anticipated series produced by Netflix.

She lends her voice in The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance to one of the main characters in the animation.

Do you know what you are feeling in your heart right now? Proud! We are all very happy with what Cait has been building and we hope that she will reach even bigger flights, more than she imagines.

Do you know why? Because she simply deserves it.




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