Hello SISters and Bro’s, we are back once again with one more:

If you missed Harry’s adventures in his World, check it out here!

The day has started with Harry inviting fans and Peakers to attend to MPC gala happening in the upcoming month.

Harry, I gotta say, you wearing a kilt is a MUST!

Yep! Intern is right! We deserve to see him in a kilt as many times as possible since Outlander doesn’t let it happen as often anymore.

Thank you. You’re welcome!

Who doesn’t want to know what Harry wears under the kilt?

This man doesn’t know what “rest’’ means. It’s a Sunday and he could’ve been home in his PJ’s, reading a newspaper and savoring coffee with his girls as he likes to do.

But no! He decided to go hiking! #RestingWho

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwM9qOIAVId/

It’s curious that Marina decided to make him company.

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwM1ki2h5hT/

This is the place.

This is “Loch Katrine”, is a freshwater lake and tourist attraction in the Trossachs area of the Scottish Highlands. It is within the district of Stirling. Pay attention to this information. #SISisAlsoCulture

It seems that Blossom is always around not only to be a company, but also as a kind of alibi.

What’s her real role in this strange story?

Just Jared decided to make a special article about Harry. Some pics and moments.

If you want to read it, click here.

Harry posted stories emphasizing when he and Marina were in that lake the day before. The photos point to the same place.

Okay Harry, we already understand that you were in the mountains in her company, not Dora’s.

Message received.

Yet we also have remember that you’ve been in this region this past weekend. He was also strolling the streets of Glasgow in the company of Blossom and had dinner with her and friends at The Gardener.

Do you really think that hiking was this weekend, boss?

That’s a great question!

Meanwhile, Dora was enjoying a gig.

So clever, huh?

Carlos, the guitarist, got Dora in and she went to the concert.

She probably attended the show in the area reserved for technical staff.

Now the one million dollar question is: Tony – the hologram fiancé, is known as a music producer (plus 85 other professions) and he doesn’t have a way to get tickets for his bride-to-be to attend a concert? #NetworkingWho

Dora needed help from Carlos? #ALittleHelpFromHerFriends

Wow, what a fiancé.

After almost a week, the Outlander account surprised us with this gorgeous pic!

Please, don’t kill me just yet!

The two of them posted it together.

And then they went on to twitter.

She, as we, liked the comment.

We’re a bunch of goofies, right? A single glance can melt us away.

Amongst all that, Dora decided to show us Eddie, our favorite mascot!

If you thought we spent hours looking at that picture, I must say you’re right.

Harry also liked it.

What a cute lil puddin in her momma’s lap!

But she also loves daddy’s.

Forgive me, boss, but who wouldn’t? #CalmDownIntern

Dora has gotten up early this morning, work must have started early for her to be active before six in the morning.

And soon she left to work, the street lights were still on, and the sun was still coming up.

She posted this video.

W-Network, the most shipper account you’ll ever know, decided to ask the Outlander fandom a question:

And to our surprise, Harry answered it!

He also posted the answer!

Yep, that’s right Harry, show ‘em.

Do you mean Dora is naughty? So far what we’ve seen was a naughty and excited Harry.

Not that we’re complaining. We love this interactivity and when they provoke each other.

Please don’t stop! #InTheNameOfLove

And if Dora came with the sunrise, Harry brought the sunset.

His sunset to her sunrise. As he did with the rainbow. #CouplesThings

If you thought he had enough with the Frasers pic, you’re wrong!. He posted it again.

I don’t wanna hear you complaining when it’s Dora’s turn on your birthday, Harry!

A fairy hat?

I’m #TeamDora, boss!

Harry loses a friend but doesn’t lose the joke. He posted more stories.

For she who has spent almost the entire last season with two blouses, we already imagine that such an outfit will not vary that much!

He decided she also needed new shoes and pants.

And that’s how the fandom’s new mantra was born:

We Stick Together

Looks like all that matters to Harry is the word together. #TogetherForeverAndNeverTooFar

Yes, that’s right. The first one was “We are together” and now we have a new one:

We stick together.

The 2019 new mantra.

Dear shippers, before the Antiland begins to complain, stick to the mantra as Harry did.

He finished the day with another stories.

Harry, blessed be you, and may you continue to give us new mantras and new receipts.

Thank you. You’re welcome!

And we’re ending another week, but not before we wish you and your family a Happy Easter, filled with love and peace!

Tchau, tchau!





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