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Today’s Angel will continue our Happy Hour of this week dedicated to Stanley Weber, who will celebrate his 32nd birthday tomorrow (Friday the 13th)!

Important SIS’ notice: Stanley Webber Fanpage is preparing a very special surprise to celebrate his birthday, so do not miss their posts tomorrow!

Throughout the week, we had the opportunity to talk to Stanley Weber Fanpage‘s adm, who helped us gather more specific information about this incredible actor (here in Brazil we still do not have access to many of his works…).

One of the information we liked the most is our first topic:


  • Bloodwise

As we all, from the Outlander fandom, already know (if you are not part of this parallel universe, no problem! We’ll explain it…), this institution has Sam Heughan as its Scottish President.

Sam always runs marathons and uses his own image as a public figure to raise funds for this institution.

He created My Peak Challenge – MPC to encourage people to live in a more balanced and healthier way without suffering or without giving up your favourite food, as well as influencing their members to achieve their own goals (not just physically but any goal: reading a specific book, going out more, singing in public …!)

Part of the money raised for enrolling MPC (valid for the current year) is donated to Bloodwise!

Bloodwise is an institution that studies treatment and cure for all types of blood cancer (such as leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma).

Our birthday man of the week, Stanley, is a friend of Sam Heughan, so his Fanpage manager took a beautiful initiative:

She collected autographs from Stanley Weber and sold them (for a token amount). That way, the money she got was donated to Bloodwise.

Congratulations to the admin of Stanley Weber Fanpage for such a beautiful attitude!


  • World Child Cancer

Here’s another institution well-known in the Outlander fandom (again: if you’re not part of this parallel universe, do not worry, we’ll explain everything!).

World Child Cancer is an institution that helps children with cancer and their families, holding the idea that every child, including (and especially) those with some form of cancer, should have access to the best treatments and care as possible.

This organization:

  • has the most competent professionals to help people in treatment;
  • provides high-quality hospital services and well-trained staff to improve service quality;
  • provides emotional and financial support to children and their families, since the diagnosis of the disease, in an attempt to reduce the damage caused by cancer;
  • teaches primary education professionals to identify early signs of childhood cancer, making it possible for children to go to hospitals as soon as possible so they can receive appropriate treatment;
  • teaches society that child cancer has treatment and strengths trust in the health system;
  • campaigns to reinforce the importance of investing in improving access to upgrade the quality of health care, as well as key medicines for the treatment of children with cancer.

One of Outlander‘s stars and muse, Caitriona Balfe, is patroness of this institution and participates in various events to raise funds and help in the cause.

She does not only stand behind the scenes using her own image as a public figure but she also goes to hospitals to visit the patients and help in whatever she can.

Caitriona Balfe plays Claire in Outlander (this is not a fantasy show, but she is inspiring, motivating and selfless, like every true heroine…).

Stanley Weber plays the ruthless Comte St. Germain (who, the administrator of Stanley Weber Fanpage told us people say that this Count actually existed and indeed was/is a time traveler…if you want to know more about it, click here or watch this video)

In Outlander, Claire and Comte St. Germain do not like each other and, after interfering with the Comte‘s business and causing him great loss, he “declares war” against her, doing horrible and unforgivable things that we do not want to remember…

But despite the feud between the characters in the series, in real life, Stanley has already declared his friendly affection and respect for Caitriona.

Our favorite moment was when, on Christmas 2017, he bought a beautiful sweater, “I‘m not the meek and obedient type” to help World Child Cancer, since the money collected from the sale of this coat is reverted to the institution.

Besides a good actor, beautiful and kind (from what we saw on our researches, he is very dear to fans and always has that wonderful smile on his face), he has a good heart!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s Angel, dedicated to our beloved Stanley Weber (far away from Comte St. Germain!), and don’t miss Stanley Weber Fanpage‘s special birthday tomorrow (July 13th)!





Author: Alexandra
Proofreader (Portuguese): Manu and Lotti
Translater: Alexandra
Proofreader (English): Bianca
Compiler: Alexandra

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