Hello, SISters!

Everything alright with you?

SIS is all about partying this week and there are plenty of carrot cakes and caipirinhas going around, because the birthday girl of the week is a SISter!!!

So, our very special Happy Hour will be about someone just like you, just like me, that may not be a movie star, but for SIS, she was born ready to shine!

She’s the author of From SISter to SIS, the boss of our Facebook group and one of my faithful Happy Hour helpers: our super sweet Cilla Makes!

Cilla was born in São Paulo, Brazil, on 07/20/1979 and, next Friday (20th), she will be 39 beautiful and well lived years of age, as well as our inspiring muse, Caitriona Balfe.

But the similarities between Cilla and Cait do not stop there, because she also has a “Sam” of her own, Junior, the person who is responsible  for making her believe in love again, without needing to stop loving herself first.

Way before meeting her other half, Cilla fell in love for the first time, the typical teenager platonic love, and the lucky one was Axel Rose (who never?).

Later, she had a relationship with a man who, although it did not work out and they are not together anymore, this union gave her the greatest gift of her life: her daughter, Samantha!

Currently, Cilla lives happily with her daughter and her husband, Junior, in Boston, USA.

Our dear SIS who was born under the cancer sign, is the daughter of Valeria and Ivan, has a sister named Patricia and a cousin, Camilla, who she considers as a sister. They are super close and they talk every day!!! (SIS is a bit jealous)

She’s the only SISter among us that has the cancer astrological sign, and we can say that Cilla enjoys her home, family and friends, she’s very chilling and has no OCD (“the OCDless of the group“).

Speaking of family, her mother, Valeria, owns a clothes boutique (no wonder Cilla has a true glamorous Diva look!). Her father, Ivan, who is now retired, owned a restaurant for many years and after bought a bar. NICE! Hey, Mr. Ivan, did you sell caipirinhas there?

Cilla also had a stepfather, who for her was a real second father, named Helio (for her, his name was Belo).

Cilla was born in São Paulo, but has lived in Ilhabela (a beautiful island in São Paulo), Vancouver and Massachusetts, where she currently lives, and graduated in Finance Management.

She started working early, at the age of 13, and worked her way up to be a financial analyst at a bank. Something was still missing in her life and, therefore, she decided to leave Brazil and go abroad, where she lives till this day.

We at SIS are very proud to have you as one of us, so this is just the first post of a week full of love, just for you.





Author: Alexandra
Contributor: Bianca
Proofreader (Portuguese): Manu and Lotti
Translater: Bianca
Proofreader (English): Lotti
Compiler: Alexandra

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