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Today our Angel is very special because it is Corpus Christi‘s holiday and the birthday of Clint Eastwood, our birthday man of the week!


On such an angelic day as this, nothing more fair than talking about some of the institutions that Clint supports, right?

So let’s start it.


  • Best Friends Animal Society


The mission of the Best Friends Animal Society is to make sure there are no more homeless animals.

To do so, they try to wipe out kennels and to help to build community programs and partnerships across the United States.

They believe that we will only have a better world through the goodness of the animals and that, if we treat them all well, we can Save Them All.

Their principles are:

– To treat all living things as we would like to be treated;

– Demonstrate compassion and respect for all living creatures;

– Touch other people with positive experiences to try influencing them to save and protect animals;

– To serve as an example, to develop, to promote and to share new ideas and programs to help animals;

– Doing what you say you do (it’s no use just saying you fight for the animals and doing nothing to protect them).

Did you know that June 8 is Best Friend Day in the United States? If you live in the country, visit the Best Friends Animal Societywebsite and see how to participate of the celebration.

Few people can imagine that the tough and bad-looking actor in the movies is a super activist and animal advocate, but that is the reality.

Clint defends the animals’ rights, is vegan and gets all melted with pets around.

  • Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes


The Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes is an institution that promotes caring for children and adults with diabetes type 1, teaching patients to prevent and delay complications of the disease.

Their researches seek prevention, cure, and the most effective treatment for diabetes and other problems related with the disease.

This is one of the largest diabetes institutions in the world and is part of the University of Colorado School of Medicine.


  • Red Cross


Through volunteer work, donations and partnerships, American Red Cross can be present whenever they need it, providing care, shelter and hope, preparing communities for natural disasters, providing blood donations, collaborating with the armed forces and their families for their well-trained volunteers.

The International Committee of the Red Cross does a beautiful humanitarian work around the world being present in all corners, from places suffering from extreme poverty to places that face the chaos of civil or international wars.

The Red Cross has a long history with the armed forces, as these two organizations work constantly together since the Red Cross is the one who makes available the medical team that accompanies the military to the conflict sites.

SIS Tip: There is a very interesting series on Netflix that tells a bit about the work of the Cruz Roja (Spanish Red Cross) at the beginning of the last century. The series is Spanish and calls “Tiempos de Guerra“. Well worth it and if you like “Gran Hotel”, “Downton Abbey” and other series in the gender I am sure you will love this one!


Clint has such a great respect for Red Cross that he has put some of his volunteers to appear in the movie “Sully” because they were the ones who provided real-life assistance when the fact told in the film. Learn more about how they describe this experience here.

Clint Eastwood supports so many institutions that it was difficult to choose only 3 to talk about, but if you want to know the others, click here.

I hope you have enjoyed it and we all from SIS wish Mr. Eastwood a happy birthday.






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