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Seems like all the mystery involving Harry and the Royal Conservatoire was uncovered, sort of…

Once upon a time, a ”Damsel’’, who was enchanted by a prince, dropped this on twitter:

Geez, what? Harry at the airport in Glasgow?

Boss, wasn’t the event supposed to be in Glasgow?

That’s what we understood. He tagged the Royal Conservatoire, so we thought it was in its headquarters, in Glasgow. 

So, doing some digging in that damsel, we think she’s a flight attendant and works for the Air New Zealand UK, in the London to LA flights.

OMG! Not LA again, please! Don’t leave the Scottish Bubble! I repeat, don’t leave the Scottish Bubble!

The Damsel tweeted 12:24am UK Time and Harry had been online at 12:13am UK Time.

You know us, right? We don’t always like to wait, as waiting is not always a good thing to do!#SneakySISters

And that curiosity and pleasure in satisfying everyone in this fandom is what moves us so we went on a hunt to understand the story of the Damsel and the gentleman prince.

For what we understood, she was in Glasgow and we think she caught the same flight as Harry. After all, what door was he holding since airports have automatic doors?

Sure it wasn’t the bathroom door!

Maybe the luggage compartment?

By our reasoning, they boarded this flight:

The times match with their online time.

Yes but where to, Harry?

Was there the possibility, after staying for more than ten hours offline, that he just made a stopover in London and who knows Los Angeles might be the next stop?

Dear intern, in that matter, you have to be taught a lesson or two.

At certain times, life offers you no other option but to wait. The ones who rush usually eats it raw!

Okay, noted, but I don’t know if I’ll learn that one.

While Harry keeps us guessing, Dora seems too restless about her hubby’s silence!

Sorry, but I’m LOLing right now. Dora doesn’t like waiting either! Ma gurl.

Seems like it alright, and we know that when she’s too restless on SM it means that they’re not in the same place.

Yep, boss. A nonsense wanted to disturb her and got it good! Keep going!

Yes, intern, everyone should understand that because someone is an artist doesn’t mean they are not entitled to their opinion, and Dora never has many! 

And they have every right to express it, after all they are in the media and must use their image to draw attention to what THEY consider unfair or wrong.

Unfortunately some people don’t understand this and question the “celebrities” for expressing themselves.

That’s the old saying….

“If you say what you want, you’ll hear what you don’t want”

Dora was classy in her answer:

Dora, we love you!

The boss ordered me to wait, and so I did, and in the middle of the night Harry decided to show up. Okay, happy that I can sleep, in Los Angeles he is not.

So the sun came up and we were shocked. 

Not a word on SM about the event. The hell?

Wow, so much secrecy, geez! Where is he? No wonder Dora was restless!

Until, after the thousandth attempt to find something, the Royal Conservatoire was kind enough to post a photo, thank you!

So Harry was in the Buckingham freaking Palace?


So we were all played?

No, we interpreted it wrong and got ahead of ourselves. But with so little info, it’s only understandable.

So the Prince took the Royal Conservatoire for Cami to watch?

This life of nobility must be really surreal, I can’t even imagine what their lives are like.

Intern, time to face it: here we are the plebs!

Plebs or not, I’m looking at Harry’s outfit. 

Maybe he’ll be presented in a kilt?

So handsome, with all due respect, Dora! So elegant and chic.

After, he went on SM and commented on the event:

He hosted for Prince Charles, Cami and all the nobles?

The Prince really sympathized with Harry and demonstrated all this empathy through the photos during his time in Scotland. If you want to remember those cute moments, take a look here.

Apparently, more details of this event will be kept under wraps, they are using the utmost discretion and no wonder, it is about the Palace and the Royal Family.

Meanwhile, in the kingdom of Scotland, more precisely on the way to work, Dora begs for summer days.

Boss, Dora represents me, she’s one of the plebs just like us!

Intern, Dora doesn’t belong in the plebs with you, she’s our Queen!

A mighty quiet Saturday for our couple after all the buzz and fuzz from the Buckingham Palace visit.

Dora was on Twitter expressing her outrage over the treatment immigrants have been receiving. 

A very delicate subject, but regardless of the delicacy of it, she is not intimidated, and this is what we love in Dora, she is fearless.

And it always seems to us that what she wants is a better world, more human, with more love and, above all, with a little more compassion and solidarity with one another. If people would be a bit more gentle, even on social media, the world would be so much better! #KindnessGeneratesKindness

Harry also made his appearance at the end of this afternoon, he posted on the event at Buckingham Palace, with the Prince next to his foundation, The Prince’s Foundation

He also posted stories:

We loved it. And the kilt!

I loved it that he was wearing his kilt at the Palace. 

I have loved these Scots since William Wallace. And when they wear kilt, they are showing just that, we are, above all, Scots and we are proud of that!

