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A miracle happened, SISters: we had a week of calm waters in the SamCait ocean! It looks like Dora and Harry are enjoying their days off to rest. We thought it was good, because they really needed it!

And how is our ship?


We noticed that, while they were on their days off, Harry and Dora were often online at the same time:

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Hunnn… it’s rather curious how this has become a common habit over the years!


They occasionally seem the same person when they write something on SM, as we can see in their tweets welcoming the Outlander new members:

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That usually happens when people spend A LOT of time together. It could be something else called mirroring. Do not know what it is? SIS helps you understand:

“When we interact with someone, we unconsciously emit signs of non-verbal language with contents of the images of the people we speak. The unconscious mind work in seconds forming the personal impression. And the other facially repeats the interlocutor’s emotions, when that happens, in that exact moment, you are mirroring.

When two people syntonize, their vibrations are very similar, which makes it easier the mirroring and the strengthening of the affective bond. Normally, mirroring comes when two people talk in a tune of thoughts, feelings and their bodies looks like… It seems like the two are one. The facial expressions of both tend to repeat themselves and the body starts to have mirror tuning, creating a rapport (harmonization) of the people.

“The people we are in relationships with are always a mirror, reflecting our own beliefs, and simultaneously we are mirrors, reflecting their beliefs… one of the most powerful tools for growth…”  Shakti Gawain

Source: https://pt.linkedin.com/pulse/espelhamento-o-encontro-sutil-da-amizade-confiante-muniz

This couple also has plenty of that too, many examples …



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plantão sis ing

Our investigative department reached the bottom of it and found out what was inside the mysterious blonde huge white bag:

Screenshot_meme netsis VERSÃO iNGLÊS 1

That’s it folks, the bag needed to fit all the receipts. We have reasons to believe that’s inside the huge bags Tobrian carries around too…

Mystery solved!

This was SIS Breaking News!

Even on his days off, Harry never stops! On Tuesday, photos of him were posted shooting in Edinburgh wearing a KILT, LADIES! We peaked a little, of course, because you know,  his wife is kinda maaaaaaaaad!


The story on tumblr is that he would be filming a commercial for a charity called Omaze, but, let’s wait for the next chapters to be sure!


Harry paid a visit to The Garden Shed Drinks Company, a gin distillery in Glasgow. And speaking of drink, he will launch his own brand of Whiskey soon,very entrepreneur, right?


He also visited Marie Curie, a charity MPC helps, in Glasgow and filmed a live from there.

During this video, our eyes that are very attentive and well trained to notice absolutely EVERYTHING, caught up with Harry making this quite interesting gesture with his hands:



Normally, we do this when we use a ring on that finger… Whoever wears it knows that it is very common, even involuntary, to touch that finger while gesticulating! Left hand, huh?!

Hum!!!!! What kind of OCD is that, Harry?? We are attentive to everything … ALWAYS!!


Harry and Dora will be shooting new movies, which will be filmed during the summer (European/American) this year, and that explains the longest break between Outlander’s 4th and 5th seasons, right?

Cait will star in “Ford X Ferrari” (not the official title) which tells the story of Ford’s mission to build a car that defeats Ferrari at the 1964 Le Mans World Championship. Starring alongside Matt Damon and Christian Bale, she will play the wife, who is also a broker. You go, Caitriona!


We think Cait may have forgotten to say that she lost her driver’s license in the US and is one of the worst drivers in California! She even won a certificate!!

Sam will star in the movie “Bloodshot”, Valiant Comic, with Vin Diesel! The superhero movie begins production in July.


From the character’s description, we already know that Sam will have to work out A LOT to make it right. Plenty of chicken and sweet potatoes for our favorite gym junkie!

Here at SIS we are very happy and excited for our couple!

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A very cool and important thing to note, is that the news about the movies came out on the same day, with only SEVEN minutes apart. Which shows a well-planned and synchronized teamwork, a concern that neither of them will steal each other’s thunder. It only proves how good the two are together, in all situations!


Harry seems excited for the new challenge and already posted on twitter and IG:



Dora, on the other hand, has not yet pronounced on the subject until this morning, when she replied Diana:


She was heavily involved in the referendum that took place this Friday in Ireland, a vote that could change the abortion laws in the country.




Harry was also supporting it! He liked and RTed on things about the voting:



He did RT this poem, from Cait’s favorite poet. It’s very suggestive for this Ireland’s historic moment:


In fact, Dora only took a break from her posts about the referendum to like Harry’s social causes:



SIS loves when a couple supports one another!!


One curious fact about Sam SM interactions is that he liked a photo of Bonnie & Clyde, a young couple who became famous for a series of assaults across the United States in the early 1930s. This particular photo resembles A LOT a photo of Sam & Cait, see:


If you haven’t seen this movie yet, do so!

They actually already called each other’s “partner in crime” sometimes:

sam partner in crime

cait partner in crime

Our Carrot Cake run another marathon, this time in Edinburgh, and he hit his personal best by ONE minute!!!


Yaaaaaay!!! This man is just… Awesome!!!


Tell what’s your secret, Carrot cake: you run FOR HOURS and by the end is this handsome! How did you do that?



And guess who was up early to wish good luck?? Dora herself!!


And she also congratulated him promptly:


And to end this NetSIS we give you this video of a certain beloved couple that continues to deny the appearances and disguise the evidence (not so well, for our joy).

With you, the Brazilian ship’s anthem:






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