Hello BROs and SISters, we are back!

If you missed last week’s shenanigans, you can catch it right here.

And we’re starting our week with our fav couple in bunny style!

Boss, bunny style?! That means fertility… Bunnies procreate overnight, so it means…

INTERN, FOCUS! Please, we just got started and you’re already thinking about procreating?

Our couple greets us with Happy Easter.

And here was I thinking that only interns work during the holidays. I even feel like I’m a person now. Thanks Harry and Dora.

Dora was feeling great, with bright humor. She even posted stories on IG!

Work must be in full speed, probably making up for the delay. Thank you Jesus.

I guess she had a wee help from Harry, usually her stories are very simple.

Harry, while helping his wife, also decided to share a stories himself.

Ooo, with all due respect, I wanted this bunny in my house!

The afternoon was smooth and calm until Harry decided to remind us that today is Friday!

And completed his post with this cheeky gif:

What was that, Harry? It’s Holy Friday and you’re in this debauchery. This one doesn’t hide his true intentions. #HarryInAction

Dora received some repellents from a fan. Very thoughtful! Looks like Dora won’t be dueling with North Carolina’s midges anymore.

She thanked the fan for the organic products, the kind she likes.

Harry seemed to have had difficulty dealing with some Spanish/Latino he encountered on his way. Curious and innocent, he decided to ask for help.

We cried of laughter here with the answers. This fandom knows how to be fun when they want to. Amongst some replies, this one, posted by a spanish fan won:

HUM! After that cheeky gif, this makes all sense, hum?

I told you someone’s going to be savoured today.

If you’re not following, let’s go down memory lane:

In 2016, Harry and Dora gave an interview, something about a wee sex game.

Discreetly, dora said her life now was all about Netflix and chill.

If you dinnae know what it means, we’ll explain it to you:

LORD, don’t they know limits? Now I’m imagining a shrimp with chilli on top. #HELP

Harry thanked and replied:

Ok Harrito, we got it, you watch Amazon but can also enjoy some chilli.

By nightfall, pics of Harry&Dora popped up!

I can’t believe they posted the pics on the same day! Miracles do happen on Holy Week!

Gracias chicas!!!

Saturday is here and it looks like the day won’t be normal. Dora was active on SM in the morning and Harry disappeared. This is definitely not normal. #ICanFEARIt

We haven’t even digested breakfast when things got crazy on SM.

Dora was seen and photographed on Glasgow airport, humour has it she was going to Ireland.

Wait! They didn’t find Dora, she wanted to show herself, there’s a big difference between being seen and wanting to be seen. And when that happens, we are on it!

Hologram reborn? When he happens to be seen with her outside social events, you can bet there’s a message to be sent. Just wait. #Waiting

“They let” themselves be seen in front of a restaurant. Grabbing breakfast, maybe? How convenient.

You can bet, boss! Nothing better than to be seen in a airport right on a holiday!

She went to Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii and London without ever being seen, not by a living soul. Now, in Glasgow, of all places, she decides to take off her invisibility cape? Come on, Dora! #DoMeAFavor #DoYourselfAFavor #STOP #FFS

A consideration regarding this matter:

Anyone who takes a short trip, like a weekend, usually carries only a handbag, so you don’t have to waste time waiting for the bags.

Unless, boss, the bag is the company itself!

When I grow up, I want to be just like Dora, and travel with a purse! #WhosBuyingThat

Meanwhile, in a parallel world, enjoying the frigid airs of the Highlands, Harry decided to make another climb, this time with “part of the cast” of Outlander.

They went to Ben-Lui, one of the munros with beautiful landscapes of the Highlands.

And it was post spree as everyone decided to post it at the same time, many pics and stories from Duncan, Sophie, David, Marina, Ansel and Sam.

They might as well have made a live to show who was NOT there.

She, the one who wasn’t present, made sure to like and comment on the pics. She even said she would have a Guinness for each one of them.

Wow, that Guinness move was nice. Trying to imply she was in Ireland?

Yep! As if Guinness wasn’t a popular drink in Scotland as well. I’ll drink one there, one for all of them, for all they make us go through.

Yes, boss. I don’t know how I manage to not drop dead already.

And she couldn’t miss commenting on my amigo’s pic, all very obvious.

This is Dora in action preparing her script. By all means, believe it if you may!

We are exhausted of this hike, but they still had energy to a night out.

All of them, but Dora!

Please, Blossom, you know very well what to do and when to do it, you already have the habit to tag everyone, even those who didn’t appear in the photo. Interesting, isn’t it?

And if Dora, the Missing, wasn’t enough, Harry disappeared too!

And David Berry, the one who doesn’t have the habit and maybe doesn’t know when and how to do it, posted the same photo, but tagged only those who were present, of course.

Was Harry really present?

Just a wee question.

I guess after Friday shenanigans, not even Andrea Bocelli would make him leave home. #HePrefersDora

Resurrection Sunday.

A peaceful day, but also a sweet day!

Well, all but Dora, who made a point in being a little bitter saying she was in Ireland.

Boss, this is a sacred day, keep your cool, go get some candy. #ButNoM&MsPlease

She posted this video.