Everything quiet and beautiful until the moment Dora decided to post on twitter about her literary or cinematographic taste.

What? Flying? Where are you going, miss?

We dinnae ken, intern, we can only wait and wonder why Dora decided to let us know she was flying somewhere.

Noooo, wait again? I can’t stand it, boss! 

To speak about the book (or the movie) she didn’t need to say where she was. But she did. She deliberately wanted to out this info. 

We woke up this morning just waiting for Dora to confirm that she was in New York.

Luckily our investigation department suffers from insomnia and decided to give an inquest about Dora’s post.

Based on her social media time, we discovered that there was a great possibility she might have arrived in New York.

Dora was on SM at 12:53 a.m. UK time and only returned at 9:38 p.m. UK time, 9 hours offline. As much as it was a Saturday, it is a long time for her to be away.

Other than that, she re-entered at 02:00 am UK time, a very late time for those on the European continent, but for NYC it would only be 9:02 pm, much more consistent and close to reality.

Let’s go, airport. 


So we waited all day to see if Dora would give us any indication, but she broke the pattern and made a post: 

Of course we were Happy to have guessed right her destiny, but even so, there’s something off about her posts.

Why did she decided to show her whereabouts?

We’ve learned this lesson around here. When Dora sets her GPS on, we are in full alert.

Is this all a simulation?

This weekend was full of mysteries.

We can even make a portfolio of those, boss!

Yes, intern, starting with Dora’s post on Friday.

We got through DM on twitter, a Tumblr post where it was discovered that the photo used by Dora on Friday was actually posted by herself in 2013.

Totes normal, who doesn’t post old pics?

Not satisfied, she decided once again to let everyone know that she was in NYC and this time she posted a video, apparently on the way to the airport.

So foggy, right? This is looking more like a high summer video, where the humidity of the air is much higher!

Okay, Dora, we already know, you’re 24 hours in New York, we don’t think you need to emphasize that any further. We understand, despite our reluctance to believe it.

Reluctance is the term. Because everything you post can be as much as it can’t. Rarely you’re present in the photo, and when you are, it does look like it is not a recent photo.

It’s only natural to guess, right?

To choose a photo, apparently from Google and say it’s in NYC, everyone can do. An old video that doesn’t match the current time is also possible, and since she has decided to download a photo of her 2013 iCloud, you might as well have downloaded the video to complete the narrative.

We’ve learned not to doubt the Stranger Things and also to doubt everything you guys post. And the narrative keeps on going. All for the sake of the narrative. 

Another mystery is Carrot cake’s vanishing.. 

Some believe he stayed in London waiting for Dora, some believe he went along with her, but one thing is sure: he vanished.

As the boss always says: there’s something off about it all, let’s see what comes next.

Things are so weird that even Dora posted a stories, and with some quirk from her hubby.

Scotland, bonnie Scotland…

Somewhere down there…

This post screams Harry. I’m even doubting Dora was the true author of it!

There was a slightly change of roles there. Harry is our stories teller, but Dora has the habit of disappearing.

Now they switched.

Stranger Things.

Up until now, no Harry… and the old narrative keeps on.

Again? It is getting older than me!

Intern, you kill me! I even spit my coffee.


Someone decided to say that Harry was in Madrid, okay… it may be, but… it may not be!

There are no photos, there is nothing when it comes to this already outdated narrative!

And suddenly a new girlfriend appeared. This time a brunette. Did he get tired of blondes?

Sorry SISters, but we’ll spare you the unpleasantness that has occurred in SM, it doesn’t deserve to be repeated. We won’t put up with it.

It must be the fifteenth woman they arranged for Harry this year. 

So folks, at the end of that day when things seem to have calmed down and our heads can think with a little more clarity, we are thinking that Dora didn’t cross the Atlantic at all.

Yep boss, the torch of Dora’s freedom shone on other lands!

Yes, we know very well where that torch shines!

I don’t know where exactly, we can not say precisely, but by the way she acted, communicating to everyone every step she took, stating and reaffirming that she was in NY, but nothing proved, we really believed she might have gone anywhere but NYC!

She did everything too right! So sure that our department already knew the destination, before appearing. 

We keep on waiting for a info to convince us 100%! 

Maybe it’s the true reason for the trip. If she was only 24hs in NYC and really crossed the Atlantic for it, must be for a very good reason. Work maybe?

Wait! And intern? Don’t complain! 

And Harry, for his lack on SM, remained in absolute silence so we couldn’t guess by the timezone where he was.

He didn’t want to give it away, right boss? That Harry is so clever! So sneaky.

Everything apparently all elaborated, all set…the thing they forget is that we caught most of these set ups and we know the patterns when we see them.

Can we be wrong? Of course! But you can’t blame us for guessing.

