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Happy Hour this week is so beautiful, don’t you think? Full of wonderful tributes to our beloved SISter, Cilla Makes!

Today, our Angel will show that you do not have to be a celebrity to do good to others, and here we will talk about the charities that Cilla supports!

She is a “normal” person just like you and me and with a heart full of love to give.


  • AGD Niger / India – Hope Project

AGD Niger is an institution that cares about the basic need of the human being.

Created by Xand, whose real name is Alexandre Canhoni, the institution works with projects in the area of nutrition, daycare, literacy projects (for all) and training in cutting and sewing (for women), sports, as well as schools for children and adolescents.

Xand was the vocalist of the Paquitos group, and he hit the rock bottom because of fame. Success was more than he could handle and caused him to use many drugs and sell his own body…

He even claims that he regrets many things, including the way he saw the audience, because for him fans were just $ and, just between us, many artists have already thought or (what’s worse) still thinks the same…

But to prove that you can climb your way up to the top again (and you don’t need to be Samara from the movie “The Ring“, okay?), Xand has radically changed his life and decided to help others:

Almost 20 years ago, he moved to Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world, located in Africa, where he lives with his wife, Giovana, and adopted 17 children.

He lives with people who go through extreme situations, sometimes even at risk, which inspired him to organize four kindergartens and various social projects with the purpose of improving the life of the community.

Xand has 4 pre-k schools for (200) children in need, and it’s completely free.

In addition to this, he has created 12 child sponsorship projects, training in sewing for women, soccer and nutrition.

Every year, our beloved SISter, Cilla, sends donation boxes to Niger in an attempt to help AGD Niger. If you are interested in doing the same, click here.

The AGD Niger website offers a variety of ways for everyone, with little or a lot of income, to help in whatever way they think best, so be sure to check and choose the best one for you.

As for Cilla, we can only thank her for being such a good person, for those who live with her know how much she truly cares for others, always trying to spread positive energies and smiles forward.





Author: Alexandra
Proofreader (Portuguese): Lotti
Translater: Bianca
Proofreader (English): Lotti and Alexandra
Compiler: Alexandra

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