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This week’s Happy Hour will tell you a bit more about Wagner Maniçoba Moura, better known as simply Wagner Moura.

Born on June 27th, 1976 in Salvador-Bahia, this great Brazilian actor is the sign of cancer and will be 42 years old next Wednesday (tomorrow).

Son of José Moura, a military, and Alderiva, Wagner has only one sibling, a younger sister named Lediane.

While in school, Wagner started theater, but decided to study journalism instead at Bahia’s Federal University. He practiced journalism for a few years but then decided to invest in his acting career.

He studied theater from 1992 to 1999 and began his career with Lázaro Ramos and Vladimir Brichta (another great Brazilians actors).

Wagner Moura is married to Sandra Delgado, journalist and photographer, with whom he has three children: Bem (2006), Salvador (2010) and José (2012).

They live in Rio de Janeiro and Wagner tries to protect their private life as much as he can: he does not get into controversial subjects and does not like to be harassed by photographers, but when it comes to politics, he really speaks his mind.

So…are you excited to know more about this great Brazilian actor?

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