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Guess who’s back?

The ones and only: As Analistas.

They have analyzed a video that had many requests, the famous “Flirty Thursday“!

But SIS, I don’t know what that is? We will explain, of course!
Since when did we leave you without explanation here, eh?


Come on:

Flirty Thursday (Flirting Thursday) is about a live interview by Leanne. The one who received that very kind and tender look from Dora:

The interview earned this nickname because it was held on a Thursday, and our couple proved to be quite welcoming. Many looks and lots of flirting!

Ah, and a VERY important detail, this one was held ONE DAY before the IFH (interview from hell), remember that? Where Sam and Cait denied they were together and it was our first post with the analysts.

As always, we would like to thank these professionals for their willingness to make such a great effort with us.

Let’s get down to business!

Two things caught my eye at the beginning:

1- We saw a big mood difference from the first one that we analyzed and this one, between the two actors and we were told that this second was made a day before they say they were NOT together. The difference is huge! Here they are clearly very humorous, in a way half-witted and irreverent.
2- The proximity between the two. Apparently, a little bit more time and Caitriona would be in Sam’s lap [laughs], and he with his arm passing behind her. Body language of people who have a lot of intimacy.

Another difference from this interview to the IFH is that in this, besides being visibly more relaxed and comfortable, they also look a lot into each other’s eyes, to the interviewer and to the camera, which demonstrates more security in their answers. On the other one they turned their eyes away a lot in a demonstration of possible insecurity. On this one we have many jokes, flirts and laughter, again a clear sign that there is intimacy and total comfort with the presence of each other.
On a certain moment, Sam plays and hugs her as she smiles and leans toward him (when they’re talking about the horses). When asked what they miss when they are in the middle of shootings, Caitriona suddenly answered for the two of them and said they miss each other more (What?!).

When a red dress comes up, the actress asks Sam to answer, which makes him clearly very embarrassed, so much so that before actually answering he wonders around. He praises her a lot, leaving her awkward as well. To relax, they start to joke about Sam wearing that dress. Cait always asks him to answer first and shows a lot of interest, and she also seems interested in his reactions to his own responses.

More than once she nudged him with the arm as a joke, as for example the question of where they would go in time and what they admire in each other.

And they again manage to give double meaning to their answers, always giving the impression of ambiguity through their lines. When Sam says that he rode her horse this year and ends by saying that he thinks he is doing well riding this horse, or when they talk about the best and worst thing about working together, he replies that it is not worse for both of them and yes for others while they enjoy themselves.

They joke about everything, even when they respond to what they admire the most in the other. The mood of this interview is visibly lighter.

-B.L (Psychologist / Behavioral Analysis)


During the interview both seem relaxed, at ease with the situation. From the beginning you can feel the intimacy between them. Body language is very clear.

Sam with his right arm behind Caitriona, demonstrating an intimacy to touch, and in a moment, he caresses her arm lightly.

Sam seemed calm and lighthearted as he answered the questions, not “trying to get away from the answers” or going around them…

Caitriona, on the other hand, also showed good humor and tranquility in her answers, however, it struck me that she seemed, for the most part, waiting for Sam’s response. She called him “dear” in some moments and the way she played with him giving a few glances with a smile, leaning her shoulder on him more than once. These are all demonstrations of complicity. From some of their answers, it was very clear that they have a very pleasant and intimate relationship, to the point of not knowing or never having been angry with the other. When they had to say what’s most troubling about working together, they said it’s “when they behave like children playing on the set.” Note that this is not a problem for them, but for the team and the other actors on the set.

– K.A (Psychologist / Behavioral Analysis)


Then SISters, you can see that Flirty Thursday (as we already said, was a day before IFH), Sam & Cait were more relaxed and happy, but they showed a totally different behavior the next day. Analysts have already discussed the IFH in this previous post, and in the recent HIPS post we also talked a bit about it.


Tell us what you think about it!




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