SISters, we have great news today!

The SamCait Theory – IFH post was such a big hit that we were able to convince the professionals that analyzed the interview to firm a partnership with SIS and continue to analyze more Harry and Dora’s stuff!!!



How did SIS pull this off?

Well, we actually didn’t do anything, YOU ALL did. We showed the psychologist some of your reactions , how much you enjoyed their analyses and because of that they decided to do more! JUST FOR YOU!

We have received many requests for other analyses. They are all in our RSD – Request and Storage Department. Yes, we do have this department as we are very organized (and clean) despite all the caipirinhas.


Before hand we need to clarify some things:

  • As Analistas are not SIS
  • They are real professionals, psychologist with knowledge on the subject
  • They agreed on a partnership with SIS but as they are very busy, they will do it on their own pace. They have obligations with their patients and their continuing education courses.
  • They asked to be anons for now, only for professional reasons.
  • They are neutrals as they haven’t watched the show or know their actors (except for one who has seen some eps)
  • SIS translates all the As Analistas‘s posts. They only write in Portuguese.
  • We had many requests for this analyses, and that’s why it’s first in line.


As Analistas analyzed three videos:

  1. Cait’s interview on  IFTA (the part where she talks about her engagement)
  2. Her IFTA’s winning speech
  3. The Talk Show interview the next day


This time around As Analistas decided to do a more visual analyses so we can have a better notion of how this is done.








We have to thank these professionals for our new partnership and for the time they spent doing the analyses we love so much.

Thank you Ladies!!! We hope this will be a very happy “marriage”!!!




Here are the analyses:

Video 1


Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 19.30.51

During this interview, when the reporter asks about her engagement, Caitriona starts to laugh and looks to her sides (0:02 sec), she smiles a lot, what seems to be a nervous kind of laugh and she doesn’t have a lot to say about the subject. She gets a bit confused and repeats what the reporter just said and uses it as her answer (0:07 sec). She continues not able to focus her eye on the reporter. She looks to all sides and down, but rarely to her front and when she finally does, it’s very quickly. When she speaks of the wedding, even before the reporter finishes her question, she is already denying it with head movements (0:17sec), in a very emphatic way. She starts to say something and stops abruptly – “I’m still in the process of… – (0:21 sec), she doesn’t finish the sentence and starts with more excessive justification when she says she will be working until the end of June

B.L (Psicóloga/ análise comportamental)


Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 19.32.07I saw this video at least five times to write this analyses. And all of the five times I found it very strange. Let me tell you why.

It’s a very common reaction for a newly engaged woman to want to talk about it, tell everyone, tell how she got proposed, talk about how happy she is, talk about the wedding, her fiance, their plans and expectations. Usually, we can all see, even in the most reserved person, an enthusiasm toward such an important event in their lives. We expect this from every single woman we know that has got engaged. You don’t need to be professional to know this. We want to know all the details and luckily the bride to be wants to tell all the details too.

On this video we clearly see this kind of reaction on the reporter. She was curious to know all the details, the future, Caitriona’s plaining and everything about her engagement. We automatically looked for the normal reaction of the bride to be, in this case, Caitriona. But we didn’t see it. As the reporter asks her about the engagement trying to seize her curiosity, the bride to be answers very simply, we are engaged (Really?). And then when she asked if she has a date, she answers that she hasn’t thought of that yet as she’s been working a lot. Another really interesting reaction. Usually couples who get engaged, wants to get married, specially for those who don’t have financial problems, which theoretically it’s not their case, I would imagine.

Now let’s talk about Caitriona’s body reaction. During the interview, I notice that she looks more down and to her sides. She turns her head and lifts her shoulders a lot making her chin almost touch her shoulder. This is a reactions of someone who is ashamed, and that the situation was embarrassing for her. It was transparent that she was not comfortable there. Her answers were very short and made it look like it was rehearsed and planned ahead. Another curious issue: she didn’t show her engagement ring (nor looked at it) and didn’t SAY ANYTHING ABOUT HER FIANCE! NOT EVEN HIS NAME! I found that very unusual. 

Well, as I said in the beginning of my analyses, I found her reaction very strange. Truthfully, I have never seen any newly engaged person react so indifferent  as she did. Really.

M.A ( psicóloga/ análise comportamental ) @temposdecrise



Vídeo 2:


“Inside the theater, as she was announced the winner, Caitriona stands up and suddenly remembers that she had to do something so she turns back a bit and kisses her fiance. At least this was my impression. She looked surprise to win the award.

During her speech she is clearly nervous and agitated. Maybe a very normal reaction for someone who just won the award. It could be just that. Caitriona gets nervous again and stutters a bit (0:40sec). She thanked everybody and at the end, she thanks her fiance. Ok. Except that when she speaks of Tony, she speaks faster than before and she’s apparently very relaxed but it looks like she’s not even looking at him which is very strange since he was right there, in front of her. She pronounces the name of her team very slowly but when it’s Tony’s turn, she talks fast as to finish her speech quickly.

B.L (Psicóloga- análise comportamental)


Vídeo 3:


Through out the interview Caitriona seems really happy, excited and relaxed. Again she finds herself very surprised to have won the award in her own backyard. She now thanks everyone she forgot the night before, which could of been because she was very nervous or because she was in a hurry to finish her speech. When she speaks about Outlander, she lights up, she clearly loves her job and loves to talk about it. She also finds it very easy to talk about the show so she has lots of confidence. When she says “This is a love story. It’s about the passion and chemistry these characters have”,  the reporter adds “That’s what happens in real life” and the actress gets a little embarrassed and blushes as she agrees. She tries to change the subject right after, saying how the show has a very feminine point of view. They end the interview talking about the engagement and she finally seems more comfortable with the subject, differently from the night before but still looks like a rehearsed answer. She doesn’t say anything different from what she has already said and by this time she doesn’t look so natural anymore. 

B.L (Psicóloga- análise comportamental)



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