A landscape and she’s not even in it…

Harry wished Happy Easter on a stories walking on Glasgow streets. #NiceStreet #NiceTry

Then someone was very happy about a kinder egg.

And everybody decided to post about it!

Cute! Always feed your childish side, even if it is with a kinder egg.

Do you think an egg hunt was involved? We bet on Jasper! #JasperForTheWin

Where was Eddie? Where was Dora?

Eddie missed the egg hunting thing… and they all decided to ship Dora to Ireland with fake fiancé.

Does someone really believe she’s there…we don’t…

And what did she do? Posted Ireland again. Girl, we really wanted to see a pic of you. Enough with landscapes.

Such a beautiful place, could enjoy the bucolic scenery and show everyone how much she and her fiancé are happy.

So the script would have a more forceful rhetoric, who knows?

I think those pics were taken in a different occasion, boss!

You’re probably right, intern. How many times she could have been to Ireland without us knowing a damn thing about it?

Before this day ends, another fun fact on Harry&Dora’s world.

She finally followed David. YAY!

David Berry was casted on Outlander in 2016, his debut came in the third season. They had the opportunity to film together in 2017 and only now in 2019 did she decide to follow him.

Right when she made sure to let everyone know she wasn’t there with them on Easter? Really? K.

How convincing that is, right boss? She is there on SM and commenting on friends’ posts when suddenly she looks and thinks: “wow, this is a nice guy, he likes to climb mountains and loves kinder eggs, lemme give him a follow”.

It’s Monday and it’s a hot Monday, a boiling Monday.

Let me explain. Many blogs were talking about the theater pic.

What about it? Nothing much! You could say.

There’s no biggie, sure. Two people going to watch a play together. A night out any friends or a married couple could do.

The thing is: this pic it’s not about what it shows, but what it means…

Eita! Let me grab my popcorn!

First things first, whoever shared the photo with some shippers a few weeks ago, was not the person who took the picture. She received the photo and the story from a third party. And she heard that the photo had been taken in Dublin, which would be very compromising because the photo was taken the week of Mother’s Day in the UK and where does Mamma Balfe lives?

Would it be normal to take the friend and co-star to spend Mother’s Day with her and go to the theater without the fiancé?

Big receipt! So everyone was counting on it. But no one managed to find the theater in Dublin, since the person didn’t remember the name of the theater or the play.

So with the photo leaked everybody went with that story: the photo was taken in Dublin.

And SIS BRAZIL doesn’t stop investigating anything, you know. So we were looking for the theater in Dublin. Until we got “the” hint of a SISter of ours on Tumblr, Terees, and we went for it. Bingo! The theater is in Glasgow.

So the pic is not a receipt?

No! It’s still a receipt! They were together at the theater as you and your SO would.

What stands out the most is that they are so keen to show that they lead completely separate lives and have completely different tastes, that a photo together in the theater, ends up being a receipt.

This one, by all accounts, was the play they went to watch together in Glasgow.

That play is called Nora? Might as well be called Dora! Wouldn’t that be nice?

Happy World Book Day!

To celebrate the date, the couple is probably going to a bookstore.

Harry, celebrated by displaying Cameron McNeish’s book, proud that his name is stamped on the cover.

No doubt Harry loves hiking.

Boss, I want to see Harry getting down because climbing is Dora’s thing!

She mentioned she was reading a book by Maria Popova.

Dora decided to like some comments from anti shippers and suspicious accounts.

Is that right, Dora? Are you sure?

After the theater pic you decide to like those kind of comments? How convenient.

The comment said that they are such different people with different tastes…BUT they seem to enjoy the same kind of play. (music, shows, places…)

Okay, okay, you really need to assemble your script and stick to it. Oh WAIT, she does…#TheyStickTogether #NiceScriptYouGotThere

We get it. We just don’t understand it.

We will never understand, intern. It looks like the script was all rehearsed. #SoManyTimes

If Dora’s nonsense “likes” weren’t enough, we were gifted with an article about the engagement. If you haven’t read it yet, click here.

Boss, what was worse, the article or the likes?

Honestly, I don’t know. The articles says nothing. They could of hired a better person to write it. Lots of words and nothing said. It sounds like a joke. #BadJoke

They didn’t even know information about the people in question, they didn’t research.

A word: rubbish. It was better not to have read anything, it didn’t add a single information.

After Harry learned all about “ontas”, he decided to get his twitter life back on track:

HUM! You like that, right Harry?

Harry is polyglot, must eat in several languages … And what a tongue!!!


And today was Harry’s turn to be the star in a ridiculous article!

If you missed it and you’re up for a wee laugh, click here.

The site married them, guys! What’s with all that desperation?

I don’t get it. Aren’t Harry and Amy just good friends?

Dora with a hologram who makes appearances at official events and Harry with a ghost friend who hasn’t appeared near him for almost a year!

We must say… CONGRATS! You, who wrote these articles are just…just…wow…I guess I have no words for you…just like your article, no words.

The hell?

After a week full of articles, rehearsals, scripts and tests, we end here, always waiting for the final rehearsal to happen and watch the play premiere with a happy ending.

Tchau, tchau.





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