Nothing better than to start the day talking about angels, better yet, super angels!!

Yes, Henry Cavill is also one of those angels that SIS loves so much. He helps many projects and helps raising money for some campaigns.

SIS believes in good deeds and on using efforts to do good. In Henry’s case, a super good.

Henry is Durrell Wildlife’s spokesperson and ambassador, who attempts to save endangered species through preserving biomes, project conservation and interaction.

  • Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

With 50 projects in 18 countries, Durrell focuses on islands where rare species or groups of animals are suffering under precarious conditions, especially primates and amphibians.

To carry out these preservation actions, they use science to catalog animal species as well. Their priorities are: to develop conservation policies and practice, as well as the animals caring and raising; and evaluate the impact of their work around the world.

Congratulations Superman, SIS finds it breathtaking that you care for our environment and its preservation, but we know that’s not all!!!

Oops, he’s also an ambassador for the Royal Marines, a corporation in which the Marines helps people who are in need.

  • The Royal Marines Charity

On International Women’s Day, The Royal Marines took the opportunity to thank all women that are and were special and important to the corporation.

The Marines helped doctors and managed emergency calls at Torbay & Exeter, where heavy snow left most roads blocked, sending 14 Marines from the 3rd County Brigade Command, who helped the emergency services in the worst weather condition including pushing a 40-ton truck up a hill after it was stuck at a service station.

MRIs also helped provide emergency supplies (food, fuel and medicines) to communities that were isolated in the Cumbria region, where approximately 150 farms for 5 days.

There you go…that’s what Henry deserves!!!!

Besides a Superman he is a super angel!






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