Today seems like things went back to normal and Harry&Dora went back to talking about #NoPlastic.


And, as if they were aware of what happened on SM yesterday, perhaps shaken by so much aggression and lack of education, they were simply disappearing. Giving up sharing whatever they thought was worth it.

Yo educated peeps, thanks for nothing!

And we spend the day with so much as hello. Off air.

And if you think things went back to normal, nope.

Only the essential is being said, only the essence. The rest, the pleasure of being on SM just for the fun of it, seems to have yet to return.

All very professional, yeah?

Yes! Harry’s been posting only things MPC and his career related.

I see it boss, not even sweating in the gym with that little shorts of his, lifting weight… Sad!

Harry, I know….I’m only an intern and I never asked you anything but can you send me a kiss? Also, send one to my mother, oh and my grandma and…


Right, where was I? Yes, he showed up on Glasgow’s streets with a fan… he, the fan and, of course, the gray shirt!

Wow boss, maybe she’s spanish too?

As usual, after the storm he pops up on the streets of Glasgow with some fan clinging to him.

Whoa boss, on the same street, the same shirt… I think Harry uses it as a uniform so he can be recognized and make it to the SM!

And Dora was late to wish her friend Anita a happy birthday.

Anita, Happy Birthday to you!

After that we met Tavra, the character she landed her voice to in Dark Crystal.

And if you’re there waiting for a pic of Dora and a fan on the streets to follow the narrative, give it up sweetie, it never happens.

I’d love to know why.

Does Dora live in some sort of enclosure?

Does people imagine her to be always dressed up?

Or… are the donuts so good and delicious that no one reveals?

I don’t know… we only know about this narrative that keeps going for years, the good boy seems to have a preference for brunettes now. 

Blondes don’t belong here anymore!

Today was a special day! Our carrot cake was to receive his honorary doctorate at Stirling University!

For those who don’t know what it means, SIS will explain:

When a prestigious university wants to award a title of honor to a prominent personality or importance for its work, it offers an honorary doctorate. This title is given to a person even if they don’t have a university degree, but have excelled or exercised great influence in certain areas such as architecture, the arts, literature, politics or promoting peace.

Oh boss, we are so proud for Harry! 

Very proud! He deserves this title!

Maria Doyle, our beloved Aunt Jocasta appeared to joke with Sam and congratulate him for the great day: 


And who decided to join the play? 


Dora, of course! 

And then a shipper decided to take a chance and ask her if she was going to watch Harry get his title and Cait answered:

Replied with a joke. They always banter with one another. But of course the nonsenses popped up to say crap about it. 

Hey peeps, don’t you get tired of being embarrassed?

Yeah! Can you imagine how many jokes they must have done just between the two of them about that? Have you ever imagined how much she must have said among the jokes that she was proud of him?

They forget that we don’t even see 10% of their relationship, and they get the wrong conclusion. Do you really think that if he didn’t like it or was hurt by the jokes, she would still do it? The two of them are like that, they have this sour sense of humor. And like any good couple, they play with each other the whole time. Stop being annoying!

And suddenly Harry’s pics popped up online, he was ready to receive his title! 

So handsome! And again with his kilt! And that cape? NOW he’s Harry Potter! 

We were all sobbing and cheering for Harry. Seems like mama Heughan was too. He even made a speech!

So thrilling! Only the wife is missing. It would be so beautiful if she could’ve been present.

But she did something special to send the message she wanted. She posted this song in honor of Dr. Heughan!

You told me the sunshine

Was bound to revive me.

You told me the cool breeze

Was gonna bring me around.

But something is breaking

And moving inside me,

And something inside me

Is tearing me down.

Oh, Doctor, Doctor,

You didn’t give me no warning

You didn’t help me get ready-

Now anybody can see.

I can’t stand the pity

And the sorrowful glances.

They all know my body

Is quitting on me.

Oh, Doctor, Doctor,

Don’t let me just lie here,

Don’t let me just wait here,

‘Cause the waitin’s too slow.

Oh, Doctor, Doctor;

Please show me some mercy.

I’m tired of waiting-

Please let me go.

I want to open my window,

I want to feel the sunshine,

I want to listen to children

Go hurrying past.

See the beautiful blackbird

Settle down in the chestnut

It’s a beautiful sunset,

And I hope it’s my last.

Oh, Doctor, Doctor,

Don’t let me just lie here,

Don’t let me just wait here,

‘Cause the waitin’s too slow.

Oh, Doctor, Doctor;

Please show me some mercy.

I’m tired of waiting-

Please let me go.

OMG what song is that, boss?! What is that woman doing to us?

Excited, we close this week somewhat tumultuous, but hoping that not only death is liberating, but also LOVE!

Bye Bye folks,

till next week!!!





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